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Hey Pheebs! You look totes fabs ubs adorbs!

— Cherry in Phoebe vs. Max

Cherry Seinfeld is a recurring character on the Thundermans. She is Phoebe's best friend and a student in Hiddenville High. Cherry is portrayed by Audrey Whitby


Cherry is a student at Hiddenville High who shares most classes with Max and Phoebe. She mostly hangs out with Phoebe, her best friend. She found out the Thundermans secret in A Hero Is Born but promised to keep it a secret until Thundermans: Secret Revealed, since everyone then knew they had superpowers.

It is revealed in Significant Brother that she has 4 brothers, named Perry, Harry, Terry and Barry. She claimed that John Cena is her 5th brother. Perry came to Hiddenville to visit and went on a semi-date with Phoebe.

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

Cherry is invited into the Thundermans house by Max in order to hangout with Phoebe, despite their parents' objections. She is super excited to be in the Thundermans house for the first time and is surprised why Phoebe never invited her before. It's not like Phoebe is hiding anything. Cherry quickly figures out that Phoebe has a crush on Cole Campbell and makes Phoebe call him. Phoebe forgets and uses her Telekinesis in front of Cherry, making Cherry realize that her best friend has superpowers. Phoebe panics and freezes Cherry in order to come up with a plan. They trick Cherry by pretending that Billy and Nora were just practicing for a school play. Cherry agrees but when the kids forget and use their powers right after, it takes the entire family to convince Cherry that they don't have superpowers. Before leaving, Cherry tells Max that she didn't know that Phoebe had such a talented brother. Max kicks her out, calling her "Orange."

Phoebe vs. Max

Cherry, Phoebe and Max take school photos at around the same time.

Dinner Party

Cherry helps Phoebe ask out Cole Campbell. When both Phoebe and Max get nervous around their crushes, Cherry helps them out by pulling them and getting them back on their senses. She also researches on the Campbells and realizes that they're very rich, prompting Phoebe to try to keep the dinner as fancy as possible.

You Stole My Thunder, Man

Cherry is on Phoebe's campaign team to help Phoebe become class president but when Max wins the election, Cherry becomes Max's secretary. Unfortunately, Cherry doesn't get details correctly and accidentally causes Max to miss the deadline for coming up with new ideas. So, Max fires her.


Cherry leads students to cheer for Phoebe as a superhero after Phoebe saves a girl's life. She gets a huge bump on the forehead after getting hit because Phoebe's Thundersense didn't work correctly. When everyone turns against Phoebe for causing a cheerleader accident, Cherry pretends to be mad at Phoebe in front of everyone but secretly tells Phoebe that she loves her and asks her to call her later. She later gets hit on the forehead again by Hank's meatball because she didn't understand when Phoebe told her to "duck."

Phoebe's a Clone Now

Cherry organizes a bake sale to save narwhals and raise awareness on narwhals. When Clone Phoebe comes over, Cherry is surprised that Phoebe is acting weirder than her. Cherry admits to Max that she doesn't know what narwhals really are.

Have an Ice Birthday

The Thunder Twins invite Cherry to their birthday party at the Wong's Pizza Palace. When she walks in on Max and Phoebe after they've frozen Mrs. Wong, Cherry assumes that is just a sculpture which coincidentally looks like Mrs. Wong. She texts Phoebe about how much she enjoyed the party and wished Phoebe was there. At some point during the party, her phone gets taken by a monkey who texts Phoebe gibberish.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

Phoebe invites Cherry to her sleepover party along with other Phoebe's friends. Cherry is worried that they will have bad luck for inviting her because she always has bad luck at sleepovers. When Max steals the 3D TV from the girls, Cherry concludes that the TV disappeared because of her sleepover curse. During Light as a Feather game, Phoebe levitates Cherry using telekinesis but her powers malfunction because of the broken anti-superpower bracelet. This causes Cherry to be suspended in the air for a long time. She gets scared and after Max helps bring her down, she reveals that she may have peed herself.

Pretty Little Choirs

When Phoebe is about to audition for the school choir, Cherry sits by her side to give her courage. After Phoebe's audition is sabotaged by Veronica, Cherry feels bad for Phoebe and stands by her side.

Breaking Dad

Cherry sits next to Phoebe and Max in chemistry class and helps them make fun of Mr. Begbeaudy (calling him "Big Booty"). The test results come out and Cherry gets 100%... of the answers wrong. When the teacher gives Phoebe a B instead of an A, Cherry stands up for Phoebe, saying that Phoebe always gets an A. It's her thing!

Principal Bradford confiscates Cherry's phone until after graduation to hide the video evidence that he allowed Hank, an unlicensed teacher to teach in his school.

Season 2

Four Supes and a Baby

Cherry finds Phoebe on her locker practicing how to ask out Dylan and she helps encourage her.

Max's Minions

Cherry, Kelsey and Phoebe are excited to go to the club "ooh ooh" together but Phoebe messes up when she gets punished for using Nora and Billy as her minions.

Cheer and Present Danger

Both Phoebe and Cherry audition together to join the Hiddenville High cheerleading squad and only Cherry gets selected. Cherry gets upset that Phoebe is jealous of her and so she refuses to listen when Phoebe warns her that Madisons are planning on embarrassing her during the pep rally routine. So, Cherry breaks up with Phoebe. Madison gets Cherry to wear the opposing teams uniform and asks the Raptor to crack a giant egg on Cherry in front of everyone. Phoebe puts on the Raptor mascot and eggs Madison instead of Cherry. Cherry thanks Phoebe for standing up for her and they boldly confront the Madisons together.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

Cool Barb and Hank invite Cherry among other Phoebe's friends to the party at the Thundermans house. Cherry is excited to see the cool said of Phoebe's parents.

The Neverfriending Story

Cherry and Kelsey come over to Phoebe's house to watch a movie together but Max's friends want to use the TV too. While Max and Phoebe fight about it, Cherry and Kelsey quickly warm up to Gideon and Oyster which disappoints the Thunder Twins because they don't want their friends to become a group.

The Amazing Rat Race

Cherry helps Phoebe in organizing for the school dance but they're not selling as much as they want. Cherry offers to beat them up with a shoe but Phoebe tells her violence is not the answer. When the band cancels, she accidentally says it out loud that the dance is ruined. But Phoebe tries to fix things by asking Max's band to perform instead.

One Hit Thunder

After Phoebe's break up with Link, Cherry comes over to cheer her up. She tells Phoebe to kick the giant teddy bear to let the anger out but Phoebe says it won't help find out why Link broke up with her. If only she knew Max was hiding in the teddy bear. Cherry continues to kick the bear. Phoebe gives her a note to take to Link but Max runs after her and gets the note from her so that he can give it to Link himself. Cherry thanks Max for having a heart and willing to help her sister out. She starts to think Max might have a crush on her.

A Hero Is Born

Cherry asks Phoebe to be her wing-girl during her date with Joey. She tells Phoebe that she becomes too nervous around Joey and starts loud-talking and the only thing that would keep her calm is if she was with her best friend. Phoebe comes over to Wong's for the date but is forced to leave earlier when Barb goes into labor to give birth to Chloe. When Phoebe leaves, Cherry becomes nervous again and messes up her date. She gets furious at Phoebe for letting her down.

Cherry comes to the Thundermans house, angry. She confronts Phoebe for leaving her alone when she needed her most. She notices baby Chloe, which only makes Cherry angrier that Phoebe has been keeping secrets from her. Phoebe refuses to explain anything to Cherry. So Cherry storms out. When Phoebe realizes that Max is in trouble, she must go to save him but needs someone to babysit Chloe. She finds Cherry find sitting outside the Thundermans house. Cherry tells her that she is not allowed to ride a bike while angry. Phoebe hands over Chloe to Cherry and enters the Thunder Van. She watches as Cherry sadly holds the baby in her arms.

Phoebe feels bad for Cherry and invites her into the Thunder Van where she reveals everything about the Thundermans secret. At first, Cherry doesn't believe her but gets convinced after seeing Chloe's growth spurts as well as Phoebe fighting villains, she believes that they really are superheroes. Cherry becomes the first non-supe to find out the Thundermans secret.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

Cherry comes over to the Thundermans house to visit Phoebe just before President Kickbutt calls. Kickbutt is unimpressed that Phoebe told Cherry the Thundermans secret. Cherry makes fun of Max for being saved by Phoebe in A Hero Is Born.

On The Straight And Arrow

Cherry is still excited that her best friend has superpowers and so she tries to get Phoebe to use her superpowers for her as possible. Barb warns Phoebe about Cherry using her. Cherry needs to pass the archery class in order for her mom to allow her to go for a driving test. She asks Phoebe to use her superpowers to help her cheat in the test but Phoebe says it's not a good idea. Max uses the opportunity and pretends to be Cherry's friend so that he can use her car for Max's Band. Cherry even teaches Max her special handshake with Phoebe. Phoebe becomes jealous of Cherry spending more time with Max than her. So, both Max and Phoebe decide to help Cherry cheat to prove who is the better friend. With Max's help, Cherry throws the arrow and gets a C. Phoebe uses telekinesis to force Cherry to turn around and shoot another arrow that would give her a C.

Phoebe and Max start fighting while Cherry is about to release the arrow. This causes Cherry's arrow to hit Principal Bradford's toe. Cherry gets detention. The twins get themselves into detention to help get Cherry out. Cherry confronts them for getting her in trouble. She also says that she wants to be able to do it on her own and not rely on the Thunder Twins superpowers all the time. She also tells Phoebe and Max that they should call themselves the "Thunder Twins." She uses Max's idea to release the tarantula spider on Bradford but it backfires when she uses a min bow and arrow, only to shoot Bradford's toe. Again. Bradford cancels the detention. Cherry goes for her driving test and fails.

Exit Stage Theft

Cherry comes to Phoebe when her laptop is stolen. She is very worried because it had all of her homework - none of it is right, but it's done. Phoebe promises to help her catch the thief but Max makes it difficult for Phoebe by protecting the bad girls who stole the laptop. Cherry and Phoebe suspect that the thief will be at the talent show next and so they try to get in by using Phoebe's telekinesis as a magic act. Cherry says they're the Gorgeous Women of Magic but Principal Bradford doesn't buy it. In the end, Phoebe busts the girls and gets Cherry's laptop back.

Evil Never Sleeps

When Phoebe is conflicted about turning in Mike Evilman, her boyfriend's dad to the Hero League, she calls on Cherry for advice. She uses made up names because she's not allowed to tell anyone about it. Cherry doesn't get that Phoebe is referring to herself and Link, but she advised that the person should do the right thing even if it means hurting a relationship. This gives Phoebe the courage to confront and turn in Evilman - and hence passing the test. During Phoebe's investigation, Cherry helps Phoebe by distracting Mr. Evilman.


Cherry and Oyster are playing a video game with Max and Phoebe at the Thundermans house. Oyster becomes suspicious of the Thundermans because of Chloe being too old for a six-month-old and the Thunder Man holes on the ceiling. Cherry offers to distract Oyster from finding out the truth. She asks Oyster not to think about the name "Thunderman" which surprisingly works. When the twins are forced to hangout with Billy and Nora, they leave a note for Cherry and Oyster which says they've moved but will be back the following day.

Floral Support

Cherry and Phoebe join Allison's Green Teens Club to help protect an endangered plant during the blooming period. Cherry keeps mocking Principal Bradford by making impressions of the way he talks. This annoys Phoebe and Allison at times because she starts mocking them the way Bradford would - so that she can beat Principal Bradford to it. Eventually, she helps save the plant.

Give Me A Break Up

Cherry helps Phoebe come up with fake hobbies for Link so that he doesn't have to hangout with Phoebe all the time.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

In order to win the Best of the Besties selfie contest against Evan, Cherry and Phoebe take more selfies at the Thundermans house but unfortunately the Thundermans super-suit portrait is visible in the background of one of the photos. The Hero League gets concerned that this could expose the Thundermans. So, they ask Phoebe to stay away from Cherry until the problem is solved but Phoebe has a hard time telling Cherry or breaking up with her.

President Kickbutt sends Agent Delta (Evan) to spy on Cherry and Phoebe. Evan captures Cherry through a special Hero League phone app, putting her inside the app. He takes the phone to the Hero League headquarters where Cherry is released from the phone. Phoebe discovers what happens and goes to the Hero League to confront them for capturing her best friend and trying to erase her memory. She tells them that she would rather not be a superhero than lose her best friend. Kickbutt reveals that they only wanted to erase Cherry's phone memory.

Cherry thanks Phoebe for standing up for her even if it meant losing her superpowers.

Can't Spy Me Love

Cherry encourages Phoebe get back to dating by getting her to talk to a cute boy at Splatburger. When the boy disappears, Cherry helps look for him but they're not successful. Phoebe later asks Cherry to distract the Hero League's Strike Team so that they don't find out who the boy is, but Cherry takes Chloe's drawing of Max which leads the Strike Team right to Max.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Cherry is one of the girls helping Phoebe in setting up for the prom, along with Maddy and Roxy. The girls plan to go to prom together as "single ladies" even after the boys in Max's Band ask them out, though Cherry reveals that they all have crushes on them. When the fight breaks out and the Thunderman's secrets are exposed, Cherry brags to the others that she knew Phoebe's secret for a year. As the villains and the thunderman family fight, Cherry and her friends hide while the boys again ask the girls who their crushes were, Cherry goes with Oyster.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

When things get out of control after the Thundermans secret is exposed and the Hero League gets involved, President Kickbutt forcibly teleports Cherry out of the Thundermans house. When Max tries to convince Phoebe to go back to save Hiddenville, Phoebe agrees only after failing to reach Cherry. She says that there's no way Cherry would fail to return her call. They find Cherry hypnotized along with the rest of their friends by Candi Falconman.

After President Kickbutt convinces the rest of the town that the Thundermans no longer have powers, it turns out that Cherry was in the Thundermans' bathroom and overheard everything that was said. So, once again, she becomes the only non-supe who knows that the Thundermans have superpowers.

Date of Emergency

Cherry and Oyster officially become a couple after revealing their crushes on each other in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. They adopt the ship name "Choyster." They later triple date with Max and Allison; and Phoebe with her fake boyfriend, Gideon.

May Z-Force Be With You

Max is worried that Phoebe goes way out of her way to help Cherry all the time but when Phoebe gets hurt after going to school to help Cherry during a ping-pong tournament, the Thunder Twins recruit Cherry to stand in for Phoebe during a Z-Force interview. Cherry dresses up in Phoebe's ThunderGirl suit and successfully fools the interviewer into believing that she is Phoebe. She also manages to remember the answers to all the questions that the twins had prepared her for. When the interviewer asks them to do a mission that requires Phoebe's superpowers, Cherry feels helpless because she doesn't have Phoebe's powers. Luckily Phoebe hatches a plan to get in and save the day. Cherry helps to distract the interviewer from noticing Phoebe. In the end, Max and Phoebe help pass the Z-Force interview, thanks to Cherry.

Save the Past Dance

Cherry and Gideon arrive at Hiddenville High. They tell Phoebe and Max that her and Gideon's parents have told them the same story about Heinrich Hiddenville III.

When Phoebe and Max change the past, they see Gideon and Cherry dressed as criminal. When they want to know what happened, Gideon and Cherry threaten that they were going to hurt the two of them.

Revenge of the Smith

Phoebe and Max meet up with Cherry in the hallway about how they were disappointed with Smith's painting. Cherry explains that when they were fighting with Dark Mayhem in Thundermans: Secret Revealed one of Dark Mayhem's energy blasted her in front of her prom date.

Significant Brother

Cherry is frustrated when her brother, Perry comes to town from Canada. She hates it because whenever Perry is around, he gets all the attention and everyone forgets about Cherry. She tells Phoebe about how devastating it is. When she learns that Perry asked Phoebe out on a date, she assumes Phoebe refused because she doesn't expect Phoebe to betray her too. However, she later finds Phoebe and Perry "on a date" and she becomes furious. She breaks up with Phoebe for betraying her trust. To win Cherry back, Phoebe hijacks a ceremony to honor Perry and uses the microphone by force to say how much she loves Cherry and what Cherry means to her. When Perry tries to talk to Phoebe, Phoebe lets him down, saying she's with Cherry now.

All the President's Thunder-Men

When Phoebe misses her hangout with Cherry because of her Z-Force training, she asks President Kickbutt to let Cherry be her supe assistant so that they can spend more time together; but Kickbutt refuses. As the twins continue to pressure Kickbutt to give them whatever they want, Kickbutt resigns and makes Hank the new Super President of the Hero League. Phoebe uses this new power to make Cherry her supe assistant. Cherry enjoys being a supe assistant until Hank steps down for President Kickbutt.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

Cherry is with Phoebe checking the effect of various spices and peppers on her Heat Breath. Phoebe told Cherry that her parents cannot find out. When Phoebe's parents find out, Cherry tries to defend her by eating one of the peppers but it was too hot for her to handle so she ended up running out of the backyard.

The Thunder Games

Cherry came in supporting Phoebe and Max the Z-Force championships. Cherry even gave a balloon giving them good luck.

When Phoebe lost the face-off with her and Max, Cherry was able to figure out that Phoebe didn't break her arm.


Cherry isn't the brightest person in Hiddenville. She is a somewhat dim-witted and naïve but is a supporting friend to Phoebe. She is a cheerful, funny girl. It also appears she is quite observant and has a practical nature.


Phoebe Thunderman

Main article: Phoebe and Cherry
  • Phoebe is Cherry's best friend since moving to Hiddenville. The two enjoy hanging out and Cherry constantly tries to help Phoebe with things she's too shy to do, such as talking to boys she likes.

Max Thunderman

Main article: Max and Cherry
  • Cherry and Max have interacted a lot, thanks to Cherry being Phoebe's best friend. Max likes to tease Cherry sometimes for not being too smart.


Main article: Cherry and Oyster

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Cherry is the first non-supe to enter the Thundermans house.
  • She is also the first non-supe to find out that the Thundermans have superpowers.
  • Cherry calls Max and Phoebe, the "Thunder Twins".
  • She once visited the Thundermans house and saw Phoebe, Billy and Nora use their powers. However, they managed to convince her they didn't have any by saying that they were involved in a school play.
  • She sometimes forgets her password and where her locker is and Phoebe has to remind her.
  • Max said that she is named after a fruit, which is true. He also calls her Orange, because of this.
  • She said that she's cursed in Nothing to Lose Sleepover.
  • She HATES sleepovers  as seen in Nothing to Lose Sleepover.
  • In the episode You Stole My Thunder, Man, she was Max's secretary when he was class president. However, when she thought that the new smoothie machine unveiling ceremony was at 3.00 on Friday, Principal Bradford corrected her by saying that it was at 4.30 on Tuesday and as a result, she was fired.
  • In the episode Breaking Dad, she recognized Max despite him being camouflaged in his red/yellow locker disguise.
  • In Cheer and Present Danger, she said super jelly instead of super jealous.
  • In Evil Never Sleeps, Cherry said her birthday was in November but Phoebe corrected her, saying it was December, making Cherry look confused.
  • In May Z-Force Be With You her last name is Seinfeld. Thus, her name is a pun on "Jerry Seinfeld".
  • According to Phoebe Cherry's birthday is sometime in December, however before Phoebe corrected her about it Cherry used to think her birthday was in November.
  • Although her name is Cherry, her actress, Audrey Whitby, doesn't like cherries.
  • She has friends besides Phoebe such as Kelsey, Maddy and Roxy.
  • Not counting The Haunted Thundermans, Thunder in Paradise is the first special she is not featured in but she is mentioned by Phoebe.
  • Her name Cherry Seinfeld is a reference to the semi-fictional sitcom from the 1990s "Seinfeld" and the co-creator Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Since her birthday is December 18, her zodiac sign would be an Sagittarius.
  • She refers to Super President Kickbutt as Mrs. Butt.
  • She refers to Freeze breath as "cold mouth spit".
  • Cherry tends to talk extremely loudly when nervous.


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