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Our polar bears have no-bear to go! And I will keep dropping bad puns until the madness stops!

— Allison, Date Expectations

Allison is a recurring character on the Thundermans. She is a student at Hiddenville High and a devoted activist on many causes including the environment. She was Max's girlfriend until she broke up with him in 21 Dump Street. Allison is portrayed by Ryan Newman.


Allison is the school's all-around do-gooder who gets invested in every social cause she can. As a recurring character in Season 3, she stirs up some romance with Max, which means she has a flirty side. When Principal Bradford threatens to tear the plant down to make a small golf field, she shows a slightly darker side to her character when she suggests that they tear the school down so the plant lives. Although she doesn't act on this, it's clear that she has a crazy side. Allison also makes a slight taunt towards Max in Floral Support. She asks him if his shirt size is a child-sized medium, and Max comes back with a failing comeback by saying that he is a woman's husky size. Allison is aggressive and determined to get what she wants. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. Ironically, she thinks Phoebe is more selfish than Max.


Season 3

Floral Support

Allison is introduced as the leader of the "Green Teens Club" as she tries to protect an endangered plant during its blooming period. She asks Phoebe and Cherry to join the cause. They block the path to Principal Bradford's office, which sparks enmity between Bradford and Allison. When Bradford threatens to cut down the plant, Allison stands up to him and even threatens to bring an elephant to destroy the school. Phoebe introduces Max to Allison and explains how the "twin thing" works but wishes Max would support her in the cause. Max eventually joins Allison's club but only to use it to steal his diary back from Bradford's office. This causes Allison's club to be banned but she quickly resurrects it as "Green Teenz" (with a z). Max later helps Allison and her club stop Bradford.

Date Expectations

In preparation for the Model U.N project, Allison (representing Greenland) tries to mobilize other countries not to sign the treaty because it would hurt the polar bears. Phoebe needs to get all the countries to sign the treaty in order to pass the class but is scared she can't win against Allison. So, she sets up Allison on a date with Max by lying to her that Max has a crush on her. During their date at Splatburger, Allison tries to force people to eat fresh vegetables by figuring out a trick in the system. She starts telling Max how proud she is that Max is looking for ways to use hamsters for clean energy but Max reveals that he's using the hamsters to power a doomsday device. This leads to both of them realizing that Phoebe tricked them so that she can go to the Model U.N without Allison.

Allison makes Max her vice president and walks into the Model U.N confront Phoebe. After Max messes up causing Allison's Greenland to be disqualified, Allison storms off angry at both Phoebe and Max. She opens up to Max telling him that her parents don't believe in her causes and just think she is just going through a phase. This touches Max because his parents think he's going through an evil phase too. Allison calls out the Thunder Twins for being manipulative until they get what they want. Phoebe overhears the conversation and throws away celebratory cake. Phoebe and Max then work together to destroy the chances of signing the treaty.

He Got Game Night

Allison comes over to the Thundermans house to return a book she had borrowed. Nora and Billy are excited to finally meet Max's girlfriend but Max denies that they're dating. Dr. Colosso is jealous of Max and Allison. Max asks Allison to be his teammate for the family game night. She calls her mom to tell her that she is Max's girlfriend. When Allison turns out to be too good, Phoebe gets jealous and starts a fight with Max for inviting his "game wizard girlfriend." Max accidentally says that Allison is not his girlfriend. Allison gets angry and storms off. Phoebe convinces Max that Allison is his girlfriend. So, Max goes after her, only to find Allison seated outside after Dr. Colosso chewed off her bike tires. Max apologizes and Allison officially becomes his girlfriend.

Kiss Me Nate

Allison joins the drama club to audition for the school play lead but Max gets worried about losing Allison to Nate who usually dates all the lead girls in his plays. Phoebe agrees to help Max by auditioning for the lead role so that Allison doesn't get it. Allison is disappointed about losing the spot to Phoebe but manages to get Angel number 3, who happens to kiss Nate's character. Max and Phoebe try again to sabotage the kiss but it doesn't work out. At the end, Allison tells Max that he's the only one for her and kissing Nate doesn't mean anything. Max agrees and lets Allison kiss Nate in the play.

Original Prankster

It's Max and Allison's anniversary at Splatburger. Max's gift to Allison is a prank on Evan and his iguana. Allison gets offended because Max doesn't care about hurting people with his pranks. She calls on for a prank intervention to help Max see how much he's hurt people - but Max pranks them too. She threatens to leave Max if he doesn't stop pranking. The following day at school, Allison suspects Max as the one who pranked Principal Bradford but when Wolfgang goes down for it, Allison goes to Max's house to apologize for suspecting him. Max admits that he is the one who pranked Bradford, making Allison mad. But when Bradford makes fun of Allison, she gives Max permission to prank Bradford. Before leaving the house, Allison puts a "Kick Me Sign" on Max, showing her fun side. Allison managed to cut Max's pranking by 40% according to Phoebe in Beat the Parents.

Beat the Parents

Allison is watching a game with Max at the Thundermans house when she gets a text from her parents asking when they're going to meet Max. Max admits that he doesn't want to meet her parents because he's not good around adults and he doesn't want to ruin their relationship. Allison's parents send her another text asking Max to be at their wrestling gym opening or else, she won't be allowed to see Max again. Phoebe agrees to help Max stay with Allison by joining them so that she can do the speaking on behalf of Max. Allison wonders why Phoebe is the one fighting for their relationship. Max then tells her parents that he really likes Allison and is heartbroken to be split up from her. When the parents still reject Max, Allison stands up for him, compelling them to accept him.

Allison's parents' names are revealed in this episode as Debbie and Gary.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

Max waits until the last minute to ask Allison out for prom, which makes her a little mad but she accepts anyway. She even overlooks the fact that Max defaced a priceless artifact just to ask her out for prom. Max says he thought Allison wasn't into simple things like prom but she tells him that she's only doing it because a lot of flowers had to die to make corsages... and she also got a beautiful dress. Allison gets mad when Max refuses to show up when they were supposed to meet because he has to attend a meeting with Dark Mayhem. She rants about it to Phoebe and asks her to tell Max to call her. After Max gets grounded, Phoebe tells Allison that he will not show up for prom. Allison calls all the guys in the hallway interested in taking her to prom to meet her outside so that she can choose. She chooses one guy but refuses to remember his name. On prom night, Max arrives ready to take ThunderGirl's powers.

Phoebe convinces Max to choose to be a hero by listing the things he would lose - including Allison. Allison is surprised to find out that Max has superpowers. During the big fight between the Thundermans and the villains, Max tells Allison it's okay if she can't take the whole superhero thing. He apologizes to Allison for being such a jerk. But Allison kisses him, "just to shut him up." In the end, Allison takes a photo with Max, Phoebe and their friends.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

In The Thundermans' Home, Allison is invited to a party that Candi Falconman did. Allison is one of Candi's victims. Max tries to talk her out of it, but it did not work.

After Candi is defeated, Allison was no longer hypnotized. They were clueless about what happened to them.

Date of Emergency

Allison and Max joins Phoebe while she was doing her homework. Max makes fun of Phoebe being a nerd. Allison questions Max if he really stopped being evil. Several seconds later, Cherry and Oyster joins them. They announced that they are official that they are a couple. As Allison and Max and Cherry and Oyster prepare to double date, the truth hit Phoebe that she does not have a boyfriend.

Max and Allison come into The Thundermans' Home. Phoebe lies to them and says that she has a boyfriend who will be joining them with Allison and Max and Cherry and Oyster.

On the night of the date, the group are shocked to find out that Phoebe would date Gideon. At the farm, Max helps them group by watching out for booby traps. Gideon is allergic to a lot of things. Phoebe helps Gideon. Gideon triggers a booby trap and makes both of them trap. Max is concerned about Phoebe's safety. They get themselves trap. Phoebe reveals the truth and Gideon reveals he only dated Phoebe to get closer to Barb.

21 Dump Street

Max is excited that Allison's coming back after volunteering with the Earth Corps for 3 months. In order to welcome her back, Max prepared a feast of all of Allison's favorites - kale tacos, cabbage dogs and broccoli burgers. However, not soon after, Max received a message from Allison that she's breaking up with him as he's not her soulmate and that the Earth is, and she is moving away.

This left Max very depressed and he stayed in his lair, eating pizzas for 3 days. Afterwards, he mentions that Allison is his first real girlfriend who really understood him and cannot be replaced by any random stranger.



Max Thunderman

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Phoebe Thunderman

  • Allison is friends with Phoebe. Phoebe has supported Allison and Max's relationship and enjoys that Allison goodness is rubbing off on Max.

Cherry Seinfeld

  • They haven't had much interaction in this show but they had worked together to save the stink plant from Principal Bradford.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4


  • Max kissed her on the cheek in He Got Game Night.
  • Allison and Max share a ship name, as confirmed in Date of Emergency, Mallison.
  • Allison is a vegetarian and doesn't eat meat so that she could support animals.
  • Gary and Debbie, her parents, think she's going through a phase and believe that she shouldn't believe in the environmental stuff.
  • She hates parties.
  • Her hair color changes from dark brown to light brown in Season 4.
  • Because Jack Griffo and Ryan Newman - their portrayers - broke up in real life, it's possible that they broke up in the show to make it less awkward.