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Blue Detective is the seventh episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Max's date turns into a disaster when his skin turns blue, forcing him to become a sleuth in determining who it could have been around him that caused it to change, figure out what they did to change it, and bring them to justice or jail before they can escape. and it is not Billy, it's so not Nora, it's not Phoebe, and so it must be Dr. Colosso.


Max is on a date with Maddy at Splatburger. A random wind blows by after which Maddy realizes that she's lost the bracelet Max gave her. She goes under the table to look for it. She starts sneezing because she's allergic to fur. A girl with a fake Russian accent dressed in a weird costume knocks Max's table. She says her name is Tatiana as she apologizes but Max kicks her away because his girlfriend is allergic to her weird fur hat. Maddy can't find the bracelet so she sits back and promises Max not to let anything ruin the date. But then Max takes a bite at the sploagie burger and turns blue. Maddy freaks out and runs away.

The Thundermans gather at their living room after receiving texts from Max to meet him there after a horrible date. Max arrives. Blue. He tells them that one of them turned him blue by putting a Bolivian Blue Bean in his burger. The blue bean turns your skin blue for 24 hours. He had been keeping them in his lair to turn Phoebe blue. Nora teases him, calling him "Little Boy Blue." Phoebe asks him not to turn this into a big investigation but it's a little too late because he has already plotted out a chat with all the suspects and their motives. Dr. Colosso is proud to be on the list of suspects.

First suspect: Hank Thunderman. Motive: payback to Max for pranking him and taking his sploagie. A while back Max found Hank eating a sploagie burger despite having promised Barb that he would never eat more sploagies. Max then called his Mom to report Hank. Scared of being caught by Barb, Hank tried to fly through the ceiling but unfortunately Max had reinforced the ceiling with Thundertanium which Hank couldn't break. So, Hank fell down on the floor. Max took away the burger and revealed to Hank that Barb wasn't even home.

Second suspect: Barb Thunderman. Motive: to get back at Max for tricking her into giving Maddy her precious family bracelet. When Max introduced Maddy to Barb, Maddy said she liked Barb's vintage bracelet. So, Max asked Maddy to try it on and when Barb said the bracelet looked good on her, Max told Maddy they want her to have it as a gift. Barb unwillingly gave the bracelet to Maddy. So, ever since, she's been trying to get back at Max. Barb admits that she was mad at Max but she would never turn him blue. Max agrees and says Hank and Barb are too lame anyway to commit such a crime. But you know who isn't? Nora Thunderman.

Third suspect: Nora Thunderman. Motive: to get back at Max for cleaning Dr. Colosso's cage with one of Nora's Bows, turning it from yellow to brown. After being reminded of her bow's fate, Nora zaps Max with her laser eyes.

Fourth suspect: Billy Thunderman. Motive: revenge on Max for painting a garage door to look like Tunnel to Candytown. Billy kept trying to go through the tunnel four times, falling on his back each of those times.

Fifth suspect: Phoebe Thunderman. Motive: to get back at Max because of their fight earlier in the day. Max and Phoebe had gone to Splatburger together but the manager Jay Jay refused to let them both in because they keep fighting. Phoebe wanted to meet with her friends while Max wanted to meet with Maddy. So, they're only one way to settle this: rock paper scissors. But Max cheated and threw Phoebe out of Splatburger using telekinesis.

Phoebe asks Max how she could have turned him blue if she wasn't allowed to go to Splatburger. Max is stuck for a moment... until Dr. Colosso snoops into Phoebe's bag. Phoebe tries to stop Colosso from looking for evidence but Max uses telekinesis to take the bag. He finds the wig that the weird Russian girl, Tatiana was wearing. Phoebe is busted as the Russian girl. Phoebe admits she was at Splatburger but didn't turn Max blue. She only dressed up in the weird costume so that she and Max won't be seen at Splatburger at the same time. Why should Max believe her? Phoebe turns blue after eating a bunch of jelly beans.

Now both Thunder Twins are blue.

Max says that whoever turned him blue, must have turned Phoebe blue too. Hank asks whoever did it to stop because it was funny when it was Max, but not Phoebe. So, it must be Billy, Nora or Dr. Colosso doing it. Phoebe comes up with a plan to look for fingerprints on the jelly beans jar. Then Max asks her from now on to whisper her ideas to him.

Billy starts asking how to get fingerprints off a jar. Phoebe whispers to Max that they need to question Billy. The Thunder Twins take Billy down to Max's Lair and stand by side, interrogating him while holding a lamp. Billy swears that he didn't turn them blue. He only used it to keep his pet spider. But then he moved the spider to Phoebe's retainer. He super-speeds to get the retainer. Max recognizes that the wind he felt at splatburger was in-fact Billy's super-speed. Billy admits that he was there but he didn't put the blue bean. Max then shows Phoebe a photo of him and Maddy having fun at Splatburger until Billy ruined it. While looking at the picture, Phoebe notices Nora's bow in the photo.

The Thunder Twins track Nora outside while she's playing with her Baby Lulu doll. Nora denies having seen that bow in her life. Phoebe and Max confront her for lying because she's wearing it right now. Nora tells them that she went to play the Fun Claw to win a doll for Baby Lulu. She wanted to win a doll for a doll? Her story doesn't make sense. She says Max's face doesn't make sense either and walks away.

Max and Phoebe gather the family again to admit that they couldn't figure who did it. Barb and Hank take it as a joke and start calling the criminal "Blue the Kid" or "Bluedini" which only angers the twins. Colosso says that he still believes Phoebe did it and then turned herself blue so that she wouldn't be a suspect. Max says it is possible because after all, Phoebe has been whispering stuff to him all day. Phoebe fires back that it was Max who told her to whisper things to him.

The Thunder Monitor announces that Maddy is approaching. Max is glad that Maddy didn't reject him for being blue. It turns out, Maddy only came to apologize to Barb for losing the necklace. Barb takes the bad news surprisingly well. Max tells Maddy she could still hang out with him because the blue thing is not contagious but then Phoebe shows up and Maddy freaks out, thinking that Max has infected his sister. Maddy starts sneezing again and runs out. Max takes Phoebe's furry hat from Colosso and says that he's figured out who did it.

To reveal the criminal, Max takes the family to Splatburger to explain what he has come up with. Nora sneaked into Splatburger to buy a sploagie burger for Hank because Barb had instructed the joint to never sell it to Hank. Billy's super-speed was the random wind they felt earlier. He had been sent by Barb to steal the bracelet back from Maddy. That's why Maddy's bracelet disappeared right after the wind.

The final clue. Phoebe's weird Russian hat isn't real fur. It couldn't be what triggered Maddy's allergies. That leaves only one suspect. Dr. Colosso (Who is inside the Fun Claw Game Machine). Ever since Max started dating Maddy, Dr. Colosso has been jealous of her. So, he sneaked into Splatburger in Baby Lulu's stroller with Nora. He is the reason why Maddy was sneezing. Colosso admits his crime and says he would have gotten away with it were it not for Max's girlfriend. Colosso says his only crime was loving Max - apart from all his other actual crimes. Then he and Max try to touch hands through the glass of the Fun Claw game machine.

If this was all part of their weird love triangle, then why did Dr. Colosso turn Phoebe blue? Dr. Colosso didn't - Max admits that he is the one who turned Phoebe blue, just for fun. Phoebe uses telekinesis to throw Max out of Splatburger.

Phoebe then asked that who would try to take Colosso out of the Fun Claw game machine and they all run towards the Claw machine, with Colosso crying Noooooooooooo!


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  • Production for this episode ran from August 25th, 2014 - August 29th, 2014.
  • This episode was a part of Nickelodeon's Whodunnit Night.
  • Gabrielle Elyse is the second actor from the series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn to guest star on The Thundermans, first being Lizzy Greene. Her character, Maddy, has become a recurring character, and even a friend of Phoebe's in Seasons 3 and 4.
  • The Thundermans family references several other TV shows by saying the names of countless characters such as Avatar (Avatar), Cookie Monster (Sesame Street), Papa Smurf (The Smurfs), Blue (Blue's Clues), Billy the Kid, and the Great Houdini.
  • Whodunnit - Dr. Colosso turned Max blue out jealousy of losing Max to his date Maddy.
  • This episode scored 2.1 million viewers.
  • It is unknown how it looked like when the Thunder Twins turned blue.
  • Pheobe turned blue but Max did it
  • In Australia and European regions, Phoebe is never actually shown turning blue and the episode just cuts to the scene where the Thundermans return to Splatburger after the show returns from the commercial break. Both Phoebe and Max appear to be blue after the commercial break and the reason for Phoebe's sudden change of color is never explained.
  • Dr. Colosso is the only suspect whose motive is never explained when Max lists off the motives.



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