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You know, if you wanna knock her out, you could form an alliance with a certain smart and, uh, powerful superhero.

— Balfour, describing himself

Balfour is the son of Dr. Colosso. He's a former superhero and Z-Force hopeful who later turned into a supervillain and plotted revenge on the Thunderman Family after realizing they imprisoned his father.

He was eventually turned into a pet bunny and now lives together with Dr. Colosso and the Thundermans.

Balfour is portrayed by Joey Bragg.


Balfour is usually cheery and seen as nerdy. He describes himself as a "smart and powerful superhero". However, he still holds a grudge against whoever imprisoned his dad. He is mean when he is angry, as evident from how he got revenge on the Thundermans.


In The Thunder Games, Balfour is one of the superheroes who qualified for the Z-Force Championships and competed against the Thunder Twins. Before the start of the competition, the Thunder Twins agree to form an alliance with him and work together to defeat Galexia, another Z-Force competitor, as she is seen as their biggest threat.

During the first round of the Z-Force Championships, the Thunder Twins and Balfour keep their word and assisted one another to defeat their other opponents.

After the Z-Force allowed all the winners of the first round to go home for the night for dinner, it is revealed that Balfour does not have a family. He mentions that he never knew his mom while his dad was imprisoned by the Hero League when he was just a baby and all he has to remember him by was the baby cape that he was wrapped in when his dad bid farewell to him.

He then pretends to sob in a bid to get the Thunder Twins to feel sorry for him and says he will play video games until he cries himself to sleep. The Thunder Twins indeed feel sorry for him and invites him to dinner with them, which he readily agrees.

The Thunder Twins introduce Balfour to their family and then brings him to Max's Lair, so he can avoid listening to Hank's stories about his past saves. Balfour is seen to be a fan of Thunder Man and Electress.

In Max's Lair, Dr. Colosso calls Balfour a "goober" but Balfour stares at Dr. Colosso's mini cape. He proceeds to ask if Colosso always has that cape with him which Colosso remarks that he is more annoying than Phoebe. Balfour then takes out an identical mini cape that he keeps with him and realizes Colosso is his dad. Both are shocked and surprised.

In the Thundermans' living room, Dr. Colosso tells Balfour how he ended up living with the Thundermans which is too much for Balfour to take in. The Z-Force sends beams to pick them up and he has no choice but to leave for now.

During the second round of the Z-Force Championships, he declared revenge on the Thunder Twins as their family imprisoned his father, ruined his life and he is now going to ruin theirs. He controls Galexia to go in their way and defeat them to no avail, making him angry. The Thunder Twins eventually defeat Balfour by a few seconds and Balfour vowed revenge on them.

Balfour goes to the Thundermans' home and takes control of the Thunder Monitor, declaring that he is in control. He fires nanochips onto the Thundermans' neck and controls their movements. He organizes a game with the Thundermans as the characters, making them wear silly hats, while Colosso watches on and enjoys it.

He declares he is becoming a villain like his father to the approval of Dr. Colosso. He then starts playing "The Painters Save the Princess". Later, he turns Dr. Colosso back to his human form and films a ransom video, challenging the Thunder Twins to come back to save their family. Concidentially, Phoebe arrives home and realizes what is going on. However, as she reacted too slow, Balfour fires a nanochip on her, making her join the game.

At the Z-Force headquarters, Max sees Balfour's random video and decides to save his family. Meanwhile, Balfour decides to put the Thundermans into a cage as revenge for them making Colosso live in a cage. Balfour then reveals that he plans to fry the Thundermans' brains and make them as dumb as actual rabbits. However, he says he will do that to Max too, to Dr. Colosso's reluctance and describes him as the evil son he never had. Angering Balfour, he turns Colosso back into a bunny and wants to get revenge on him too.

Max then arrives which Balfour promptly senses his sneak attack and he fires a nanochip on him too. Saying their final farewells, the Thundermans hold hands with one another. At that moment, Max and Phoebe discover their twin power and explodes the cage they are in.

Hank intends to send Balfour to Hero League prison and let him play video games there for the rest of his life. But Max says that he should not be sent to prison, as he did all that because he does not have a family, unlike them. Colosso then suggests turning him into a bunny so that they can live with them.

Eventually, both Colosso and Balfour become bunnies and share jokes about the Thundermans together, like the fact that Phoebe has pointy elbows.


  • Nanochips: Balfour is able to fire a nanochip onto a person's neck and then control all their movements with his game controller. He demonstrated this various times in the episode.


  • Balfour is portrayed by Joey Bragg, who's Audrey Whitby's (Cherry) real-life boyfriend and who played Joey Parker on Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie.
  • Balfour is the final antagonist that the Thundermans have ever faced in the series.
  • He's lactose intolerant.