Barb, you are the lightning to my thunder, the wind beneath my cape, the meat in my sandwich!

— Hank's wedding vows

Better Off Wed is the sixth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 77th episode overall. [1]


When the children learn that Dr. Colosso ruined their parents' wedding years earlier, they decide to recreate Hank and Barb's dream day as their anniversary gift. [1]


Phoebe tricks her siblings into attending a family meeting to plan their parents 20th wedding anniversary gift. Of course they're not happy about it. They start planning gift ideas. Nora suggests framing the parents' wedding pictures but Max points out that they've never seen the original wedding photos. The kids call Barb and Hank to ask for their wedding pictures. That's when Hank reveals what happened during their wedding.

The flashback:

It was 20 years ago in Metroburg during the wedding of Barb McBooger and Hank Thunderman. The officiator was just about to pronounce them husband and wife when the evil villain Dr. Colosso entered the church. He said that he had vowed to ruin Hank and Barb's wedding after they stopped him from getting married at the Oval Office. Dr. Colosso then scared the audience by threatening to turn Hank and Barb into animals using his newest invention, "the people-to-animals switcherooni ray." Barb proposed just calling the gadget, "The Animalizer."
With everyone scared, the Thundermans asked the wedding officiator to marry them quickly so that they can deal with Dr. Colosso. Hank urged people not to worry since none of Colosso's inventions really work. Unfortunately, this one did actually work. Right after being confirmed Husband and wife, Hank and Barb were turned into goats by Dr. Colosso using the animalizer.
The Hero League found a way to reverse Hank and Barb back to humans. After that, Thunder Man and Electress went after Dr. Colosso, captured him and used his own invention against him by turning him into the bunny using the animalizer. They then kept him as a pet.

After the flashback, Max is surprised that Dr. Colosso never told him that hilarious story. Hank and Barb leave to do last minute shopping for their anniversary gifts. Phoebe gets a new idea for the parents' anniversary gift: recreate their wedding. They share out duties. Phoebe will setup the wedding. Nora helps with the wedding theme, of which she quickly settles for her bows. Billy is assigned to watch over Dr. Colosso so that he doesn't get anywhere near the wedding. Meanwhile, Chloe helps Hank fit into the Thunder-Tux he wore in the first wedding.

Down in Max's Lair, Billy is playing a game with Dr. Colosso but Colosso keeps on cheating. Max is lying on his bed and helps Billy realize that Colosso is cheating in the game. Unfortunately, Billy reveals that he's on a secret mission to prevent Dr. Colosso from finding out about the wedding. Colosso says that he regrets what he did to Barb and Hank's wedding and he wishes they'd have the best wedding ever. Billy also reveals that Phoebe had secretly asked him to watch over Max too so that he doesn't ruin the wedding. Max is disappointed that Phoebe didn't believe in him. So, he sets out to get the best wedding gift.

A few hours before the wedding, Phoebe and Nora are outside finishing the final touches of the wedding area. Phoebe thanks Nora for providing all of her bows for theme/decoration, but Nora laugh's at the fact that Phoebe thinks those are all of her bows. Max and Billy then come in with disco music, DJ style talking, and a potato bar. This makes Phoebe mad, because she knew that Max would ruin the wedding and Billy failed to watch him. She and Nora discover that Billy and Max told Colosso about the wedding and he was okay with it and wanted the best for Barb and Hank. Max realizes that Dr. Colosso lied about wanting Hank and Barb to have the best wedding. He's gotta be up to something. He then says he will try to ruin the wedding.

The Thunder Twins start looking for Dr. Colosso. They even check the animalizer to make sure it was still safe. Phoebe shows Max the new security system they put in place which lets Phoebe unlock the kitchen counter door where the animalizer is kept. Meanwhile, Dr. Colosso is watching the twins from outside the window. Before Phoebe closes the counter door, Dr. Colosso jumps in. As the twins walk out, Dr. Colosso turns himself human with the animalizer.

With Dr. Colosso sure to ruin the wedding, Max comes up with a plan to give Colosso a wedding to ruin. He gets Phoebe to dress up in a wedding gown. They also dress up a mannequin as a bride groom. Phoebe stands next to the mannequin, to trick Dr. Colosso. The kids notice that there's a huge cake that no one ordered. While still wondering about the cake, Human Dr. Colosso jumps out of it holding the animalizer.

Human Colosso is ready to turn Barb and Hank into goats again but realizes that it was just Phoebe and a mannequin. Max asks him to calm down and talk man-to-man (no pun intended). But Dr. Colosso says he wants to talk man to pig. When Phoebe asks her siblings to duck, Colosso turns her into a duck. Billy tries to run away - Colosso turns him into a tortoise. Nora hits Dr. Colosso with her laser eyes but Dr. Colosso tells her to stop horsing around and turns her into a horse.

After turning the children into animals, Dr. Colosso cues up the wedding music and hides, waiting for the parents to enter. Hank and Barb arrive for the wedding only to find animals all over. Chloe sees the horse and thinks its a pony named Nora. Before figuring out where the kids are, Dr. Colosso jumps out of his hiding spot and tries to turn them into goats. Again.

Barb and Hank fight Dr. Colosso for sometime before eventually winning. They then grab the animalizer from Dr. Colosso and turn him back into a bunny. After that they turn their kids back to humans. Now they're ready for the wedding.

It turns out, the Thunder kids forgot to invite a minister to officiate the wedding. So, the Thundermans settle for Dr. Colosso as the officiator.

During the dance after the wedding, Phoebe and Max notice that Nora still has her horse tail but choose not to tell her right away.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Matt Miller as Officiant


  • This is the second episode to feature Hank and Barb's anniversary. The first was Restaurant Crashers.
  • The Animalizer returns since Dog Day After-School and it is finally revealed that Dr. Colosso made it.
  • Dr. Colosso's human form returns since He Got Game Night.
  • This episode revealed why Hank had to turn Colosso into a bunny years ago.
  • Barb's "McBooger" maiden name is brought back after it was first introduced in Aunt Misbehavin'
  • The family make fun of Phoebe for being bad at art, which was first seen in Change of Art.
  • Billy's struggle with keeping secrets is a recurring theme throughout the series.
  • In Who's Your Mommy, it's mentioned that Electress once saved the White House. In this episode, Colosso's beef against the Hank and Barb is because they stopped him from doing a wedding at the White House. It could be the same incident.
  • During the wedding, Dr. Colosso mentioned how rich the McBoogers are. This was first shown in The Weekend Guest with Barb's late rich uncle whose wealthy was inherited by Cousin Blobbin.


  • It is revealed that the animalizer was invented by Dr. Colosso.
  • This episode got 1.87M viewers.
  • Barb and Hank have their own fight without Phoebe and Max helping them.
  • This is the third episode that Dr. Colosso is human (if you count A Hero Is Born as a full episode and not as part 1 and 2) along with the Animalizer (besides Dog Day After-School)
  • Even though Chloe says "call me if you need a trainer" it is revealed in Orange is the New Max that she has no phone
  • This was the seventh episode filmed for Season 4.
  • Chloe was the only Thunderman child not to be turned into some type of animal. 
  • It is revealed to be unknown why Dr. Colosso lives with the family.


The Thundermans Better Off Wed Wedding Memories Sneak Peek

The Thundermans Better Off Wed Wedding Memories Sneak Peek


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