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• 8/21/2018
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• 4/21/2018

Who is this Jed Spingarn guy?

I KNOW he's the creator of The Thundermans but STILL I wanna know who he is
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• 4/4/2018

I ship Phax :(


They look like they were MEANT for each other!!!
Same with Finn and Jake. I ship Fake as well. But in Pokemon I ship Ash x Misty.
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• 4/2/2018

Did anyone notice...

...that The Thundermans is ending the same year Incredibles 2 hits theaters? Ironic, ain't it? :p
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• 4/1/2018

What types of Pokemon would The Thundermans be?

I'm thinking they would be Lightning and Fighting type Pokemon. Even though Lighning types are weak against Fighting types, the Thundermans can be the exception.

I'm invisioning Phoebe and Max as Pikachu, Chloe as Pichu, and Billy as Jolteon.
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• 4/1/2018
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• 4/1/2018

Adventure Time/Thundermans Crossover

So if there was an AT/TM crossover episode (both shows are ending this year), what do you think will happen? I would like Phoebe and Finn to have a kiss scene and Jake to become an honorary Hero League hero due to his shapeshifting powers. Also, Phoebe and Max will eventually have to save Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Flame Princess from the Ice King and Dark Mayhem. BMO will also become Dr. Colosso's friend.

(I know this crossover can't possibly happen irl cuz the two shows are on different channels with different creators. But Adventure Time got its start on Nick as a Random Cartoon short.)
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• 11/23/2017


same you can not end make it be the longest running live
action sitcom made by nick. we all love this show and it
can not stop I wish you can make an great episode for the
grand finale and the would be great. Make one great episode
for the people watching and for the cast. I love this show and I will always remember if you just do one last episodes for us all. I love seeing Jack, Kira, Addison, and Diego! Jack is a great actor and he is always doing his best and trying hard. Kira is nice and kind and working hard and always doing her best and the is an great actor to. Addison is always doing her best to do what she needs to do and she has a kind heart. Diego is a great performer and always trying new thing and he is a great athlete and doing his best. The Thundermans is a great show and it is a fun to watch so make one long last episode to make it be the best I love watching it. PUT ON A GREAT LAST EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• 11/23/2017

Do not end

you can not end we all lave watching this show and we love seeing jack griffo kira and degio on TV we love the thundermans
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• 10/21/2017


Hey do you know if The thunderman season 3 and 4 is coming on viaplay
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• 4/13/2017

I'm a new admin on this Wiki, Appleseedw!

Hi Thunderfam!

I'm Appleseedw, the newest admin on this Wiki. This discussion would serve as a brief introduction to myself. So, I'm a big fan of Thundermans and I've been watching the show since the first season. It's really a great show and I've enjoyed it a lot. As some of you know, the production of the 4th season is ending soon next month, so I also hope that it could be renewed for a fifth season which would make it the longest running live-action sitcom made by Nick. I also watch other shows such as iCarly, Victorious & Big Time Rush, all of which are really successful shows.

Some of y'all might have seen my edits around the Wiki, I basically edits pages to make the styles inline with similar pages. For example, I converted all the episode lists of the 4 season pages to tables which look neater. I hope that this Wiki can be a useful resource for all Thundermans fans!

To end off, I would like to thank the existing admins for the warm welcome and for their invitation to be an admin. I'm really glad to help out as an admin of the Wiki and to make it even better.

P.S. My name isn't really Appleseedw. Sounds familiar? 'Appleseed' is just a name that Apple frequently uses to demo their products and 'w' stands for 'wiki', so I combined them both. LOL ;-)
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• 4/13/2017

New Welcome Message

We are proud to release a newer more and more modern Welcome Message as a part of the Modernization Project on this wiki.

To see an example of this welcome message, go to As you can see, we've incorporated our newest design and used basic elements along with a basic font, Helvetica, to create a newer welcome. If you didn't know what the last one looked like, go to The older one was completely out of place, the elements were stretched, and codes didn't work. Now, we have a more simple and cool design. :D

Make sure to reply and give your feedback!
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• 4/11/2017

New Homepage

Hello Everybody!

I am proud to announce that we have released a newer, quicker and more modern design for our homepage. We use basic elements to create a perfect, quicker design as well as an informative page. We have removed the slider and replaced it with featured blog post (such as the very important Technical Update that was released today). We also updated the Character and Featured Article section and added a Staff and Episode section.

If you see any bugs or issues in the homepage, please list them below or contact Algorithmz (the director of the Technical and Design Team).

Please remember to read the recent Technical Update and feel free to comment!
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• 4/6/2017

Welcome to The Thundermans Discussions!

Hello and welcome to Discussions on The Thundermans Wiki. This is a new feature that we are going to use and that is being implemented into the wiki, itself. If you have any questions on how discussions work, you can ask the Administration or myself. Outside of that, please read the Discussions Guidelines to the right and make sure to mark your post in categories. Please note, Discussions will be checked regularly and if you feel as if something is against the rules, you can mark it to be reported and Support Staff will review it for further action.

Have a great time on Discussions,
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