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Can't Spy Me Love is the twentieth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.



Unexpected consequences arise when Phoebe uses the Hero League's villain search software to track down a cute boy, while Hank and Barb try to get Chloe to draw them.[1]


Main Plot

Phoebe and Cherry are eating at Splatburger where Phoebe meets a cute boy who starts flirting with her but she lets him down. She tells Cherry that she is not ready to date again since Link left. She says she will know when she is ready to date again when she sees a sign. Almost immediately, they hear Phoebe's ringtone but when she tries to pickup the phone she realizes that it's coming from another cute boy next booth, who happens to use the same ringtone as Phoebe. The cute boy is reading "The Yellow Bandana," Phoebe's favorite book. They flirt for a while and Phoebe sits back. After Cherry points it out, Phoebe realizes that is a sign that she's ready to date again. Max distracts them collecting money for his Hoverboard Foundation, a fake charity to buy himself a hoverboard. Phoebe looks up to talk to the cute boy, but the boy has already left - leaving his book behind. Phoebe takes the book with him.

Five days later at school, as Max continues to collect money for his "charity," Phoebe and Cherry go through the cute boy's book. They discover that both Phoebe and the boy underline, star and highlight the exact same phrases in the book. Both books have food stains, meaning that they're both sloppy eaters. Cherry calls them soulmates and suggests that Phoebe should freeze the entire city so that she can look for the cute boy but Phoebe refuses. Phoebe thinks of using the "Find A Fiend" app from Hero League, but she doesn't want to because it is only used to find dangerous criminals. She goes back to Splatburger after school to see if anyone has seen the boy but no luck.

Max gets curious when he sees Billy and Nora playing "Ninja Burners" after a birthday party entertainment and learns that they get paid very well. He asks them to train him so that he can perform at birthday parties to make money for his hoverboard. They tell him that Ninja Burners always perform in threes, so he must include them as well. He agrees to work with them.

While staring at her mystery crush's book, Phoebe is visited by Devil Phoebe and Angel Phoebe. Devil Phoebe asks her to use the Find A Fiend app. Phoebe quickly recognizes the trope, so she asks Angel Phoebe why she shouldn't use the book. Angel Phoebe says that abusing superhero previleges would be wrong... unless... she does it really quickly so that no one finds out. Phoebe is surprised what kind of an angel Angel Phoebe is. The two Phoebes convince her to use the app and when she's ready to, they reveal that Tech Phoebe was already working on it.

After Max's Ninja Burners training is complete, they are visited by Mrs. Garcia and her cute little birthday girl Winter to "audition" for her birthday party performance. She reviews their performance and likes it. But she wants to hire Max only. She says that Billy lacks Ninja spirit and Nora "has a bow - bows are my thing!" Nora and Billy try negotiating with her with no success. Max asks Billy and Nora to go inside because they're not old enough to hear what he has to say. However, when they leave, Max makes a deal with the little girl to perform alone.

Cherry comes over and is proud of Phoebe for using the Find A Fiend app to track the cute boy. President Kickbutt calls through the Thunder Monitor and tells Phoebe that the Hero League has sent a Strike Team to track and take down the dangerous criminal that Phoebe is tracking. Phoebe tries to explain to Kickbutt about who she's tracking but it's too late. The Strike Team arrives at the Thundermans door. They quickly find the location of the "criminal" (the cute boy). He is outside a movie theater, going to watch "Maze Jumper 3", Phoebe's favorite movie franchise.

Phoebe is worried because she doesn't want the boy to be taken down as a criminal. She tells the Strike Team that they got the wrong guy and tells Cherry to come up with a crazy description of a person who doesn't exist. Cherry finds one of Chloe's drawings and uses it to inspire the criminal's description. Meanwhile, Phoebe goes to change for the movie. The Strike Team tracks him and discovers that he is at Splatburger. When Phoebe realizes that they've found an actual person, she runs to Splatburger to save the victim. She doesn't know that the civilian in the ninja costume is in fact Max.

Max ditches Billy and Nora to go to Splatburger for the birthday performance. The kids get mad at him and tell him he will get the "ninja curse" for violating the Ninja Burners ninja code. Max goes to Splatburger for Winter's birthday performance, not long before the Strike Team attacks. Phoebe arrives at Splatburger and finds Kickbutt undercover, preparing the Strike Team to strike. She confesses what she did and apologizes but it's too late to call it off. The Strike Team attacks Max during his performance. When Phoebe realizes that it was Max all along, she asks them to finish him off but Kickbutt calls off the strike. The little girl and her mother refuse to pay Max. Kickbutt admits to Phoebe that she also found her husband using the Find A Fiend app but asks Phoebe not to abuse her privileges again.

Back at home, Nora and Billy laugh at Max for ditching them and then getting burned! Meanwhile, Phoebe is on the phone telling Cherry that she is okay and if it's meant to be, she will run into the cute boy again. The Thunder Monitor alerts them of a pizza delivery and Nora goes to the door to collect the pizza. It turns out that the pizza delivery boy is in fact Phoebe's mysterious cute boy. Phoebe, still busy talking on the phone, comes to the door to give money to Nora without looking at the pizza delivery boy. The boy doesn't see Phoebe either. The boy leaves. Phoebe continues talking on the phone saying that even if she doesn't meet the cute boy again, there's a silver lining: she knows that she's ready to start dating again.

Angel Phoebe, Devil Phoebe and Tech Phoebe wonder if they should tell Phoebe that the cute boy is the pizza delivery boy - but they're distracted by pizza.

Sub Plot

Chloe is drawing various people and things in the family but she constantly refuses to draw Hank and Barb. She draws Max in his red ninja costume. The drawing is later used by Cherry to describe a person who doesn't exist to the strike team. At the end, Chloe draws her parents and tells them that she spared the best for last.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lucas Adams as The Cute Boy
  • Tessa Espinola as Winter



  • This was the twenty-second episode shot in season 3.
  • Lucas Adams from Liv & Maddie guest stars in this episode.
  • The Cute Boy's name is never revealed.
  • Link was mentioned by Cherry.
  • This marks the first episode to not feature any super powers used.