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Candi Falconman is my bestie and the sweetest person I've ever met.

— Candi's Brainwashed Victims

Candi Falconman is a character on The Thundermans. She is a supervillain with candy powers who tried to take over Hiddenville by brainwashing everyone to be her friend. Candi is portrayed by Jada Facer.


Candi is the daughter of the superheroes Falcon Man and Iron Grip. She has candy powers which allows her to generate any candy she wants or even turn people into candy. However, throughout her life, she has struggled to make friends.

In Thundermans: Banished!, her family moved to The Thundermans' Home after the Hero League banished The Thundermans from Hiddenville. Candi made a first great impression on Billy and Nora Thunderman after giving them candy. She quickly moved over to take over Max's Lair and immediately made an enemy with Dr. Colosso after calling him adorable. She filled Max's Lair with all sorts of candy.

While living in Max's Lair, Candy found one of Max's Gadgets called "Brain Washer" and decided to use it to hypnotize people so that everyone will love her. She turned her parents into gingerbread cookies and placed them in a gingerbread house. Dr. Colosso called Max and Phoebe to tell them Candi's plan. The Thunder Twins risked losing their powers to come back to Hiddenville to stop Candi. They found that she had hosted a huge party and hypnotized everyone including Cherry, Allison, Oyster and Wolfgang. When Phoebe and Max tried to stop her, she used raspberry pixie dust to send them to sleep. After that she wrapped them up in candy making it impossible to escape. After the twins waking up, they found that Dr. Colosso was now working for Candi and they were planning on hypnotizing the entire city, using a satellite dish.

Dr. Colosso, then revealed to Max and Phoebe that he was only pretending to be on Candi's side so that she won't turn him into candy. He ate the gum out of Phoebe and Max, allowing them to escape and go after Candi. Candi went to the Thundermans roof to setup the satellite dish to broadcast her hypnosis signal but Phoebe and Max arrived and fought her for a long time. The twins eventually used their Heat Breath and Freeze Breath at the same time to make the satellite dish explode. This sent Candi flying all the way into Splatburger.


Although she's a supervillain, Candi is very sweet and nice to people. She always talks to people while smiling. However, she has a hard-time, making friends so she results in brainwashing people to be her friends.

Powers and Abilities

  • Candy Manipulation: Candi has the ability to generate any type of candy she wants. She can also turn anything into candy. She turned her parents into gingerbread cookies. Candi can generate sticky gums to attack her opponents, making it impossible to escape. She uses raspberry pixie dust to make people fall asleep.
    • Sleep Inducement via. Pixie Dust: Candi is capable of making one fall asleep by blowing [Raspberry] Pixie Dust on them.
    • Liquorice Whip Generation: Candi can create a rope of candy to achieve many effects
    • Candy Transformation: Candi is capable of turning people into candy.
    • Invincibility via. Force-Field: Candi is "candy-coated," which makes her invincible from other superpowers such the the Thunder Twins' Freeze Breath and Heat Breath.

Episode Appearances


  • Dr. Colosso called her "sugar mama".
  • It is unknown whether her parents were rescued.
  • Candi escaped unharmed and could potentially come back for revenge.
  • Candi is portrayed by Jada Facer, who is the girlfriend of Ricardo Hurtado of School of Rock.