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I'm really sorry I lied. It's just that... I really want a superhero cape, but I also want to be out there dancing on rooftops.


Cape Fear is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


When Phoebe sneaks out to a party and saves someone's life, she asks Max to take credit for it.


Phoebe complains to Max about how her life is ruined now that her friend Christie from Metroburg has been awarded superhero cape before Phoebe. She says Christie's superpower is superhearing which is so lame. The rest of the Thundermans arrive home and are proud of Christie. Hank reminds Phoebe that she would have gotten her superhero cape too if she focused more on superhero training. Barb explains to Billy and Nora that these are special capes awarded by the Hero League. It's part of becoming a superhero and it gives you access to weapons. Hank then mentions that it's not too late for Phoebe to get one because there's still one more cape left to be awarded this year.

This gets Phoebe excited to start working for the superhero cape. She comes home bragging to Max about coming back from saving the world. Max reminds her that today they have the rooftop party they had been invited to. Phoebe wants to sneak to the party but is worried that her parents won't let her get the cape if she sneaks out. Nevertheless, Max convinces her to go to the party. She gets herself ready.

Billy and Nora plan to camp outside and break their dad's record for camping. But Hank doesn't want them breaking his record so he tries to sabotage them.

Max and Phoebe sneak into the rooftop party. On their way in, Max tells Phoebe how excited he is about Phoebe getting the cape. But Phoebe figures out that Max just wants access to the secret superhero weapons. The Thunder Twins then see a kid falling off the ladder while climbing to the rooftop. Phoebe uses telekinesis to help the kid from falling. The following day, in Max's Lair, Phoebe and Max panic when they see a viral video of a "miracle wind" saving the kid from falling. Max thinks her parents won't know since they don't go to the internet but Barb comes in saying she saw it on morning news. Also known as the internet for old people, according to Dr. Colosso.

Barb calls Hank and the two confront Phoebe and Max to figure out who saved the falling boy. They ask the Thunder Monitor to play the infra-red mode for the video. The Thunder Monitor reveals telekinetic waves. Phoebe tries to confess but Max takes the blame for it. The Thundermans pull down a poster to celebrate that Max's phase is over! The Thundermans call the Hero League to inform that about Max's heroic action. They tell Phoebe that if it was her who snuck into the rooftop party, she would have got into trouble. But since it's Max, they're proud of him for doing something good. Phoebe asks Max what he's up to and Max explains that he wants Phoebe to get the cape so that she would give him access to secret weapons.

President Kickbutt calls through the Thunder Monitor announcing that one of the Thunder Twins has qualified for a cape. Phoebe gets excited but Kickbutt says the winner is actually Max. Phoebe tries to convince Kickbutt that she deserves the cape more than Max. But Kickbutt argues that by Max doing something heroic, it catapulted him to the top of the list. Kickbutt tells the Thundermans that she will be coming to their house to present Max with the superhero cape. Phoebe asks Max to stop it but Max brags that he doesn't need her anymore.

In Max's Lair, Phoebe tries to find evidence that Max is still evil so that she can sabotage his chances of getting the cape. Dr. Colosso tells Phoebe that Max has covered his tracks so well that he is now considered the face of reformed evil teens. Colosso worries that Max might start turning good by pretending to be good for too long. Phoebe decides to take advantage of this. She uses telekinesis to make Max thinks he's using coasters and trick him into thinking that he's turning good without knowing it.

Super President Kickbutt from the Hero League arrives to the Thundermans house along with her daughter Simone Kickbutt and other people from the Hero League. She confronts Simone about not wearing her superhero suit but the sassy Simone fires back saying that she is not the president of her closet. Kickbutt apologizes for her daughter's behaving saying that Simone has a dark side and she hopes that Max will have a good influence on her. Phoebe tries acting nice to Kickbutt in order to get the cape but Kickbutt refuses to change her mind. Dr. Colosso has a weird exchange with President Evelyn Kickbutt. Max puts on his Thundermans uniform, ready for the ceremony. Hank tries to trick Billy and Nora into getting back into the house for Max's superhero cape ceremony but they don't believe that Max could possibly be awarded the cape. But the kids vow to stay outside until they break their dad's camping record.

Simone trips but Max catches her before falling. Phoebe uses this to convince Max that Colosso was right. Max is turning good. Max assures Phoebe that he is still evil. In fact he decides to sabotage the ceremony. He stands up against Kickbutt and tells her that he is still evil. Barb says that Max is just having a "cape fear" and tries to convince him to put the cape on.

Max then grabs Kickbutt and forces her to take him to the Hero League weapons. Seeing that her mother is in danger, Simone uses her "SUPER KICK" superpower to kick Max's butt and send him flying through the roof. Max falls on top of Billy and Nora's tent forcing them to run back to the house just before breaking Hank's record. Hank apologizes for Max's behavior. Hank then starts to smirking Billy and Nora for not being able to break his record and then Nora uses her laser eyes to melt the trophy for revenge. President Kickbutt gives the cape to Simone for saving her life. She and her team leave the Thundermans house angry.

Barb and Hank confront Max for embarrassing their family but Max reveals that Phoebe is the real embarrassment because she is the one who saved the kid from falling on the rooftop, and he is still very much a supervillain. Phoebe admits that she let Max take the credit for it because she would have been punished.

Barb tries to comfort Phoebe by saying that she will eventually get her cape, but it might just take longer. Phoebe is punished to fix the hole Max made on the roof. Max's punishment is to sit and watch because it hurts to sit because Simone kicked his butt real hard.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Caleb Smith as Cable Guy/ Secret Service


  • Phoebe regrets deciding to take superhero training slow - a decision she made in the episode, Thunder Van.
  • President Kickbutt was introduced in the crossover special, Haunted Thundermans.
  • Phoebe eventually gets her superhero cape after saving Max in A Hero Is Born and Max gets his after choosing to become a superhero in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Even though Max worked for Dark Mayhem throughout season 3, he actually would slowly turn good as well. This is because of Phoebe and Allison's influence mostly.
  • Simone returns in Chutes and Splatters when Kickbutt asks Phoebe to take Simone out.
  • Barb has tried to be easier on the kids than Hank, as shown in Phoebe vs. Max.


  • When President Kickbutt address Dr. Colosso and Colosso address her as Evelyn, it hinted that those two had history together before he was turned into a rabbit.
  • When Max refuses to wear his superhero cape and Barb says that he has "cape fear," she mentions the title of the episode.
  • The title is a reference to the 1991 movie of the same name


You're not the president of my closet!


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