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Addison Riecke is an American actress. She portrays Nora Thunderman on The Thundermans.


Addison Riecke was born in Louisiana on January 26, 2004. She discovered her love for acting, singing, and playing musical instruments at the age of four. As she gained experience through a variety of camps and workshops such as the Kehoe-France and Drama Camp. Addison Riecke was able to begin her career on stage, both in theatre and musical theatre.

In August 2011, she enrolled in the "John Robert's Performing Arts Academy" in Metairie, Louisiana. During her time with JRP Addison Riecke learned knowledge about performance. In 2012, she won a number of awards through the I.P.O.P.'s covection. The awards included "Child of the year and winner of the Child TV Beauty Commercial". Addison Riecke's lastest project is the super-hero themed comedy The Thundermans on Nickelodeon as Nora Thunderman.


  • Addison Riecke is a huge fan of cats. She hosted "international cat-con", and has said that she would be owning a home for cats if she wasn't acting.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She is possibly an only child.


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