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Oh, thunderchild, I have so much to teach you.

Hank to Billy

Can't Hardly Date is the ninetieth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninetieth episode overall. It first aired on January 13, 2018 to 1.35 million viewers.



As Sarah and Gideon's crushes on Max and Phoebe escalate, the twins attempt to solve the problem by setting them up on a date with each other; Max wants to win back Sarah after he discovers her uncle is a rock star.[1] Chloe losses her blankie.

Main Plot

Phoebe is hiding from Gideon when Max notices her. Phoebe explains how Gideon has constantly been hounding her so much recently about them being a couple. Max then explains how he has it worse because Sarah has been acting the same way towards him ever since she found out he broke up with Allison. Sarah then appears and shows that she gave Max a bee hive to show that she's his "honey." When there are bees inside the hive, Max runs away, and Sarah tries to catch up with him. Phoebe thinks that Max might actually have it worse than him. However, Gideon scares her as a ghost hiding in her locker, trying to say that she's his "boo." Gideon realizes that she doesn't like that, so he tries "booloons" which rain on Phoebe, making her even more annoyed. She then decides to hide in her locker from Gideon.

Later, when Phoebe sees Max playing a rockstar videogame, she explains how both Sarah and Gideon have gone way too far in their crushes on her and Max, neither of which they like. The Thunder Monitor shows that Sarah set up a tent on their front porch while Gideon is stringing up a hammock near their garage. They agree that they have to do something to get them off their backs. Phoebe suggests that they try to get Sarah and Gideon to start liking each other so that they become a couple and forget about them. Max agrees.

At dinner, the twins each text Sarah and Gideon to meet them at Table 7 of Splatburger. Max and Phoebe are sitting at another table while Sarah and Gideon show up. Gideon thinks that this is going to be a double date since they're both sitting at the same table. They both talk about their crushes on the Thunder Twins. Phoebe reveals that she ordered the romantic package for Table 7, which makes Sarah think that Max ordered it for her. However, this causes Gideon to sneeze on Sarah, causing Phoebe to realize that she forgot that Gideon is allergic to everything. In an attempt to save their chances, Max orders the heart shaped pizza, but Sarah doesn't like it because she thinks it's shaped like a butt, and asks Gideon if he ordered it. Gideon says that he didn't order anything

Tired of waiting, Gideon gets up to go to Phoebe's house; and Sarah decides to go get her bloodhound, Watson to track Max down. To stop them from leaving Splatburger, Max uses telekinesis to turn off the lights. During the commotion, Sarah trips but Gideon catches her just before falling down. The lights come back on and Sarah thanks Gideon for catching her. She tells Gideon that she likes his moist hands and Gideon tells Sarah that he likes her pimple-cream smell. Sarah tells Gideon that she had two movie tickets and asks him if he would like to join her. Gideon happily accepts. And just like that, Sarah and Gideon hit it off. Phoebe and Max are relieved that they don't have to deal with Sarah and Gideon anymore.

The next day at school, Sarah and Gideon confirm to Phoebe and Max that they're now dating. Sarah mentions that she's taking Gideon to her uncle's concert at the Hiddenville Coliseum. This makes Max realize that Sarah's uncle is Sugar Ray - Mark McGrath. The Twins had always assumed that Sarah's uncle was Mark McGrath the janitor. Sarah tells them that she'll introduce Gideon to her uncle and maybe he will help Gideon become a rockstar. But wait, Max has always wanted to be a rockstar. How can he sit and watch Gideon live his dream? He'll do whatever it takes to meet Mark McGrath even if that means trying to win Sarah back. Phoebe suspects Max might try to win Sarah back but asks him not to do it. She needs this. She's finally free from Gideon. She starts twirling and runs out to celebrate.

Later that evening, Phoebe walks in on Max kissing a mirror in the living room. Max is practicing how he's going to kiss Sarah in front of her uncle. Phoebe quietly gets closer and stands right behind Max watches him kiss for a minute before saying a word. She figures out that Max is trying to go to the concert in disguise after seeing Max's disguise bag, conveniently labelled "Disguise Bag." She warns Max against going to the concert to ruin Sarah and Gideon's relationship, but deep down she knows that Max wouldn't comply.

Before the concert, Gideon and Sarah are having a good time. There's a chef busy working in the kitchen. Max walks in disguised as a roadie. He starts looking for Sarah. He asks the "chef bro" if he's seen the redhead Sarah. The chef turns around. It's Phoebe in disguise! Max can't let Phoebe ruin his chances of winning Sarah back. And Phoebe can't let Max date Sarah because that would mean Gideon would become obsessed with Phoebe again. So, the twins start a food fight. After fighting for a minute or so, Phoebe pins Max against the wall.

Sarah's Uncle, Mark McGrath enters the room, causing the twins to start fighting. He introduces himself to them and realizes they're big fans. He assumes that both Phoebe and Max are girls and are fighting to steal Gideon away from his niece, Sarah. He shows them how happy Sarah is with Gideon, making Max realize that he should just let Sarah go. The twins apologize for fighting and messing the kitchen but Mark McGrath tells them not to worry about it. It will be cleaned by the other Mark McGrath, the janitor.

Sub Plot

Hank, Billy and the Thunder Twins return home from taking Nora to a Super Camp only to find Barb nervously tearing the living room apart looking for Chloe's blankie. She reminds them how Chloe overreacts whenever she misplaces that blankie. Last time, Chloe teleported everything out of the house just to find it. They can't let her know that the blankie is missing. Barb finds the blankie just in time before Chloe returns.

Hank is not happy that Chloe throws a tantrum every time she loses the blankie. Maybe it's time for her to grow up and forget about the blankie. He asks Billy to help him with a plan to hide the blankie from Chloe to help her get over it. They hide the blankie in the cupboard but then Dr. Colosso steals it. Hank tries to get the blankie from Colosso but Colosso refuses. Hank keeps it a secret because he doesn't want Barb to know that he's responsible for hiding the blankie in the first place. After learning that the blankie is missing, Chloe sadly tells them how much she misses the blankie. Hank thinks she's going to get over it, but twenty minutes later, Chloe is throwing a huge tantrum about how much she misses it. She resumes her usual behavior of teleporting things out of the house to look for it.

Dr. Colosso takes the blankie to his cage and activates electric shock, making it impossible for Hank and Billy to get it back. So, Hank surrenders and goes to buy another blankie that looks exactly like Chloe's. But Chloe is not a fool, she says. She smells it and instantly knows that it's fake. Billy accidentally blurts out that the new blankie looks exactly like the one they stole. This makes both Chloe and Barb realize that Hank and Billy are responsible. Barb confronts Hank to tell her the truth. Hank tells them that Colosso has it down in Max's Lair. They all go down to the lair and Barb uses her Electrokinesis powers to break Colosso's cage. She gives Chloe her blankie back. Chloe smells it. That's the stuff!

After the blankie is taken away, Dr. Colosso starts saying how much he misses it. He even throws a tantrum like Chloe usually does. Chloe observes him and he's disgusted. She asks them if that's how she looks when she complains about missing a blankie. She feels bad for acting that way and tells them that she doesn't want to be a monster. She gives the blankie back to Dr. Colosso and asks him to keep it.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Mark McGrath as Himself

Guest Cast

  • Danny Kosarin as Janitor Mark McGrath

Absent Cast


  • Sarah is trying to date Max, ever since he broke up with Allison in 21 Dump Street. Sarah’s obsession with Max started the first time she saw him in Report Card.
  • Gideon has been obsessed with dating Phoebe since You've Got Fail. Phoebe took an advantage of that in Date of Emergency to trick him into going on a triple date with her.
  • Both obsessive crushes will end now that Sarah and Gideon are a couple
  • This is Sarah's first appearance since The Girl with the Dragon Snafu.
  • Allison is mentioned. She broke up with Max in 21 Dump Street.
  • Gideon being allergic to everything was first mentioned in Date of Emergency.
  • This episode references Max's Band breaking up. The band broke up in Ditch Perfect. However, Max shows that he still dreams of being a rockstar, hinting that he might try to get Max's Band back together.


  • The episode title is a reference to the 1998 American teen comedy film, Can't Hardly Wait.
  • Kira's dad (Danny Kosarin) guest starred in this episode, portraying a Janitor, named "Mark McGrath".
  • Sarah, whom was a recurring character in the first season and the second season, returned in this episode.
  • Phoebe has a stunt double in one of the scenes, according to Kira's Instagram story.
  • Phoebe's school locker in Hiddenville High was redesigned in this episode.
  • A live taping was held for this episode, the 2nd last live taping for the show.[2]
    • Drake Bell attended the live taping as an audience member.
  • Nora Thunderman was absent in this episode, however, it is mentioned that she is at super camp. This makes her the second main character to be absent in an episode, after Dr. Colosso's absences in This Looks Like a Job For... and Thunder in Paradise. Addison was unavailable when they filmed the episode (early - mid July) because she was busy with the premiere of her movie, "The Beguiled".
  • Khloe Kardashian, the famous reality star was mentioned multiple times by Billy Thunderman.
  • Sarah , Had her last appearance in this episode.


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