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"Max, I'm breaking up with you... I realized you're not my soulmate. The earth is." Stupid, earth! I should have destroyed it when I had a chance!!

Max reading Allison's text

21 Dump Street is the twelfth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 83rd episode overall.



After Max is dumped, Phoebe tries to cheer him up by introducing him to another girl, but Max's date turns out to be an intense animal activist who thinks he treats Dr. Colosso cruelly.[1] Billy and Nora start superhero training, but they get a lame Crime Buddy to help them.

Main Plot

At the Thundermans house, Max is excited about Allison coming back after volunteering for Earth Corps mission. He even prepares Allison's favorite vegetarian meals. The rest of the family can't wait for Allison to arrive so that Max could stop being all cheerful and excited. Unfortunately, his happiness is cut short when he receives a text from Allison saying that she is breaking up with him. The earth is her soulmate now. Phoebe tries cheering her brother up but he's too heartbroken.

The break-up sends Max into a state of depression. He spends most of his time sleeping and eating pizza with Dr. Colosso. They even stop showering. After a couple days, Phoebe goes into Max's Lair and tries to get him back to Z-Force training but Max is not ready yet. When Phoebe insists on trying to cheer him up, Max tries to freeze her but his freeze-breath is too weak and short to even reach her. They realize that the break up has really affected him. Allison did really break him. To help Max, Phoebe tells Dr. Colosso that she needs to set Max up with a new girl who will help him forget about Allison. Dr. Colosso puts on a wig and offers to be Allison's replacement as Max's girlfriend but Phoebe says it's weird on so many levels and walks out.

The following day at school, Phoebe asks Cherry to help her get Max a new girlfriend. Cherry says that any girl would be lucky to go out with Max, but after seeing Max, she realizes that he really needs help. So, they agree to look for a "new Allison." Just about then, Principal Bradford comes over and introduces Molly as the new Allison - the new head of the Green Teens Club that Allison was in charge of. Molly tells them that her first mission is for Green Teens to host a Pet Adoption Fair. She asks them to help distribute the flyers for the event. Cherry suggests setting up Max with Molly but Phoebe isn't convinced that Molly is as aggressive as Allison. Then Phoebe overhears Molly shouting to another student about recycling - just like Allison - and realizes that Molly is the one. She runs after Molly.

Back at home, Phoebe finds Max and Dr. Colosso on the couch in the living room after eating a lot of pizza. She introduces Molly to Max. Molly says she hates to see an animal suffering like that. Phoebe assumes that Molly is referring to Max but Molly says she's concerned about Dr. Colosso. She blames Max for feeding pizza to a bunny, arguing that it's unhealthy. When Phoebe realizes that Max isn't trying to create a good impression with Molly, she takes him aside and starts working to convince him to take Molly in. After going back to the living room, the Thunder Twins are shocked to find that Molly has stolen Dr. Colosso and left a note saying that she's taking him to the Pet Adoption Fair.

Max and Phoebe panic and run to the Green Teens Pet Adoption Fair to rescue Colosso from Molly before he's adopted. Phoebe apologizes for trying to set up Max with a bunny thief. Unfortunately, it's already too late for Colosso because he's already been adopted. By Principal Bradford. They both agree that since Bradford hates them, he won't be willing to give Dr. Colosso back. So, there's only one thing they can do: follow him all day until he goes home and then steal Dr. Colosso back.

After following Bradford for hours, he comes back to Hiddenville High at night. It turns out that Bradford doesn't have a house and instead he sleeps in the school, in a bed behind a set of lockers. The twins are shocked. They hide behind the staircase, waiting for Bradford to fall asleep. Unfortunately, Bradford doesn't seem to want to sleep. Instead he starts showing Dr. Colosso his photo albums and describing to him how miserable his life is. He tells Colosso about his previous pet, Chesterfield who left him. He recounts how his girlfriend, Valerie dumped him and got married to his magician brother. He complains about how he used to be in a band.

The twins become impatient waiting for Bradford to sleep. Phoebe tries to persuade Max to get over Allison and move on. He shouldn't put his life on hold just because Allison broke up with him. There are a lot of other girls. But Max argues that no other girl will ever be like Allison. Allison was his first real girlfriend. She understood him. And now he will never be able to love again. Max gets a wake-up call when he hears Bradford saying that he has never loved again since Valerie broke his heart. He realizes that if he doesn't get over Allison, he will end up as miserable as Sad Tad Bradford. And nobody wants that. So, Max gets the courage to move on.

Phoebe creates a distraction for Bradford by using telekinesis to make a trashcan fall. When Bradford runs to check it out, the twins rush to rescue Dr. Colosso. To save Phoebe from being busted by Bradford, Max uses his freeze breath to make the staircase icy and slippery. His powers are back!

Bradford comes back to find Dr. Colosso gone. Luckily, a rat walks by. He picks up the rat and makes it his new pet. Max laughs at Bradford for having a rat as his best friend. Phoebe smiles and is glad to have Max back.

Sub Plot

Nora and Billy are looking to start superhero training since Phoebe started training at their age. To convince Hank and Barb that they are ready, the kids re-enact how they defeated Fairy Pinch-ess during the fight with Dark Mayhem in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. Chloe is dressed up as Fairy Pinch-ess to help them in the scene. The parents agree.

To help with the training, Hank orders a "Crime Buddy" robot from the Hero League. The crime buddy is controlled through an app on the Hero League tablet and has different levels of difficulties. The lowest level is "Cutesy-Wootsy" and the highest is "Meanine-Weanie." Barb sets the crime buddy to the easiest level which is mainly popping bubbles, coordination. Nora feels insulted and asks for a real challenge since they have fought real villains before. Hank advises that they need to go through all the levels in order to get it right. After Hank leaves them, Nora convinces Billy that they should adjust the crime-buddy level to "Meanie-Weanie" - the highest level. This causes the Crime Buddy to grow way too big and too strong.

The Crime Buddy starts attacking Nora and Billy. They are unable to stop it. Their parents arrive just in time before the Crime Buddy destroys Billy and Nora. Barb stops it with her Electrokinesis and Hank knocks it through the ceiling using his Super Strength. Hank assumes that the Hero League's Crime Buddy malfunctioned but Billy accidentally reveals that it was them who adjusted it to the highest level. The kids get punished.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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  • The episode title is a reference to the 1987 police procedural television show and its 2012 action film adaptation, 21 Jump Street .
  • Allison broke up with Max through a text and Mallison ends in this episode. Max and Allison's break up follows Jack Griffo and Ryan Newman's break since this episode was filmed after their break-up.
  • Max enters a malaise for the first time.
  • This is the first episode to air after a 3 month hiatus.
  • Molly will probably be a member of Allison's Green Teens Club (introduced in Floral Support). Addyson Bell who plays her has posted a couple pictures on twitter and IMDb wearing the Green Teens t-shirts.
  • Allison never appeared in this episode however she was mentioned. She also appeared in the trailer.
  • It is revealed that Principal Bradford lives in the school


Max: Just arrest Allison for breaking and entering - my heart.
Phoebe:Come on Max, you gotta get over this now. I know your heart is broken but the shower isn't.
Max: We will shower when we're good and ready.
Phoebe: I'm sorry, "we"?
Dr. Colosso:You heard him, girlie. When my Maxie stinks, I stink.
Phoebe:Quiet, humans talking!
— Phoebe, Max & Dr. Colosso

He's best friends with a rat.

Max to Phoebe

It's so good to have you back.

Phoebe to Max

Chloe:I'm gonna pinch you into next week!
Nora:But she didn't, because Billy zapped her, and I locked her in the box.
Chloe:You have zapted me. Goodbye, cruel world!
Nora:Get into the box, Scarlett Johansson!
— Nora and Chloe (as Fairy Pinch-ess)


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