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Cole Campbell was a recurring character on the Thundermans. He was a student at Hiddenville High and Phoebe's crush. He went on a vacation and never came back. Cole is portrayed by Logan Shroyer.


In Adventures in Supersitting, Cherry figures out that Phoebe has a crush on Cole and encourages her to call him on the phone. Phoebe refuses because she's shy talking to him but Cherry goes ahead and calls Cole anyway, forcing Phoebe to talk nervously.

In Dinner Party, Cherry helps Phoebe ask Cole out. Cole tells Phoebe that his parents require to meet all of his friends. This results in a dinner party between the Thundermans and the Campbells. During the party, Cole brings his parents as well as his older sister, Tara Campbell. However, the dinner does not go well because of Max's plans to sabotage it. Cole's parents become furious at the Thundermans and forbid him from seeing Phoebe but Cole tells Phoebe that he had fun and it doesn't matter what his parents think.

Billy and Nora fake a phone call from Cole in The Weekend Guest so that they can distract Phoebe, giving Max an opportunity to steal Phoebe's Venus Fly Trap plant.

In Going Wonkers, Cole gives Phoebe a flower and asks her out to the school dance. However, he ends up not liking it because Phoebe spends the entire time with Max since they had to stay together to counteract the effects of the Achilles Comet. Cole leaves the dance angry. Phoebe and Max follow him later and apologize. Cole promises to go on a real date with Phoebe once he returns from a vacation.


Cole is a nice, easy going and charming pretty boy.


Phoebe Thunderman

It was shown that Phoebe had a crush on Cole in the first episode. In Dinner Party, Cole walked up to Phoebe and asked if she wanted to hang out with him. Phoebe got nervous and turned into a blabbermouth, so she invited him and his family to dinner. The dinner went poorly but he still wanted to hang out with her.

Tara Campbell

They are siblings but they don't hang out or interact a lot.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • He had a crush on Phoebe.
  • He likes to play basketball.
  • He is the younger brother of Tara Campbell.
  • He comes from a rich family.
  • He hates polo.
  • He is the youngest in the Campbell family.
  • He went to the school dance with Phoebe in Going Wonkers.


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