Cheyanne is a famous pop artist on The Thundermans. She comes to perform at Hiddenville High in "Rhythm n' Shoes" after the school winning the fan selfie contest. She is portrayed by Daniella Perkins.


In "Rhythm n' Shoes," Cheyanne runs a fan selfie contest so that she can perform a free concert for the school that wins with the most selfies. Phoebe and Cherry want her to come perform at Hiddenville High so that they can finally take a selfie with a celebrity as part of their Phoebe-Cherry BFF selfie collection. Meanwhile, Max wants her to come to the school so that he can finally try his chance of dating a celebrity. To make it happen, Max hacks Cheyanne's servers, causing Hiddenville High to win.

So, Cheyanne comes to Hiddenville High for the concert. Phoebe, Cherry and Max all try to get close to her but Cheyanne's security blocks them. Dr. Colosso (as DJ Colosso) gives Max a remix of one of her songs to help impress her. When Cheyanne hears the remix, she loves it. Max takes credit for the song by lying to Cheyanne that he is DJ Colosso. When Cheyanne's DJ mysteriously glues his hands together (thanks to Max), Cheyanne asks Max to be the DJ at her concert.

Phoebe and Cherry decide to sneak into Cheyanne's performance by pretending to be her backup dancers in order to get a chance to take a photo with her. Colosso gives them special shoes to help them dance better and fit in. Before practice, they ask Cheyanne for a selfie with her but she shuts down their phones. She, however, promises to take a selfie with them at the end of the performance

Cheyanne performs her song "Never Stop Believing." Her performance is going great until Dr. Colosso implements his plan to get revenge on Max, Phoebe and Cherry. Colosso hacks into the shoes he made for Phoebe and Cherry, making them to start kicking things randomly and uncontrollably, ruining Cheyanne's performance. He also hacks into Max's turntable causing it to keep repeating "DJ Colosso! DJ Colosso!"

At that point, Cheyanne realizes that Max is a fraud and not a real DJ. When Phoebe and Cherry try to take that selfie with her, she refuses because they ruined her performance.


  • She has millions of fans
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