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And just because I like to play with her doesn't mean I don't like to play with Billy too. He's my best friend.

I can't do anything without you because I have so much fun doing everything with you

— Billy to Nora, "Are You Afraid of the Park?"

Billy and Nora are siblings and best friends on the Thundermans. Unlike Max and Phoebe who fight a lot, Nora and Billy get along very much and are each other's best friend. They care a lot about each other and always work together to figure stuff out.


Ship Names

  • Bora = (B/illy) and (N/ora)
  • Nolly = (No/ra) and (Bi/lly)

Billy and Nora Moments

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

30 midi.jpg

  • Billy says he and Nora both have fewer powers than Phoebe and Max.
  • Nora and Billy play "laser tag" where Nora zaps Billy with her laser eyes as Billy screams "cut it out!"
  • The Thunder Twins are forced to babysit Nora and Billy.
  • Max uses Billy and Nora to engrave his name on the moon.
  • Nora slides down to Max's lair and falls on Billy.
  • Billy and Nora both scream when they see Dr. Colosso.
  • Nora and Billy agree that Max is the best babysitter ever.
  • They play with Max's Nose Hairalyzer together but quickly start fighting for it.
  • Nora is disgusted Billy when he used the Nose Hairalyzer to give himself chest hair
  • Both Billy and Nora doubt that Max and Phoebe can work together, so they start packing.
  • Phoebe levitates both Nora and Billy mid-air when they enter the living room. This causes Cherry to know Phoebe has superpowers.

Phoebe vs. Max

Nora and Billy Trash Wars.jpg

  • Nora and Billy fight over taking out garbage which results in a trash war.

Dinner Party

  • Billy and Nora dress up as a butler and a chef to serve the Thundermans during the dinner party with the Campbells.

Report Card

  • Barb wants Billy and Nora to go to school but Hank wants them to be his sidekicks.
  • Nora and Billy help Hank catch the newspaper thief who turns out to be Dr. Colosso.

Ditch Day

  • Billy and Nora make their dad watch Space Kitties with them.
  • They are both shocked to see Max and Phoebe hanging out together in Max's Lair.
  • They both debate over where "pic pic" is a thing after Billy takes a picture of Max and Phoebe's photo together.
  • Nora and Billy want to help Max and Phoebe but the twins don't want their help. So, Nora comes up with a plan to sabotage them.
  • They both fake being sleepy so that they can sneak out.

This Looks Like a Job For...

  • Billy and Nora play a stacking game together.
  • They make money by betting in the stacking competition.
  • Nora and Billy show off their new MePhones to Phoebe and Max but the twins take the phones away. So, Nora melts the phones.

The Weekend Guest

  • Max uses Nora and Billy to steal Phoebe's Venus Fly Trap plant.
  • They trick Phoebe into thinking Cole is calling but she quickly busts them.
  • Both Billy and Nora get trapped by Trevor the plant.
  • Nora apologizes to Billy for using his toothbrush to scrub Dr. Colosso.

Weird Science Fair

  • Billy and Nora are working on their science project.
  • They shout "Science Fair!" in front of Max causing him to fall through the wall, despite Phoebe asking them not to.
  • They both lose control of their projects to Phoebe and Max.
  • Nora and Billy sabotage Phoebe and Max's science fair projects

Crime After Crime

  • Billy and Nora go undercover to see who is the criminal but they fail.
  • Nora dresses up as a baby while Billy dresses up as Nora's babysitter.

Going Wonkers

  • Billy and Nora powers both glitch because of the Achilles Comet.
  • Nora zaps Billy intentionally after regaining control of her powers but she lets Billy blame the comet.

Restaurant Crashers



  • Billy and Nora know that Max got his Thundersense and use it to blackmail him.
  • They both want Max to get them a trampoline.
  • Nora worries and runs to call for help when Billy is about to fall from the roof.

Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Nora and Billy dance together for their school talent show.
  • They both don't want their parents teaching them because they think they're lame.
  • They win the talent show after Phoebe helps them cheat, using telekinesis

Have an Ice Birthday

  • Billy and Nora are tired of hanging out with Hank and Barb.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • Nora and Billy try to break the Indestructibo Botand encourage Hank to break it.

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Billy and Nora are playing dress up with Dr. Colosso.
  • They both get very worried when Dr. Colosso disappears.
  • Nora and Billy work together to rescue Dr. Colosso from Darcy

Paging Dr. Thunderman

  • Billy is upset after hearing that Nora will go to another school.
  • Billy tells Max that he and Nora are best friends and don't hate each other the way Phoebe and Max do.
  • Nora gives up an opportunity for a great school so that she can stay around and play with Billy.

Up, Up, and Vacay

  • Nora and Billy are not happy to be separated into different teams during the family competition.
  • They help convince their teams to be nice to the other team.

Breaking Dad

  • Billy and Nora (also Barb) try to get the squirrels out of their house.

Season 2

Thunder Van

  • Nora and Billy are hiding in the van.
  • Nora and Billy (also the Thunder Twins) think they are going to die.

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Nora and Billy are grounded for playing laser-tag around the house and destroying a lot of stuff.
  • Max uses Billy and Nora to crack his safe.
  • Phoebe takes them to the park so that she can be with Dylan.

Max's Minions

  • Phoebe uses Billy and Nora to help her do her chores.
  • Billy and Nora think they are doing superhero training.
  • Nora helps Billy realize they're being tricked by Phoebe and comes up with a plan to teach Phoebe a lesson.

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Nora and Billy are both bullied by Morgan for not having a dad with a cool job.
  • Nora is concerned when Billy accidentally says their dad is a superhero.

Haunted Thundermans

  • Nora and Billy are dressed for Halloween
  • They hang out with Frankie Hathaway for Halloween trick-or-treat.

Shred It Go

  • Nora is jealous of Billy playing with the shredder more than her.
  • Nora saves Billy's life from the Shreddy.

Blue Detective

  • Hank and Barb use Billy and Nora to get their stuff from Splatburger.
  • Nora and Billy are the top suspects in Max and Phoebe's investigation.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Nora and Billy attract cats into their backyard by giving them food.

Change of Art

Winter Thunderland

  • In the alternate future, Billy is evil while Nora is good.
  • Max's turning point is when Billy hurts Nora in the alternate future by taking her last bow.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Billy and Nora go to Metroburg with Cousin Blobbin.
  • They help Blobbin get a dog by pretending to be his kids.
  • Both Nora and Billy eat spazzberries causing them to be hyper-energized.
  • At the end, Hank and Barb say Billy and Nora are the only kids who didn't wipe their brain.

Meet the Evilmans

  • Nora and Billy play with a helicopter meant for their neighbor.
  • Billy and Nora break the helicopter and keep it a secret.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Nora unfreezes Billy using her Heat Vision.
  • Billy and Nora fill the house with pit balls.
  • To fool the delivery guy, Nora and Billy pretend to be Barb by stepping on each other and covering themselves to look like one person.


You've Got Fail

  • Nora and Billy help Max make an epic fail video.
  • Billy gets poison ivy and spreads it to Nora by giving her a "high-five."

Doubles Trouble

  • Billy and Nora make money by doing a lemonade stand.
  • Nora helps Billy's lemonade stand attract customers by bringing in Dr. Colosso as a mechanical fortune teller.
  • Nora is excited that they are making money, but Billy isn't because nobody is buying anything from the lemonade stand.
  • Nora gives Billy 10 bucks because his new way of making money is to take the blame.

Who's Your Mommy

  • Billy and Nora sacrifice their favorite stuff.
  • Nora agrees to sell her bows only because Billy sold his favorite action figure.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • Billy agrees to turn back into a human only because Nora is afraid of rats and he doesn't want to lose her.
  • Nora saves Billy the rat before the Rat Man takes him away despite her fear of rats.

Mall Time Crooks

  • It's Nora's turn to explain things to Billy.
  • Nora helps Billy learn by giving him treats like a dog.
  • Billy and Nora are stuck at home doing gift-wrapping decorations and doing the cake.

It's Not What You Link

  • Billy and Nora discover Hank's secret "man cave" and help keep it a secret if he lets them hang out inside.
  • Barb rescues Nora and Billy (and Hank) from the man cave.

Cape Fear

  • Billy and Nora want to beat Hank's record of camping three nights outside.
  • They sleep in a tent together.
  • None of them believes Max is getting the superhero cape.
  • They both lose the bet to Hank after Max falls from above.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • Nora and Billy get paranoid after watching a video about aliens.
  • They start spying on people to find out if they're aliens.
  • Both Billy and Nora think Mrs. Wong is an alien.

One Hit Thunder

  • Billy and Nora want to get back at Dr. Colosso for pooping in their shoes.
  • They are forced to treat Dr. Colosso nicely because their parents say they shouldn't stoop to a supervillain level.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • Billy and Nora think they can run the house better than Hank and Barb.
  • Hank and Barb are worried that Nora and Billy are going to win the bet; so they sabotage the kids.
  • Despite Nora's urge, Billy feels guilty about lying to their parents; so he reveals that they were using superheroes from Metroburg to help.

A Hero Is Born

  • Billy asks Nora how she got Hank to build her a playhouse.
    • Nora said it was because of her cuteness
  • Billy and Nora go to the baby store and to buy things for the new baby.
  • Nora asks Billy to pretend to be her dad so that she can participate in the cutest baby contests.
  • Billy helps Nora accept having a baby in the family by telling her that he loves and thinks she is still cute.
  • Billy and Nora hug.
  • Billy reveals that when Nora was born he shipped her to Abu Dhabi.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Nora knows that Billy didn't take the super bug.
  • Nora is worried about Billy turning into a flamingo and asks him to tell their parents, or else she will.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Nora and Billy make their parents think it's Saturday when it is actually a Thursday.
  • Once again Nora and Billy step on each and pretend to be one person so that they can full their parents that it was their gardener.
  • They both get grounded after lying and waking up Chloe.

Why You Buggin'?

Nora and Billy's Bedroom

  • Nora and Billy share the same bedroom from now on after giving one of their bedrooms to Chloe.
  • When Billy is scared at night, he calls Nora to help
  • Billy and Nora think there is a monster in their bedroom.
  • Nora and Billy sleep on the couch together after the monster scares them.
  • They find out Chloe's doll is the monster.

Exit Stage Theft

  • Billy gets jealous when Nora hangs with Chloe more than her.
  • Billy creates a fake friend called "Luigi Marinara" to trick Nora into thinking he has friends and doesn't need her.
  • Nora tells Billy that even though she wants to hang out with Chloe doesn't mean she doesn't like Billy too.
  • Nora and Billy hug.

Are You Afraid of the Park?

  • Billy is excited that Nora is tall enough for them to finally go to ride Thunder Man the Ride together.
  • Max and Phoebe sabotage the trip to the park by using Telekinesis to trick Nora and Billy into fighting.
  • During the fight, Billy moves out of his shared bedroom with Nora into Max's Lair.
  • Nora calls Phoebe the "new Billy" and starts playing laser tag with her against Phoebe's will.
  • Nora and Billy apologize to each other.
  • They agree that they can't do things without each other because it's always more fun when they do it together.
  • They get back at the Thunder Twins by tricking them into riding the scary Thunder Man the Ride.
  • Both Billy and Nora realize the ride is too scary, even for them.

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Billy and Nora each want Chloe to dress like them.
  • They both apologize to Chloe for trying to change her look
  • To prove that they are sorry, Chloe gets them to dress like her.


  • Nora and Billy want to hang out with Phoebe and Max but the twins don't want to hang out with them.
  • The Thunder Twins promise Billy and Nora that they are going to the water park with them.
  • Billy and Nora are stranded at the Gamefest after Max and Phoebe ditch them.
  • They are taken by twins called Matt and Fifi, who look at a lot like Max and Phoebe.
  • Nora and Billy refuse to let Max and Phoebe inside the game room as a punishment for ditching them.
  • They are both chosen to participate in the live action version of Cybron's new game, "Spitballs."
  • Billy and Nora rescued by Phoebe and Max after realizing that they had been set up by Fifi and Matt.
  • Phoebe and Max apologize to Billy and Nora for not wanting to hangout together.
  • Nora and Billy take advantage of the twins' guilt to get them to buy them stuff.
  • Nora says she likes the new smart Billy before realizing that he's repeating the same line.

Floral Support

  • Billy and Nora try to hide the secret that Chloe gave herself a haircut after they left the scissors unattended.
  • They are about to confess what they did wrong, but then Barb and Hank take the blame.

Give Me A Break Up

  • Nora and Billy go to Splatburger with Max and he shares his special soup with them.
  • They help Max with a cooking contest but they mess up on live T.V.

No Country for Old Mentors

  • Both Billy and Nora lose the stuff that Barb recently bought them.
  • They start blackmailing Barb after realizing that she lost and replaced her stuff too.
  • Nora and Billy (also Barb) promise not to tell Hank about buying replacements for their lost items.

Date Expectations

  • Nora and Billy say they're both old enough to babysit Chloe but their parents get Blobbin to help because of Chloe's teleportations.
  • When Chloe disappears, they (and Blobbin) panic, thinking Chloe went to outer space.

He Got Game Night

  • Nora and Billy are on the same team for a family game night.
  • They both sneak into Max's Lair to use the new machine that makes him smarter so that they can cheat.
  • Billy helps hide the secret until he figures out a way to restore Nora back to normal.
  • Nora and Billy lost the game after Nora speaks perfect French, revealing that they cheated.

Kiss Me Nate

  • Nora and Billy want Hank to build them a playhouse.
  • Nora shows Billy a plan to get two playhouses by tricking Hank and Barb into competing.
  • They both get grounded for tricking their parents.

Dog Day After-School

  • Billy and Nora want to babysit Cousin Blobbin's dog, Doggin.
  • They accidentally get their mom's tablet confiscated by their teacher.
  • Both Nora and Billy reveal that they (and Max) call Phoebe "Mom Junior."

Original Prankster

  • Nora and Billy are mad at Mrs. Wong for burning their ball while playing outside.
  • Phoebe tries to get them to be nice to Mrs. Wong.

Chutes and Splatters

  • Billy and Nora want a pet; so they decide to babysit Dr. Colosso
  • Nora decides that they no longer want a pet after Dr. Colosso tricks them into overfeeding him.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • Billy brings Owen in to play with Nora.

Beat The Parents

  • Nora and Billy show Chloe a TV show called Hootie The Owl but realize that it has a bad influence on kids.

Can't Spy Me Love

  • Billy and Nora play Ninja Burners together and Max asks them to train him.
  • They are both upset when Max ditches them so that he can perform alone.
  • They tell Max that he will get a ninja curse.

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs

  • Nora doesn't like Billy eating salami at first but she eventually starts eating the salami herself.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Hank trusts Nora and Billy to keep the birthday cake safe.
  • Chloe eats the cake so Billy and Nora go to get another cake from a bakery store.

Stealing Home

Stealing home - nora and billy.jpg

  • Billy and Nora (and Barb) want to win so they can go on a Splatburger commercial.
  • Barb attacks Billy and Nora with her Electrokinesis power to get them to drop out of the contest.
  • Billy says this is the first time he's seen Nora's hair without a bow.

Back To School

  • Billy votes for Nora to become the "president of important stuff" in the house.
  • Billy doesn't know how to spell Nora's name.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Both Nora and Billy want to start training to become superheroes after Phoebe's success as ThunderGirl.
  • They take the superhero aptitude test together.
  • Nora feels bad for Billy for failing the test; so she swaps the scores making Billy think he did well.
  • Nora saves people at the park, letting Billy take the credit.
  • On realizing that Billy has gone too far, Nora tells Billy the truth about swapping the scores because she didn't want to hurt his feelings.
  • Both of their powers (and their parents' powers) are taken by Max.
  • When the powers are restored, Billy gets Nora's Heat Vision but wants to return them because he doesn't believe in himself.
  • Billy saves Nora from Fairy Pinch-ess and Nora thanks him.
  • They work together to get people to safety.
  • This is the first time that Nora and Billy use their powers to fight villains and save people.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Both Billy and Nora become very popular on social media after being exposed as superheroes.
    • They both have got big fandoms.
    • Noranators - Nora's fandom
    • Billyvers - Billy's fandom
  • Nora and Billy start signing merchandise including Nora's Bows to acknowledge the fans.
  • They host a huge ThunderCon (a superhero convention for their fans) but the fans turn against each other and refuse to acknowledge that both Nora and Billy are equally good.
  • They both run away after the fight break.
  • Both Billy and Nora easily warm up to Candi Falconman. Nora wants to be her sidekick and Billy wants to be her boyfriend.
  • After being banished, Billy and Nora try to help Chloe cope with the change by trying to recreate some of her favorite things in Hiddenville.

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Nora says Billy is gullible which Dr. Colosso uses to take advantage of Billy.
  • Nora enlists Chloe to help get back at Dr. Colosso for tricking Billy into stealing vegetables for him.
  • Nora defends Billy saying that he's only "gullible" because he has a kind heart and loves to help people.

Date of Emergency

  • Nora and Billy work together to serve Cousin Blobbin, hoping that he will give them a lot of money if they pass the "rich people" test.

Orange is the New Max

  • Billy and Nora are playing a game together on their phones and instead of being competitive, they even share insects.
  • When Barb and Hank hide their smartphones, Nora and Billy come up with a plan to sabotage their parents by hiding the TV.

Ditch Perfect

  • Both Billy and Nora have fun exchanging funny comedy lines.
  • Nora wants to perform their comedy act with Billy at Splatburger's Splaturday Night Live but Billy has stage fright.
  • Billy says Nora thinks of him as her hero - but Colosso laughs at it.
  • Dr. Colosso advices Billy to sabotage Nora by refusing to perform but Billy tries to perform anyway but he ends up freezing and running away.
  • Nora helps Billy cope with his stage fright and comforts him by assuring him that he's not letting her down.

May Z-Force Be With You

  • Nora is impressed when Billy thinks of an idea to get the Whoa Grow before her telling him - though it turns out Billy wanted to use it for a completely different purpose.
  • They both start growing old after contacting the Whoa Grow.
  • They both cover their heads with gardening pots to hide their gray hair.

21 Dump Street

  • Nora and Billy officially start their superhero training together after convincing their parents by re-enacting how they defeating Fairy Pinch-ess in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Nora convinces Billy that they should turn up the Crime Buddy to Meanie-Weanie level, causing the Crime Buddy to turn against both of them.
  • When the Crime Buddy starts attacking, Billy super-speeds, carrying Nora and saving her.
  • They both admit that their parents were right that they are not ready for everything yet.

Super Dupers

  • Nora and Billy play "rock-paper-lasers," a version of "rock-paper-scissors" and Nora keeps winning because lasers always win.
  • After destroying the Thunder Monitor, Nora and Billy work together to keep their parents distracted while Dr. Colosso is fixing it.
  • Nora convinces Billy to act like he knows nothing about what happened to the Thunder Monitor. So, they both respond to parents questions by asking back the exact same question.

Come What Mayhem

  • Both Billy and Nora have the same favorite kid superhero, Pause Girl.
  • They both don't want to go for the Supe Awards ceremony because they think it's boring.
  • After learning that Pause Girl will be at the awards, they come up with a plan to sneak past the babysitter to go to the awards.
  • Pause Girl draws a mustache on both Nora and Billy.

Thunder in Paradise

  • Hank asks Billy to spin Nora so that she can zap a random place on the map for their vacation.
  • Nora helps save Billy from the ocean by zapping the surfing kite.
  • Both Nora and Billy go with Max to help stop Phoebe.

Save the Past Dance

  • Billy and Nora wanted Chloe to teleport them to school.
  • Billy and Nora go with Phoebe and Max in a time machine.

Z's All That

  • Phoebe and Max choose Nora as their Lil Z but after seeing Billy's skills, they ditch her for Billy.
  • When Nora thinks that the twins chose Billy along with her, she is excited to be Lil Zs along with Billy.
  • After both Nora and Billy end up saving the Thunder Twins, the twins choose to train both of them as their Lil Zs.

Revenge of the Smith

  • When Billy becomes obsessed with dabbing craze, Nora feels bad because Billy doesn't want to play with her anymore.
  • Nora makes a fake anti-dabbing video with Dr. Colosso to trick Billy to stop dabbing
  • Billy wants to dab but he stops because he doesn't want to lose his sister like he saw in the video
  • After realizing that Billy's new "dadding" obsession is worse than dabbing, she dabs for him in an attempt to win him back.

Significant Brother

  • Billy and Nora show how good they are at bottle-flipping to Max.
  • Temporary, Billy and Nora took over Max's lair.

Make it Pop Pop

  • Billy and Nora convinced Nana Thunderman that somebody took the sweaters Nana made.
  • Billy and Nora regretted when they lied to Nana since Nana pinched Mrs. Wong, which made her give everything away.

Side-Kicking and Screaming

  • Billy and Nora helps Chloe sell cookies for her girl's scout.
  • When Mrs. Wong starts competing with Chloe, Billy and Nora help Chloe with ideas on how to beat Mrs. Wong.

Cookie Mistake

  • Billy and Nora (with Max) try and get Phoebe to choose them to go to Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace.

All the President's Thunder-Men

  • Billy and Nora were playing "laser tag" with Nora's Heat Vision.
  • Due to the Hero League's guards, Billy and Nora couldn't play with each other.
  • Billy and Nora tried to play with each other but they ended up wearing an electric necklace.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

  • Billy, Nora, and Chloe try to win Max’s lair after Max moves out of the house.

The Thundredth

  • After watching a commercial they get ice cream from a drone along with Chloe.
  • They both watch the cartoon of Phoebe and Max saving Chloe’s ice cream.


  • They have a pancake for breakfast, and they don’t realize that they are stuck in a loop.

The Thunder Games

  • Now that Max and Phoebe are joining the Z-Force, they want to be the new protectors of Hiddenville.
  • They have been hired by Max and Phoebe to join the new Z-Force.



  • Billy and Nora both go to Hiddenville Elementary School.
  • They have one superpower each.
  • Nora and Billy are both scared of Thunder Man: The Ride.
  • They sleep in the same room.
  • Both Billy and Nora enjoy dressing up Dr. Colosso.
  • They are both used by the Thunder Twins for their personal gains, but Billy more so.
  • Even though Phoebe is nicer to them, Max actually hangs out with the two more.
  • They both like to hang out with the Thunder Twins.


  • Nora is very smart (like Phoebe and Max) but Billy is not.
  • Billy is very polite and nice to people; Nora likes hurting people.
  • Billy is 2 years older than Nora.
  • Nora can keep a secret, but Billy can't.
  • Nora likes castles, but Billy doesn't.


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