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Breaking Dad is the twentieth and finale episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans


When Hank becomes the new chemistry teacher in Phoebe and Max's class and replaces their grade based on a project, he gives Phoebe a D due to her repeating the project she did in seventh grade. Phoebe requests Principal Bradford that she has a class transfer. Due to this, Principal Bradford comes to inspect the way he teaches. But due to some sleeping sandwiches, every thing looks gone. But the Thunder Twins handle everything with their powers.

Meanwhile, some squirrels get into there house and Billy, Nora and Barb try to get rid of them.


Main Plot

Max, Phoebe and Cherry are in their chemistry class, making fun of their teacher, Mr. Begbeaudy by calling him "Big Booty" for having a big butt. Max starts explaining to them about his evil plans to do one of the biggest pranks in history so that he would finally get his Max Thunderman Day.

Mr. Begbeaudy hands back their last test. He tells Cherry that she got a zero on the test. He gives Phoebe a "B" and Phoebe says that she's never got a B in her life. It's her thing. Begbeaudy then hands Max back his test and takes his particle booster as well. Phoebe then complains to her that she should have gotten an A on the test because she got 100%. But Begbeaudy says that he doesn't give A's. It's his thing. Phoebe is frustrated. The students continue making fun of "Big Booty" but he keeps correcting them that his name is "Begbeaudy" and not "Big Booty! But then he keeps knocking off things with his big butt and making butt jokes.

Later at home, Phoebe complains to Hank and Barb about getting a B, when she deserved an A, simply because the teacher doesn't give As. Hank says that he will go to the school and have a talk with the teacher. Meanwhile, Max perfects the recipe for his sleeping sandwiches.

The following day at school, Hank goes to talk to Mr. Begbeaudy and Principal Bradford. The talk doesn't go so well, and therefore Mr. Begbeaudy quits teaching. Bradford reveals that Hank has agreed to become Phoebe's temporary chemistry teacher. Hank says that he will replace the last test's grades by asking the students to pair up and come up with and demonstrate a chemistry experiments showing how you can apply chemistry in real life. Phoebe is pleased that her dad is her new teacher because he would be fair to her and give her what she deserves. She starts winking at her dad, probably hoping she will get some special treatment.

Phoebe teams up with Cherry and shows an experiment on how you can easily clean clothes by chemical reactions. Everyone in the class is impressed but to Phoebe's surprise, Hank gives her a D! What? Hank tells Phoebe that he gave her a D because that is the same experiment she did in fifth grade in Metroburg. He expected more from her because she is a superhero and heroes are supposed to rise to the challenge. Phoebe refuses to accept the bad grade or the superhero excuse. So, she writes a long essay to Principal Bradford, asking to be transferred out of Mr. Thunderman's class.

During lunch time, Hank starts eating Max's sandwiches that he had carried for lunch. Phoebe walks in and explains that she's transferring out of his class. Hank is disappointed but agrees to let Phoebe go. He also tells Phoebe that because a student asked to leave the class, his teaching will be revealed by Principal Bradford during the next lesson. Unfortunately, Max's sleepy sandwiches finally kick in, causing Hank to sleep instantly. By the time Max arrives, it's already too late.

The Thunder Twins freak out about their dad passing out just before his class review. They come up with a plan to safe their dad's class review. They dress up their dad nicely and plan to use telekinesis to make it look like he's the one doing the chemistry experiments. Since both Max and Phoebe are very smart in science, they easily get the chemicals they need setup for the demonstration. At class time, Bradford arrives ready to review Hank's work. Phoebe introduces Hank's class and experiment, "Chemistry as Magic!" As planned, Phoebe and Max uses their powers to move Hank as they need to make him perform all the chemistry experiments they need. They even make him dance in between mixing substances.

At the end of the experiment, Max and Phoebe give Hank an epic magical exit. Principal Bradford is very impressed by the experiment and calls it "private school stuff." Hank comes back, awake, and starts to apologize for being late. Phoebe stops him and says that his experiment on Chemistry as Magic was very Powerful. He quickly learns that the twins used their superpowers to make the experiment successful. Hank says that it looks like someone rose to the challenge. This talk confuses Bradford and cause the Thundermans family weird.

Principal Bradford then asks for Hank's license so that he can update his records. Hank gives him his driver's license. Bradford realizes that Mr. Thunderman isn't a licensed teacher. He tells him to leave and asks the students to never reveal that he allowed an unlicensed teacher to teach at his school. The principal also destroys Cherry's phone to erase the recorded evidence of what happened.

Later back at home, Hank pranks Max back by making him eat the sleepy sandwiches. When Max falls asleep, the rest of the Thundermans rush to draw mustache on his face.


When Max leaves the backdoor open, squirrels enter into the Thundermans house and start scaring Nora, Billy and Barb. The Thundermans try to get rid of the squirrels without success. Barb uses her "Electress" powers to zap the squirrels but ends up destroying the TV and the furniture.

The three cover up everything in the house with sheets so that Hank and the twins won't find out about squirrels. Luckily, Hank is too busy becoming Phoebe's teacher and Phoebe is stressed about her grades while Max is busy with his evil plans for the Max Thunderman Day prank. So, none of them pays attention to the destruction in living room.

After several attempts with no success, Barb, Nora and Billy realize that Dr. Colosso might be their best option. After all, he is a bunny - he can talk to the squirrels and ask them nicely to leave. Colosso agrees to the plan. He talks to the squirrels but they decide that Thundermans will have to live in the walls while the squirrels take over the house. Barb and Nora are not satisfied with the decision. So, they ask Colosso to be more aggressive. Unfortunately, the squirrels prove to be tough than Colosso and tear down his costumes and fur.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Nora's fear of rodents is brought up again in The Amazing Rat Race when it's revealed that she's afraid of rats too.
  • Principal Bradford admits he doesn't have a respectable work ethic. His unprofessionalism was first seen in You Stole My Thunder, Man
  • Phoebe and Max being both smart in science was explored in Weird Science Fair.
  • Max's pranks in school become more recognized in season 2, starting with Max's Minions when Principal Bradford declares him "public school enemy number one."
  • When Barb asks Max to explain the abundance of sandwiches he's carrying and he asks her to explain about the abundance of blankets, the exchange is similar to Phoebe and Dr. Colosso's exchange in Evil Never Sleeps when Colosso catches Phoebe spying on Max and Mike Evilman.


  • This is the last episode of season one.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the hit AMC television series "Breaking Bad".    
  • A reference to the show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron was made (Creator Jed Spingarn was a co-producer on this series).
  • This episode scored 2.2 million viewers
  • Song segment while Max and Phoebe controls Hank during science presentation is a parody of "Final Countdown" by Europe


Woah woah, hold on there Big Booty.

— Cherry

Stop showing off, Jimmy Neutron.

— Principal Bradford

It's "Begbeaudy!"

— Mr. Begbeaudy (after being called "big booty)

Max: I love you dad.
Hank: Max, we're at school. It's I love you Mr Thunderman.

— Max and Hank


— Barb

Cherry: Hey, Pheebs. Hey, Max.
Max: I'm a locker! (runs)

— Max and Cherry

He's called for backup!

— Barb

Billy: I think Dad's nose pooped on his lip.
Nora: That's not how the body works, Billy.

— Billy and Nora

Phoebe: I can’t even talk to you right now, I’m going to Cherry’s.
(Walks away and comes back)
Hank: You need me to drive you to Cherry’s?
(Phoebe nods)

— Phoebe and Hank

Hank: We each get two minutes to draw on his face.
Thundermans: Yay!!

— The Thunderman family about Max

Barb: You wanna explain all those sandwiches?
Max: Not really. You wanna explain all those blankets?
Barb: Not really.
Max: So we understand each other!

— Max and Barb


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