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Believe it, baby!

— Chloe

Chloe Thunderman is a major character of The Thundermans. She made her first appearance on A Hero Is Born. She is the youngest child of Barb and Hank Thunderman. Chloe is portrayed by Maya Le Clark.

Chloe is the youngest sister of Phoebe, Max, Billy and Nora Thunderman. Like the rest of the Thundermans, Chloe has superpowers and hopes to become a superhero someday. Her superpower is Teleportation. When she was a baby, her power was Hydrokinesis.


Chloe Thunderman was born in A Hero Is Born after Barb got pregnant with her the same day. She had multiple growth spurts that day, growing from an infant to a baby who can walk. Her baby superpowers were bubbles which could be triggered by tickling her.

In Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel, Chloe went through her final growth spurts to a 4-year-old. She said her first words, "I want pizza." In the same day, she gained her permanent superpower: teleportation.

It took some time for Nora and Billy (not Max and Phoebe cause they were used to it) to adjust to having a new younger sibling around. In Exit Stage Theft, Billy was sad that Nora was spending so much time with Chloe instead of him that she even forgot to find him in a game of hide and seek. In Patch Me If You Can, Nora almost hit Chloe with one of her trick shots. Scared of hurting her sister, Nora wanted to give up using her powers.

In Are You Afraid of the Park?, it was revealed that Chloe could now teleport with other people. She had been teleporting Max and Colosso around. Phoebe asked her to teleport them to the park. They've been using her to teleport them to places since then.

Her growth spurts made Oyster suspicious of her in Doppel-Gamers. He said Chloe was too big for a 6-month-old. Max and Cherry then distracted him from asking more questions.

In Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs, Phoebe became jealous when Chloe said Max was her favorite. So, she told Chloe a story that made Max look bad. Chloe then teleported Max to The North Pole to freeze. Phoebe had to change the ending of the story to convince her to bring Max back. She then admitted Phoebe was her favorite too. At the very end, she also said Billy was her favorite helping Phoebe realize not to take the word too seriously.

In Aunt Misbehavin', Chloe ate her mother's birthday cake which Billy and Nora were supposed to be guarding. To get another cake from the same bakery, the celebrity diva wanted to humiliate Chloe by dumping cake on her face. This got Nora mad and defensive of Chloe. Nora smashed the cake on the diva's face.

In Stealing Home, she agrees to go with Nora, Billy and Barb on shoe-shopping. But when they go to Splatburger, the trio leave her alone while participating in a contest to get into the Splatburger commercial. She keeps ordering for more and more food even after her stomach being filled, leaving a big stack of food.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Chloe's powers are taken by Max. When the powers are restored, she gets Hank's Flight and Super Strength. She flies away saying, "ThunderBaby, away!" Chloe comes back and saves everyone by dropping a heavy pillar on Dark Mayhem using Super Strength, just before he took Phoebe and Max's powers. Phoebe thanks her for saving their lives. The correct superpowers were later restored, giving Chloe her teleportation back.

In Thundermans: Banished!, Chloe wants to go to preschool in the SuperSuit. Later, when the Thundermans are banished, she is worried about leaving Hiddenville. She later teleports Phoebe and Max back to Hiddenville to stop the candy supervillain, Candi Falconman.

Chloe's preschool graduation party was held in Parks & T-Rex but Phoebe and Max missed it because of Z-Force training.

Chloe finally lets go of her baby blankie in Can't Hardly Date after realizing how awful it looks when she freaks out whenever she loses it. Before that, she would teleport everything out of the house until she finds.

In Side-Kicking and Screaming, Chloe has become a girl-scout and is selling scout cookies.


Chloe is a lot like any other little girl. She is sweet, adorable, helpful, and most of all super. She loves her siblings and has a great relationship with two of her older siblings, Nora, and Billy. She doesn't have such a great relationship with her two oldest siblings, Max and Phoebe. Despite her young age, she is far from being naive, and is more intelligent and mature than most of her family.


Billy and Nora

  • Chloe likes to talk and hang out with Billy and Nora. In A Hero Is Born, they really seemed to like Chloe's bubble power because they always played with it. In Exit Stage Theft, Billy got jealous of Nora spending more time with Chloe so he made up a fake friend to play with. Chloe always seems to get along with them very easily and in most episodes, they always play pretend. Chloe thinks of both of them as her best friends. During the series, they have all been training to be good superheroes like their parents.

Thunder Twins

  • Chloe doesn't get along with them that well, and she doesn't talk to them a lot, which is the opposite of what she does with Billy and Nora. She is also the only one in the family that Max and Phoebe don't talk to often. In Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs, Chloe says that Max is her favorite sibling, and Phoebe tries to make her change her mind about it by telling her a story similar to Robin Hood. Usually Max and Phoebe are busy all the time hanging out with their friends and their Z-Force training, so they don't have time to hang out with any family members like Chloe most of the time. Out of all the family members, they get along with Chloe the least. Both Phoebe and Max use Chloe to teleport them to places as seen in Are You Afraid of the Park?.

Hank Thunderman

  • Hank is Chloe's father. They have been shown to love eating throughout the series as shown in Aunt Misbehavin'. Chloe is training to be a superhero just like her father. They do talk and hang out a little often. They are both the most sloppy eaters in the family.

Barb Thunderman

  • Barb is Chloe's mother. She was the one who gave birth to Chloe in A Hero Is Born. They talk and hang out often. In Thundermans: Banished!, she was trying to get Billy and Nora to play with Chloe cause she was worried about her. Barb is usually the one to help out Chloe whenever she has a problem.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Chloe can move from one place to another instantaneously. She is also capable of teleporting multiple people at a time from one place to another. However, she is not capable of teleporting one from one place to another by themselves. She has to hold the hand of the one she wishes to teleport and teleport them. She temporarily lost her teleportation powers in Thundermans: Secret Revealed but regained it in Thundermans: Banished!.

Baby Powers

  • Hydrokinesis: When she was a baby this was her temporary power when she gets tickled bubbles come out and they form together and create a toxic explosion.

Power Swap

Potential Powers

  • Sonic Screaming: This is the ability to scream at a very high pitch/frequency.
  • Super Strength: This is the ability to move heavy things and break tough objects with relative ease.


  • High Intelligence: While unclear if as a result of some superpower or not, Chloe is exceptionally intelligent, especially considering her age,


  • She is the youngest of the Thunderman Family.
  • Because she's a child, she is the only one who was never zapped by Nora's Heat Vision, although Nora almost zapped her in Patch Me If You Can.
  • She looks up to Billy and Billy is Chloe's favorite out of the family.
  • She has had 2 growth spurts which aged Chloe from a baby to 4-year-old.
  • Chloe has had the second most number of growth spurts, only falling behind her sister, Phoebe.
  • Chloe loves Hootie the Owl show
  • Chloe's first words were "I want pizza".
  • She finishes most sentences with, "baby!"
  • She is close to Billy and Nora but she isn't so close to Max and Phoebe.
  • Chloe has been shown in multiple episodes to love eating, just like her father, Hank.
  • She is the only one out of her family who wasn't born in Metroburg.
  • Since her birthday is March 28th, her zodiac sign would be an Aries.


Chloe don't care!

— Chloe in Beat The Parents

Dr. Colosso: You just made yourself an enemy, kid.
Chloe: You just got busted!

Thunder Baby AWAY!

— Chloe


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