Choyster is the friendship/romantic pairing of Cherry (Ch/rry) and Oyster (Oyster). Cherry and Oyster became friends in The Neverfriending Story but in Thundermans: Secret Revealed, it was revealed that Cherry has a crush on Oyster, they are officially dating in Date of Emergency 

Ship Names

  • Choyster = (Ch/erry) and (Oyster) - the official shipname used in the show.
  • Chester = (Che/rry) and (Oy/ster).

Cherry and Oyster Moments

Season 2

The Neverfriending Story

  • Cherry and Oyster hang out with Phoebe and Max's other friends.
  • After this episode, Cherry and Oyster are friends even though Phoebe and Max tried to get their friends back.

Season 3


  • Cherry and Oyster hang out with Phoebe and Max to play one of Cybron's game.
  • Cherry helps distract Oyster when he becomes suspicious of the Thundermans
  • Oyster and Cherry come back together to Max's house but the Thunder Twins trick them into thinking that that the Thundermans have moved.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Oyster knows that Cherry (and Maddy and Roxy) don't have a date for prom.
  • After Oyster asks the girls who their crushes where, Cherry goes with Oyster.
  • They take a prom picture together.

Season 4

Date of Emergency

  • Cherry and Oyster are in a relationship.
  • They go on a triple date along with Phoebe and Gideon.
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