How did you find me, my super-charged goddess?

— Cedric to Electress

Cedric is a character on the Thundermans. He appeared in the episode Who's Your Mommy as a big fanboy of Electress. Cedric is portrayed by Thomas Barbusca.


Cedric is a young boy living in Hiddenville and a big fan of Electress. In Who's Your Mommy, Cedric was one of the customers that wanted to buy something at the Thundermans yard sale. He couldn't find anything he liked and asked Max if he had any comics. Max sold him all the contents in the Electress's box, including Electress's Whip which could be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

When Phoebe discovered that Barb's stuff was missing, Max confirmed that he is the one who sold it to Cedric. Phoebe asked Max to get it back. Max went to Cedric's House to get Barb's stuff back but Cedric said it was going to cost him. Max gave Cedric his money back, but Cedric returned everything else except the Electress' whip. Cedric told Max he will only give the whip to Electress herself.

Phoebe and Max formed another plan so they can get her whip back. Phoebe dressed up as Electress to fool him to give her the whip. Cedric was at first excited to finally meet Electress and invited them inside. The Thunder Twins entered Cedric's house and realized that it was all filled with Electress stuff. Cedric started asking them questions and realized that she wasn't the real Electress. So he threw the Electress whip at Max and Phoebe, binding them together. The twins found it was impossible to get out or even use their superpowers. Later on, Cedric said he was going to call his dad so he left the room and when he left the room, Barb teleported to save Phoebe and Max. Cedric was surprised when he saw Electress and he immediately let her have the whip back.

Cedric was left wondering who will fix the hole that Electress made on his carpet.


Phoebe Thunderman

  • Cedric believed that Phoebe was Electress, but when Phoebe couldn't answer basic questions about Electress, Cedric knew that she was a fake Electress

Max Thunderman

  • Cedric knew that Max was lying to him in the first place and Cedric did not give him the whip back.


  • Cedric is a major fan of Electress. In Cedric's room, they were all stuff that Electress did, Electress comics and other Electress merchandise.


  • He is a fan of Electress.
  • He knows that Barb had a sidekick.
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