Cassandra is a girl that Max had a crush on and goes to Hiddenville High and works in Splatburger. She is portrayed by Sydney Park.


Cassandra is very optimistic and cheerful and fangirls over MKTO in Shred It Go.


Cassandra is a normal girl that lives in Hiddenville. She works in the new restaurant, Splatburger as a waitress. Ever since, Max has been crushing over her.

Max took the chance to ask her out after hearing how much she loves MKTO. Max convinces Cassandra that he is a fan of MKTO and together planned a concert date.

Unfortunately, Cassandra told Max that she lost her MKTO ticket which meant she couldn't go. Max, being sneaky, took Phoebe's tickets and gave it to Cassandra.

After Max gave Phoebe's ticket to Cassandra, Max and Cassandra were in the line to get into MKTO. Awkwardly, Max gets pooped on by a bird. Everybody makes fun of it, combing Cassandra as well. Cassandra posted a photo of Max and tagged it #BirdTurdBoy on Chirper. After getting humiliated, Max goes to the bathroom to freshen up. By the time he came out, the line was moving and Cassandra gets inside the concert but Max doesn't.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


  • She is a waitress at the burger joint Splatburger.
  • Max initially thought Cassandra liked him, but she didn't.
  • She uploaded a photo of Max with bird poop on his head, on her phone to the internet titled Birdturd.
  • She ends up in the getting into the MKTO concert without Max.
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