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What's a scone, anyway?

— Ashley in fake British accent

Ashley is a recurring character on the Thundermans. She is smart student at Hiddenville High and one of Phoebe's friends. She is good at math and is in the advanced math class with Phoebe.


In Report Card, when Sarah ditches her own group for Max's, Ashley steps to fill-in for Sarah in Phoebe's group. She and Tyler go to the Thundermans house to study for the Math Bowl. She is disgusted by Tyler's constant sneezing.

Ashley is one of Phoebe's friends invited for Phoebe's first sleepover in Nothing to Lose Sleepover. When the sleepover gets boring, Ashley wants to leave and host the sleepover at her house. Sarah is willing to go only if Ashley has a cute brother like Max. Ashley agrees that she has a cute brother, to Sarah's surprise. Phoebe manages to save the day, and so Ashley sticks around.

Phoebe invites Ashley to hang out after shopping for Hank's birthday present in Mall Time Crooks. Ashley and Phoebe get confronted by Madison for lack of fashion sense. Ashley admits that her clothes are "gym class." After being asked to leave the Sarah Finn store, Ashley calls the assistant manager rude because he doesn't even know them. This gives Phoebe an idea to pretend to be rich heiresses from London. Ashley's fake identity is "Lady Gaga" - no relation. Ashley and Phoebe put on expensive clothes to take pictures in them in order to prove to Madison that they can be high class too. When Phoebe gets busted for "shoplifting," Ashley manages to stay behind the line and therefore she doesn't get in trouble. She offers to help Phoebe and Max until her mom arrives to pick her up. Unfortunately, Ashley's mom arrives right away after which Ashley leaves without helping the twins.

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  • She's in Phoebe's math class.
  • She was member on Phoebe's Math Bowl team.
  • She was one of the four girls invited to Phoebe's first sleepover.
  • She looks like Darcy except she is nicer than her.
  • She has a brother.
  • Her favorite color is yellow.