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Call of Lunch Duty is the twenty-first episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe discovers that Max is the person behind the latest rebellious pranks at school. Billy and Nora become afraid of aliens


Main Plot

Phoebe and Max - Handsome Brother Walks Away

Phoebe and Max. Handsome brother walks away.

Phoebe is scraping gum from the main staircase in the hallway in Hiddenville High. She is researching for her journalism class article on gum-chewing habits in a suburban high school. She accidentally hits a popular girl, Winnie Lee with a piece of gum. Winnie says Phoebe's fascinating article is gross. Max smudges his gum on Phoebe's phone. Phoebe asks Max for help on her article but Max walks away.

Rebel Raptor Pranks Principal Bradford

Max then leads the other students to see ugly photoshopped photos of Principal Bradford posted on the lockers by a prankster calling himself, The Rebel Raptor. Max says he's proud of the whoever is posting those. Principal Bradford catches Max standing there and accuses him of being the prankster but Max, with Phoebe's alibi proves that he isn't the Rebel Raptor. Phoebe flashes back to last night that Max was at home when she was calling the High School Janitors of America, Gum Division. Max had passed behind her saying, "Max in the house." Bradford vows to find whoever the Rebel Raptor is and give them the worst punishment possible: work at at the lunch line. Phoebe tells Max that she will do a paper on the Rebel Raptor, if only she knew who the Rebel Raptor is.

Max and Phoebe on Rebel Raptor

At home, Phoebe tells Max of her failed progress to find the Rebel Raptor. She summoned all her suspects but only Gideon showed up. Apparently Gideon thinks this was a date. Phoebe kicks Gideon out. While still talking to Max, Phoebe gets an email from the Rebel Raptor offering to give Phoebe an exclusive interview as long as she keeps his identity a secret.

Phoebe and Max Rebel Raptor Interview

Later that night, Phoebe sneaks out alone in the dark to call the Rebel Raptor, just as they had planned. The Rebel Raptor answers the video call. He is masked and has his voice disguised. Phoebe then hears a woman speaking next to the Rebel Raptor asking why it's so dark in there. The woman turns on the light and unmasks the Rebel Raptor. The woman is Barb. And Max is the Rebel Raptor. Max blames Barb for ruining his exclusive interview. Barb says hi to Phoebe. Phoebe then goes to Max's Lair to ask how Max is the Rebel Raptor when she knows for sure she saw him last night. Max reveals that Phoebe didn't really see him - it was a Max-shaped cardboard that Max and Dr. Colosso made to trick Phoebe. Phoebe convinces Max to still do the Rebel Raptor interview with her and she will keep his secret.

Phoebe and Principal Bradford

The next day at school, Phoebe publishes her article, making it to the cover story of the school newspaper. Winnie Lee even invites Phoebe to sit with them at the lunch table. The day couldn't get any better. But it could get worse - Principal Bradford demands that Phoebe should tell him who the Rebel Raptor is. Phoebe refuses to betray her source's trust. At first, Max thinks Phoebe ratted him out but realizes that Phoebe kept her promise. Principal Bradford threatens to give Phoebe lunch - lady duty as a punishment. Phoebe thinks he's bluffing he's not.

Phoebe and the Sisterhood of the Mole

During lunch, Phoebe puts on the lunch lady outfit and serves students in the lunch line. Phoebe is disgusted. She is disappointed that she can't eat lunch with Winnie Lee. Gideon is even disgusted that he once liked Phoebe. Max comes to the lunch line and thanks Phoebe for keeping her promise. Principal Bradford comes to the line and asks Phoebe again to reveal the Rebel Raptor. Phoebe refuses. So, Bradford asks Phoebe to make him 500 hot dogs. Why would Bradford need 500 hot dogs? The Thunder Twins agree that Bradford is up to something. And if they can figure out what he's hiding they can use that against him for Phoebe to get out of the lunch duty. However, Max says he won't help Phoebe with it because then it would make her self-sacrifice meaningless. Good luck!

After delivering the hot dogs to the discreet location according to Bradford, Phoebe hides behind to see who comes to pick up the hot dogs. Meanwhile, Max sneaks back in as well. Phoebe is glad that Max came back to help her. Max denies it and claims that he only came because the Rebel Raptor wants to get more dirt on Bradford. A guy comes and picks up the hot dogs.

Phoebe and Max Sneak In

The Thunder Twins follow the guy secretly, which leads them to an underground wrestling match within the school. They discover that Principal Bradford is one of the wrestlers. Phoebe wants to get a photo of Bradford and blackmail him with it to get her off the lunch lady duty. But, Bradford has a mask and Phoebe's telekinesis doesn't help much. If only they could get someone to unmask Bradford. Max offers to do it admitting that he really came to help Phoebe for keeping his secret safe. He asks Phoebe to slap him for helping her. She gladly does it.

Principal Bradford Busted by Max and Phoebe

Max puts on the wrestling uniform and gets into the ring to take down Bradford. The moderator and Principal Bradford use school puns and jokes for trashtalk. During the fight, Phoebe uses telekinesis to help Max cheat and defeat Bradford. Max is almost winning but then someone blocks Phoebe from direct view, meaning that she can't use telekinesis to help Max. Bradford pins Max down and just before winning the match, Phoebe jumps into the ring. If there were rules this would be illegal. It's the Thunder Twins vs Principal Bradford. At first, Max and Phoebe are doing well but Bradford makes a huge comeback making the twins fall. Bradford then leaves the ring to look for a "board" of education to beat up the opponents. While jumping back into the ring, Phoebe and Max use their telekinesis to make him trip. Bradford loses.

Max and Phoebe after Wrestling

Max then unmasks himself, revealing that he is the Rebel Raptor. Phoebe then unmasks herself as Lunchador. She takes Principal Bradford photo and blackmails him to let her off the lunch duty or else she will report him to the real board of education. Bradford angrily agrees and tells Max and Phoebe that he hates their family.


Billy and Nora Watch a Video on Aliens

Billy and Nora watch a video on aliens

Billy and Nora become paranoid after watching a video on aliens claiming that aliens could be anywhere. So, they result out to find out aliens in the neighborhood. First they suspect it's Pretzel Pete. But when spying on him, they overhear a weird alien-y sounding voice. They look over and find that it's coming from Mrs. Wong's house. They see that Mrs. Wong looks like an alien. Billy and Nora run back home to tell their parents that Mrs. Wong is an alien.

Nora and Billy Spy on Wong

Nora and Billy spy on Mrs. Wong

While taking a walk outside, Barb and Hank meet Wong coming over. She tells them that she is thinking of starting an alien-themed restaurant and wanted the Thundermans to taste some of the food and give her some feedback. Barb and Hank tell her to go to Billy and Nora inside since they will love the alien-themed restaurant as they have been talking about aliens all day.

Mrs. Wong in Alien Costume

Mrs. Wong as an alien

Excited to entertain Billy and Nora, Mrs. Wong goes back home and puts on her alien costume. She enters the Thunderman's house and asks Billy and Nora to come to her so that she can pick their brains. The kids freak out and run away from her. She keeps using her alien-themed phrases, which only scares Billy and Nora more. Then the kids come up with a plan. Billy super-speeds to blindfold Wong. Nora starts using her heat vision to burn Mrs. Wong. Hank and Barb find the kids attacking Wong. Mrs. Wong explains the misunderstanding.

Wong gets mad and refuses to even let Billy and Nora taste her food.


Main Cast 

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Scott Beehner as Wrestling Announcer
  • Polly Humphreys as Lunch Lady Gladys



  • The name of the episode is based on the video game series, Call of Duty.
  • Doctor Colosso returns from his absence.
  • Mrs. Wong is wearing a slightly similar robe to Nug Nug in iCarly.


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