Art thief action SELFIE!!!

— Max

Change of Art is the ninth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


When Phoebe gets help from Billy on an art project, she learns that he took the piece from a museum. Meanwhile, Hank offers to auction all of the pieces of art, but is not sure anyone would want Phoebe's art.


In art class, the teacher expresses her pride in Max's artwork and teases Phoebe for not being as good in art as her twin brother, Max. Phoebe asks Max how he's so good at art while she's not even though they're twins but Max throws Phoebe's artwork into the garbage. Phoebe uses telekinesis to make him trip, causing paint to spill on the floor. The teacher looks at the paint on the floor and calls it another one of Max's masterpiece. Phoebe tries to imitate Max but she pours the paint on the teacher's shoes. Oops.

Back at home in Max's Lair. Max vents to Dr. Colosso about losing followers on "Evilgram". Colosso blames Max for going too soft. All Max does is take cute selfies with bunnies instead of posting photos doing crimes. Max promises Colosso that he will get his edge back. He goes out to take down a satellite but he forgets to take the evil selfie before blowing it up.

Phoebe finds the art supply box that the family had hidden away from her with a "Keep Out" label. She tells them that she will work hard at art until she gets better than Max. Hank and Nora start laughing at Phoebe behind her back. Hank complains about Phoebe's ugly drawings for ruining the refrigerator. Barb asks them to support Phoebe. She even signed up Hank to be the auctioneer at the Hiddenville High School Art Auction.

Despite her family's lack of faith in her, Phoebe promises herself to make good art for the auction even if she stays up all night. Max carries a long pole to vault himself into the pole and recruit a gorilla army and post the picture on Evilgram in order to get more followers. Phoebe activates art power and stays up all night working. The following morning, she finally takes a good look at what she created. She hates it. Max arrives back from the zoo with his shirt torn apart by gorillas. Both Phoebe and Max make fun of each other's failed attempts.

Max goes back to his lair and promises Colosso that he will keep trying. Phoebe joins them in the lair and asks Max how he gets his art ideas. Max replies that his ideas come from somewhere deep within. But then Billy super-speeds into the lair carrying a painting of a beautiful girl for Max. Billy reveals to Phoebe that he's the one who has been stealing art for Max from the dumpster. Then Max takes credit for it. Phoebe condemns Max's actions despicable but then she pays Billy to get her something better than Max's.

At the auction, when Sarah falls in love with Max's girl painting, Max paints goatee on the girl. Sarah concludes that Max likes girls with goatees. She goes and paints herself a goatee beard. Phoebe brings in a vase that Billy got for her. The art teacher assumes it's Max's but is shocked when Phoebe reveals that she made it.

Phoebe brags to Max about having a new fake artist in the family but Max tells her it's just dumpster art. Then Billy shocks them by mentioning that Phoebe's vase was stolen from a museum and he has to return it. What? Max and Phoebe freak out. Billy tells them not to worry because the vase is worth nothing - it was labelled "priceless." Then Phoebe makes a priceless expression on her face before explaining to Billy that priceless means it's very expensive. Phoebe worries they will go to jail for stealing. She asks Max for help to get the vase back to the museum but Max refuses saying that is her problem. He calls Phoebe an art thief and walks away.

The auction begins, after an introduction by Principal Bradford. Phoebe hopes to steal the vase back before anyone buys it, but Bradford asks Hank to start by auctioning the vase first. Hank can't believe the vase was actually made by Phoebe. Barb asks Max if he helped Phoebe with the vase and when Max tells her that Phoebe stole it from the museum, Barb assumes that Max is just being silly and jealous. Barb is so happy for Phoebe that she decides to bid for it. Phoebe and Billy come up with a new plan - to make Barb buy the vase so that they can get it from her. Another woman swears to win the vase but Phoebe uses telekinesis to keep the woman's hands down. Hank doesn't want to sell the vase to Barb because then he would have to pay for it. But Barb forces Hank to sell it to her.

While Barb is taking money out of the purse to pay for the vase, Phoebe takes the vase and gives it to Billy to return to the museum. She then knocks down another smaller container and lies to her mom that she accidentally dropped the vase. She promises Barb to make her another one. Bradford says Barb has to pay for the vase regardless.

Nora watches the whole thing and figures out that Phoebe is up to something. She follows Phoebe outside where Billy returns from the museum and reports the bad news that the museum is closed. Phoebe promises to figure out a way to sneak into the museum. Max arrives and offers to help them sneak in. He wants to do it because once he posts the break-in photo on the Evilgram, he will get his followers back. Phoebe reluctantly accepts Max's help. She asks Nora to keep the auction going until they get back. That way, the parents will never figure out where the other kids are.

Max, Phoebe and Billy break into the Hiddenville Museum. Max takes an art thief action selfie. But before they can put the vase back and leave, they hear the guard whistling on his way in. To hide from the guard, the Thunder kids put on costumes and stay still disguised as Egyptian sculptures. Billy gets tired of holding the Egyptian urn that's part of his costume but Max asks him to hold on a little longer. Unfortunately, the clueless Museum Guard decides to start dancing in front of them.

It's the final item at the auction but Max, Phoebe and Billy haven't returned from the museum yet. Nora must keep the auction going for as long as possible. The last item is Max's painting. Barb asks Nora where Max is but Nora answers her in circles and finally shuts her up when the action begins. Sarah is the only one determined to buy Max's painting. No one else wants it because of the beard that Max painted. To keep the auction going as long as possible, Nora manipulates Barb to buy it or else it will mean that she likes Phoebe more than Max. Barb agrees to bid against Sarah. Since Sarah doesn't have much money and Barb doesn't even want to buy the painting, they both add one dollar each round.

Back at the museum, the Thunder kids are getting tired of waiting for the guard to leave. Even bad news - the guard notices that the vase is missing. He calls Joe (another guard) for backup but Billy quickly returns the vase to its place. At the same time Max leaves his position to take a selfie. Billy and Max end up switching places. The guard notices that something is different but just before touching Max's face, Joe arrives. The museum guard tries to convince Joe that he wasn't dancing again. But then Joe finds the vase in it's right place. Then there's a cracking sound of the Thunder kids escaping. The guards look and see a writing "Max was here." The museum guard admits he is bad at his job. Max crawls through the vent to take another selfie before Phoebe pulls him away.

The bidding between Barb and Sarah causes the price to rise too high for Sarah to afford. Nora tells Sarah to continue bidding - she could take a loan. But Sarah grabs the picture and runs away. Nora tries to cover up for Max, Phoebe and Billy but they arrive just in time. When Barb tells them about something Nora said, the kids assume that Nora snitched on them, but it turns out Barb just wanted to assure them that she loves both Phoebe and Max equally. However, Billy almost reveals that they broke into the museum, but Max and Phoebe cover it up by saying that they love Barb more than Hank.

Later, Max and Phoebe both share some ice cream. Phoebe asks Max why he has Billy steal his art for him: is he terrible at art like her or is he just lazy? Max says that he's just lazy, and that he's actually really good at art, and brings out a painting he stole from the museum. He then posts that on Evilgram, and gets a lot of his followers back.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Anna Ross as Art Class Student
  • Gwen Hollander as Art Teacher
  • Aaron Krebs as Security Guard



  • This episode title is a reference to the former TV series, Change of Heart.
  • Evilgram is a parody of Instagram
  • This episode scored 1.8 million viewers.


Max: I feel like your art project looks.
Phoebe: Rough night at the zoo?
Max: Ah! Turns out gorillas really like playing Max in the Middle.

— Phoebe and Max

Barb: Where is he anyway?
Nora: With Phoebe.
Barb: Where's Phoebe?
Nora: With Billy.
Barb: Where is Billy?
Nora: With Max.
Barb: ???
Nora: Shhhhh.... the auction is starting.

— Nora stalling

Running Gags

  • Max repeatedly taking selfies.


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