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This is sounds like a job for a blob!

Cousin Blobbin is a superhero and a cousin to the Thunderman kids. He was the sidekick to the All American Blob (Uncle Wilfred), until he died and left Blobbin his vast fortune. Cousin Blobbin is portrayed by Harvey Guillen.


Cousin Blobbin grew up as a superhero in Metroburg and served as a sidekick to Uncle Wilfred.

Season 1

Weekend Guest

When Barb's Uncle Wilfred dies, Barb and Hank travel to Metroburg for his will reading where they meet with Cousin Blobbin, the former sidekick to the late uncle. Since the late uncle was very rich, they hope to inherit something very valuable like his mansion or yacht. When the will is read, it reveals that Uncle Wilfred wanted Cousin Blobbin to inherit the mansion and his entire fortune. This makes Cousin Blobbin very rich.

Restaurant Crashers

Cousin Blobbin calls the Thundermans to wish Hank and Barb a happy anniversary and is disappointed that Hank didn't say "I love you" back. During the call, he's seen sitting on a pile of cash that he inherited in "Weekend Guest." When Max and Phoebe run out of options on how to fix their mom’s anniversary car, they call Cousin Blobbin and ask him to help pay for the car repair before their parents get back. Cousin Blobbin offers to help on condition that they get Hank to say "I love you Blobbin." While the Thunder Twins try to get a way for their dad to say "I love you Blobbin," Cousin Blobbin babysits Billy and Nora he decides to show them his superhero skills. At the end, Cousin Blobbin replaces the entire car with a new one, instead of just fixing it. It turns out, Barb loves the new car better than what Hank had. Hank says whoever turned the car gray is the one he loves the most, Blobbin says that it was him and Hank says to him that he loves him and then they hug each other.

Season 2

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

Cousin Blobbin asks Billy and Nora to come over to his house in Metroburg for the weekend to babysit his dog Doggin. On arrival, they are amazed at how huge his mansion is. He tells them that he doesn't even know all the rooms in the house. Blobbin also reveals that he tricked them so that they could come over and pretend to be his children in order for him to be allowed to adopt a dog. He buys the kids spazzberries in order to convince them to agree. Unfortunately, they eat the high energy berries and get hyper and uncontrollable in the house, making Blobbin lose his chances of getting the dog. Afterwards, Nora and Billy apologize and help him get Doggin. He later gives them a lot of money on their way back home.

Season 3

Date Expectations

Hank and Barb ask Cousin Blobbin to come over to babysit Chloe, Nora and Billy because Phoebe and Max have other commitments. This makes Dr. Colosso jealous of Blobbin that the parents don't trust him to babysit the kids but who would let an evil villain bunny babysit their children? Cousin Blobbin drops and tells them that he was catapulted directly from his BlobCo company as part of the new projects they're working on. When Blobbin is left alone to babysit the kids, he takes them outside to play with his test rocket. Nora and Billy launch the rocket, only to realize that they can't find Chloe anywhere. They conclude that Chloe must have accidentally gone with the rocket. They panic and since Cousin Blobbin is indestructible, they start collecting anything that would be explosive enough to launch Blobbin into the space after the rocket to save Chloe. Cousin Blobbin's launch doesn't succeed and so he just ends up spinning on the ground until the parents arrive back home. It turns out Chloe was in Max's Lair all along as part of Dr. Colosso's plan to prove that Cousin Blobbin is a terrible babysitter.

Dog Day After-School

Cousin Blobbin asks Nora and Billy to babysit his dog, Doggin. Blobbin teleports to the Thundermans house using a new text-teleportation app made by his company, BlobCo. But when the kids get their mom's tablet confiscated by their teacher at school, Phoebe and Max turn Doggin into a woman pretending to be Barb in order to get the tablet back. Cousin Blobbin calls them later to check in but they don't let him see Doggin. He reminds them not to give meat to Doggin but it's already too late. At the end, Blobbin is forced to watch Hank, Barb and Chloe's circus/gymnastic performances as he waits for the Thunder kids to bring Doggin back.

Season 4

Date of Emergency

Cousin Blobbin cashes in all his money for a trillion dollar bill. He puts the bill in his wallet but then loses the wallet. Therefore, he moves in to live with the Thundermans for a while. Dr. Colosso convinces the Thundermans that Cousin Blobbin is testing them to see if they would still be nice to him if he didn't have money. So, the Thundermans become extremely nice to Cousin Blobbin, hoping that he would reward them with some money. Cousin Blobbin eventually figures out what they're doing and assures them that he really lost his money. Luckily, Doggin had swallowed the wallet and vomits it out. Cousin Blobbin shows them his trillion dollar bill and moves out back to his mansion.

Save the Past Dance

When the Thundermans talk about Heinrich Hiddenville III, Blobbin appears and offers them a vacation in his "timeshare" which is actually a time machine.

After Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora finished school, Blobbin appears agains dressed as a pirate. He explains that he was dressed as a pirate because he traveled to 1700s to sail the seas with Captain Blackbeard. Max figured out his "timeshare" was actually a time machine and Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora decide to travel to November 4th, 1955 to prove that the Heinrich Hiddenville III story is not real.

After Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora came back, Blobbin arrives and he was surprised that they went to school in the terrible weather. Hank, Barb and Blobbin notice that Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora dressed exactly the same as in the picture. Blobbin asks if the kids have been messing with his time machine and they try and joke their way out so they don't get in trouble.

Z's All That

Blobbin arrived in The Thundermans' Home on his invisible skateboard. Blobbin tells Hank and Barb that his business company, BlobCo, asked Hank for permission to use "Thunder Man" to promote the product. Hank agrees.

Blobbin shows Hank the product which is the ThunderWear. Hank didn't like it and wanted out, but Barb persuaded him for Chloe because it would be a bad example for her. Blobbin sets a event in Splatburger. Hank decides he can't do it.

Chloe breaks the promise to pick up her toys in the living room because Hank broke the promise to Blobbin. Hank takes courage and goes to Splatburger wearing his superhero costume with the ThunderWear on top. Nobody buys the ThunderWear except Chloe.


Blobbin is cheerful, kindhearted and somewhat over the top. He loves his family, but is a very sensitive man. He also enjoys bringing up the fact that he's incredibly wealthy now, but isn't particularly selfish with his money. He also talks with a very polite manner.


  • Invulnerability: He can not be harmed; anything that could hurt him just bounces off of his stomach, including Nora's laser beams and Hank's green bowling ball and Billy's bullet speed arms
  • True Sight: As a superhero he can see and hear ghosts.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • He owns a dog named Doggin.
  • His name is a pun off Robin.
  • He lives in a Mansion.
  • He doesn’t really interact with the Thunder Twins that much.
  • We see his home for the first time in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand
  • He knows how to fly a plane.
  • Blobbin’s superhero costume is a parody of Batman’s sidekick, Robin.


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