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Congratulaaaaaa.... Okay, I'm gonna stop trying now.


Cheer and Present Danger is the eighth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe and Cherry's friendship is tested when only one of them makes the cheerleading squad. When Max wins a contest at Mrs. Wong's Pizza Palace for a month of free pizza he is accused of cheating by Mrs. Wong claiming that there was no way he could have gotten the answer to the contest. Meanwhile, Billy and Nora want to keep a stray cat as their own pet.


Main Plot

Phoebe and Cherry are preparing for a cheerleader tryout, hoping to be both selected. They do the tryouts in front of the cheerleaders, Madison, Maddy and other Madisons. However, after the tryouts, only Cherry gets chosen. Phoebe is happy for Cherry but a little jealous at the same time.

Phoebe refuses to sit with Cherry during lunch saying that she thought Cherry would be sitting with other cheerleaders. Cherry tells her that she couldn't sit with them because she always sits with her best friend. Also, she can't tell the other cheerleaders apart because they're all named Madisons. Phoebe tries congratulating Cherry but every time but she ends up saying "congratulaaaaa..." Cherry gets mad at Phoebe for being jealous of her.

The next day, Phoebe overhears the Madisons saying that they only chose Cherry so that they could humiliate her during the big routine. First, they will tell Cherry to dress in the opposite team's uniform. Then, they will have Raptor the mascot break agiant egg full of goo on Cherry's head. Phoebe warns Cherry about the evil plan but Cherry refuses to believe her. Cherry says that Phoebe only wants her to quit the team because she's jealous. The two best friends have a heated argument, deleted selfies with each other and even delete each other's phone numbers. They break up.

Phoebe doesn't want to lose her best friend. So, she becomes Raptor the mascot during the big cheer routine. Instead of breaking the egg on Cherry's head, Phoebe breaks the egg on Madison. This angers her, and reveals that the prank was meant for Cherry. Phoebe then removes the mascot and reveals herself. Cherry thanks Phoebe for standing up for her and for warning her. She apologizes for not believing her in the first place. Phoebe apologizes for being jealous. Then Madison, Maddy, and Madison #3 confront them for ruining the pep rally. Then Phoebe and Cherry discheer the three and walk away.

Phoebe and Cherry become best friends again.

Subplot 1

Max and Lionel go to Wong's and find that Mrs. Wong is holding a contest where the winner would get free pizza for a month. The contest is to guess the number of pepperoni's in the jar. Max guesses the number correctly as 3167 but Mrs. Wong claims that Max cheated. Max says he's a really good guesser.

At home, Max is excited to tell his family about winning the contest. The Thunder Monitor announces that angry Wong is approaching. Mrs. Wong comes in and tells Max to confess that he cheated. Instead of delivering good pizza to Max, Mrs. Wong delivers fish-heads pizza and says she will continue to do so until Max admits that he cheated. Max insists that he didn't cheat but no one believes him. The family believes Max cheated too because he kind of is a supervillain. But Max assures them that he can do bad stuff like melt the North Pole if he wanted to. But he didn't cheat the pizza contest. He gets disappointed that the family doesn't have his back.

Mrs. Wong continues piling their house with fish-heads pizza boxes, causing the house to start stinking. To prove that he didn't cheat, Max brings in a lie detector. He asks Dr. Colosso to explain how the gadget works. If you say the truth, it makes a "ding" sound but if you lie it makes a "buzz" sound. Dr. Colosso operates the gadget as they test Max with some of the questions. It works fine until it says that Hank is lying about liking Barb's food. The Thundermans bust Colosso for cheating with the gadget. Max gets angry at Colosso for cheating. Colosso says that he thought the plan was to cheat just like how Max cheated in guessing the number. This gets Max really mad that no one in the family believes he didn't cheat.

When Mrs. Wong delivers the "pizza" next time, she tells the Thundermans that if they admit that Max cheated, she will stop bringing the stinking fish-heads pizza. The Thundermans then tell Wong that they believe Max that he didn't cheat. They don't care whether she delivers the stinking fish-heads to them every day for a month. They stand by Max.

Max thanks his family for standing up for him and for believing in him. He then gives in to Mrs. Wong and writes on paper that he cheated. However, when Mrs. Wong leaves, he reveals that he used exploding ink and blows it up on her face twice as payback.

Subplot 2

Nora and Billy find a stray cat outside and bring it home. They name him "Roscoe." They ask their parents for permission to own a pet cat but both Hank and Barb say no. Barb asks the kids to get the cat out of the house and to not give it any food.

Of course Billy and Nora won't obey that. They keep the cat outside and start bringing food to it. Instead of taking Mrs. Wong's fish-heads to the dumpster, the kids feed the wild cat. They also take milk to Roscoe. This attracts more wild cats outside the Thundermans house. At the end, there are 128 cats.

Hank busts Billy and Nora. He tries to get the cats to leave but instead they scare him away.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Zachary Conneen as Harmony Club Member # 1
  • Adam Simon Krist as Harmony Club Member # 2
  • Sonari Jo as Harmony Club Member # 3



  • The episode title is a pun on the historical doctrine Clear and present danger.
  • All of the episodes that air on that night are about sports (ex. Henry Danger, basketball; Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn, soccer; Thundermans, cheer; Haunted Hathaways, mascot.)
  • Out of all Thundermans, Phoebe is the only one who isn’t shown believing or not believing that Max won the pizza contest.
  • This is the first episode where the Thunder Twins were not seen to interact with each other. The other is Original Prankster. Although Phoebe did mention “Max does this, Max does that”.
    • Also the only time they paid attention to each other in this episode was at the very end when Phoebe says “There’s gotta be a hundred cats out there.” Max responds by saying “Yeah, 128.” Then Phoebe looks at him weirdly.
  • This episode scored 2.0 million viewers.
  • In real life, Addison Riecke is a huge fan of cats.


Max: You were controlling the answers?
Colosso: Yeah, you cheated on that pizza contest. Isn't that why we're doing this whole scam?
Max: No! I didn't cheat! I can't believe this--everyone in this house thinks I'm a liar.


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