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Chutes and Splatters is the seventeenth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.



Phoebe's latest superhero mission is to baby-sit President Kickbutt's troublemaking teen daughter, but the assignment quickly gets out of control.[1] Meanwhile, Billy, Nora, and Chloe try to prove that they’re ready for a pet by taking care of Dr. Colosso.

Main Plot

Both Phoebe and Max try sneaking into the house after missing curfew. Max suggests that since they're mature responsible adults and superheroes, they don't need to sneak in. They could just walk in and face their parents. Phoebe agrees and walks into the house to stick it up to her mom, Barb. Max uses that opportunity to sneak into the house. So, only Phoebe is grounded. She even gets double-grounded after Max pretends to have been woken up by Phoebe arguing with her mom.

Phoebe gets bored of being grounded and wants a way out. Hank tells her the only way she would be let out is if she was on a superhero assignment. So, she asks the Thunder Monitor to call President Kickbutt at the Hero League and asks her for a mission. Kickbutt says that there are no missions at the moment. While chatting with Phoebe, Kickbutt keeps getting interrupted by her daughter, Simone Kickbutt playing music too loud. Kickbutt quickly makes up a fake mission for Phoebe: to babysit Simone for the night. She teleports Simone to the Thundermans house.

Simone and Phoebe agree that both their parents are way too controlling and they plan to go hang out. While Phoebe is getting herself ready, Simone sees Max and his band mates (Oyster, Wolfgang and Gideon) preparing to go play illegally at Splatburger. She wants to go to the gig with them and somehow understands Wolfgang asking her to go with them. Phoebe joins them. Turns out Max is sneaking into Mrs. Wong's Splatburger restaurant after dark and turning it into an illegal night club. After playing for a while, Phoebe asks Simone to leave but she doesn't want to because she's playing with a garbage chute in the kitchen which sucks things upwards.

The Thunder Twins try convincing Simone to go home but she gets too sassy and rebellious. While still rebelling, she accidentally gets herself sucked by the garbage chute. Phoebe and Max get worried sick about her. To get Simone back, Max and Phoebe find a long cord and Phoebe ties herself on one end and Max holds the other end. The plan is for Phoebe to get sucked into the chute, hold Simone's hand and then Max would pull them out. Phoebe gets sucked. Unfortunately, Max get sucked too. Stranded in the garbage bin, they struggle to get out without success. Phoebe gets mad at Simone for getting her so worried sick as she was responsible for her. As she complains, she realizes that her mom was worried the same way for her when she missed her curfew without calling.

Things get worse when the garbage bin starts being compressed. They must get out before they're squashed. Eventually Phoebe suggests that Simone could use her Super Kick superpower to kick Max out of the garbage. With a cord wrapped around all of them, they would all be able to get out. When the twins start arguing about who should be kicked, Simone does an "eenie meenie minie mo" and it lands on Phoebe. She super-kicks Phoebe's butt out of the bin. She follows her. Unfortunately the cord around Max unwraps itself, leaving Max stuck there. After landing outside, Phoebe and Simone realize that Max is missing. Fortunately the garbage compressor spits Max out along with the compressed garbage.

Phoebe and Simone go home, without helping Max out. Simone "blames" Phoebe for allowing her to go to an illegal club. Phoebe hopes she won't have to babysit her again. She gets the chance to apologize to her mom since she now understands how worried parents become about their children. She also gets the chance to rat on Max for missing curfew to play at Splatburger. Barb goes to Splatburger and grounds Max.

Sub Plot

Nora and Billy ask their parents for a pet but Hank asks them to prove first that they're responsible enough - by babysitting Colosso. However, Colosso manipulates them to overfeed him so that they would look bad. They feed him too much food until his stomach gets way too huge. When they can't do anything to get Colosso back to normal, they admit to their parents that they failed as pet-keepers. Colosso finally "explodes" proving to be so disgusting that Nora decides they don't want to own a pet.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Simone Kickbutt returns with her iconic sass in this episode since she was last seen in Cape Fear.
    • Simone seems to be over her crush on Max.
    • Simone's kickbutt powers are seen for the second time in this episode. They were first seen in "Cape Fear.
  • Phoebe became the "Protector of Hiddenville" when she started superhero training in Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel.
  • Max's Band's first real gig was also at Splatburger in One Hit Thunder before Mrs. Wong took over the restaurant.
    • The band continues to struggle in booking gigs in multiple episodes since it was formed in Pheebs Will Rock You.
  • Gideon asks if Barb is still with Hank. He developed his crush on Barb in "Pheebs Will Rock You".


  • This was the twenty-third episode shot in Season 3.
  • This episode is the final episode to premiere in June.
  • The title 'Chutes and Splatters' is a parody of the board game Chutes and Ladders.
  • Max calls his biceps Venus and Serena. This is a reference to the Williams Sisters, two professional tennis players. 
    • He also calls his legs Kobe and LeBron. This is a reference to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, both of whom were/are professional basketball players who played for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Phoebe:Mom, here's the thing. I'm not a little kid anymore. Heck, I'm the protector of Hiddenville. If something went wrong, I would call myself.
Barb:I know you think you could take care of yourself. But I am still responsible for you. Do you understand?
Phoebe:Not even a little bit. So, I guess we'll agree to disagree.
Barb:How about we agree to ground you for a week?
Phoebe:Well, that escalated quickly! Seriously? A week?
Barb:Yeah, Why don't you call yourself and get out of that?
Simone:Moms, am I right?
Phoebe:Totally useless. Now wait here. I'm gonna put on this cute outfit she got me yesterday.
Simone:Sure, I'd love to see you guys play! ( Max, Oyster & Gideon look at her, surprised that she understood) What? I've been to Germany