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I spent my whole life cleaning up your evil messes. If it weren't for me, you and your swoosh would be rotting in SuperJail!

Phoebe to Max

Come What Mayhem is the fourteenth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 85th episode overall.



Phoebe makes a life-altering decision when her powers combined with Max's powers are not enough to stop one of Max's old pranks from ruining a superhero gathering.[1]


The Thundermans gather around in the living room to watch news on the Thunder Monitor. They're watching a special segment on Metroburg News where Anderson Super is set to air an interview with the twins Max and Phoebe about their Z-Force profile. Anderson Super is a top TV host in Metroburg who usually interviews the best superheroes. Nora and Billy reveal that Anderson Super once interviewed their favorite superhero, Pause Girl. Pause Girl is a kid superhero with the ability to freeze time for a moment. She usually freezes time to draw mustaches on people. Hank feels a little jealous that Pause Girl gets to be interviewed yet he has saved the world 346 times and has never been interviewed on the show.

Anderson Super introduces the segment, saying that he is going to air an interview he shot with Max in Max's Lair. Phoebe is surprised because they had been interviewed together with Max on the drive way. But Max reveals that he convinced Anderson to drop that interview and shoot a new one because Phoebe is boring. This upsets Phoebe. She gets even more disappointed during the interview when Anderson Super asks Max if he has anyone to thank for his transition from evil to being a superhero. Max says that he wants to thank someone who has always been there for him and stood by his side during the evil phase. Phoebe thinks that he is talking about her but instead, Max thanks himself, which makes Phoebe mad since she has always been there for him, saving him and cleaning his messes during the evil phase.

After the interview, Anderson announces that the 75th Annual Supe-Awards are coming up and this year's Platinum Cape Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Thunder Man (Hank) and Electress (Barb). While the rest of the family is celebrating the news, Max is concerned about something. She asks him what's going on but Max refuses to say and runs to his lair, asking Phoebe not to follow him. Of course now she has to follow him.

Down in Max's Lair, Max and Dr. Colosso are nervously looking for something. Dr. Colosso assures Max that it's all going to be ok as long as Phoebe doesn't find out. Phoebe, then appears from the stairs and figures out they're trying to hide something from her. Max explains that back when he was evil, he had set up a stink bomb to go off during the Supe Awards. The stink bomb was so epic that it would leave all the superheroes in the room stinking for decades. So, Max must stop it before it goes off, not only because he's a superhero now but because he and Phoebe are trying to get into the Z-Force and if this goes off, they would be automatically disqualified. Phoebe freaks out that she has to keep cleaning up Max's messes even when he's a superhero. She tries to help Max remember where he kept the secret plans for the bomb so that they can figure out how to stop it.

The twins find the secret plan for the stink bomb under a rag. But there's a catch. The stink bomb is inside a Thundertanium casing and the only way to break in and disable it is by using an electro-plasma blast. But where can they find that kind of energy? Phoebe inadvertently tells Max the Thundermans secret weapons vault. This is where the Thundermans keep the most dangerous weapons they've collected over the years. Perhaps this could lead them to a weapon they could use or modify to produce the needed electro-plasma blast. The vault is disguised as part of the wall by the fireplace.

One of the weapons inside the vault is Dark Mayhem's power-sapping orb that the Thundermans kept after stopping him in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed. Phoebe suggests absorbing Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb and using his electro-plasma energy superpower to disable the bomb. But Max refuses and warns Phoebe that Dark Mayhem's powers are pure evil and if anyone absorbs them, they would turn him/her evil. Instead, Max picks up a bunch of other gadgets to make another gadget that would generate the energy needed to destroy the Thundertanium casing.

Meanwhile, Hank and Barb hire SuperManny to babysit Chloe while the rest of the family is at Metroburg for the Supe Awards. Nora and Billy ask to stay behind with Chloe since they are tired of sitting through all of these long Supe Awards ceremonies. However, they regret their decision almost immediately when the SuperManny arrives and reveals that Pause Girl will be at the party. Pause Girl is Billy and Nora's favorite kid superhero. So, Nora tries to get Billy to sneak out but the SuperManny puts them on leashes, making it impossible for them to leave. With Chloe teleporting all over the place, SuperManny finds the job very difficult. Nora comes up with a plan to destroy the SuperManny's leashes with her lasers and have Billy superspeed with her to the Superhero awards.

Just before leaving for the Supe Awards, Max tells Phoebe that his gadget is ready. It's a huge device under Max's cave on his back extracts electro-plasma energy from lemons and concentrates the energy to form a energy blast. Phoebe mocks the gadget as a lemonade maker. Max assures Phoebe that the gadget is going to work. It's time he started cleaning up his mess instead of waiting for Phoebe to save his butt. In that, he admits that Phoebe has been by his side, saving his butt but he couldn't admit it on TV or infront of anyone else. Phoebe is relieved that Max still gives credit to her. However, she still doesn't have any faith in Max's "lemon gadget." So, she waits for Max to leave the house. She goes back into the vault and absorbs Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb.

At the Supe Awards ceremony, Hank and Barb are being interviewed by Anderson Super for their upcoming award. Nora and Billy are disappointed that they can't find Pause Girl anywhere. So, when Hank asks them if they finally came there for him, Nora says yes and tells Billy that their parents are already their heroes.

The Thunder Twins head straight to disable the stink bomb. On their way, they meet with Super President Kickbutt who suspects that they're hiding something. Phoebe then distracts her by using telekinesis to cause Mitch to fall on a table. Kickbutt blames Mitch for falling during all Supe Awards. President Kickbutt officially commences the awards ceremony by presenting the Platinum Cape Lifetime Achievement Award to Hank and Barb Thunderman. Hank and Barb accept the award and then go on with their long speeches.

During the speech, Max takes Phoebe into the basement where he had kept the stink bomb. It's inside a fake toilet just for the sake of evil metaphors. Max tries to ignite his "lemon gadget" but it takes so long to turn on that Phoebe gets impatient and starts activating Dark Mayhem's energy powers. She tells Max that there's something she has to do and hopes that he can forgive her. Max assumes that she's talking about using the toilet and emphasizes it is a fake toilet. It doesn't help that when Max's gadget starts running, Phoebe says she can "hold it in." Too much information, Phoebe.

Phoebe's impatience grows further when she realizes that time is running out and Max's gadget isn't ready for the blast yet. So, she generates an energy ball as she reveals to Max that she absorbed Dark Mayhem's powers. Phoebe argues that they don't have time and they can't take any chances. So, she generates a powerful energy ball and blasts off the stink bomb. Max is very disappointed that Phoebe failed to listen to his warning and absorbed Dark Mayhem's powers. A few seconds later, Max's gadget goes off, making Phoebe feel bad for not believing in Max's gadgets. Max starts a huge argument with Phoebe for not trusting him and for thinking that he always needs her help. The twins argue their way out of the basement and into the podium, just in time for a family photo after their parents' awards speech.

After their parents' award, Nora is disappointed that they didn't get to meet Pause Girl but she says it is still okay because they got to be there as a family. Just about then, Pause Girl pauses time and then moves across the room drawing mustaches on people, including Billy and Nora. She then walks away and unfreezes time. Nora and Billy realize that they both have mustaches on their faces. They celebrate that Pause Girl has noticed them.

Later at home, Phoebe asks Max to be on the lookout for her so that she can return the superpowers without being noticed by anyone else. Max is still mad at her; so he refuses and goes into his lair. Left alone in the living room, Phoebe opens the weapons' vault and gets the Dark Mayhem's power sapping orb. She tries to return the powers into the orb. But there's a problem. The orb keep deflecting the powers back into her body. She tries so many times. The powers won't go away.

Phoebe panics that she can't get rid of Dark Mayhem's powers. The powers take control of her. Phoebe's eyes glow red. She makes an evil smile. She's a new Phoebe now. Evil Phoebe.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Matthew Harris as Anderson Super
  • Dominic Burgess as SuperManny
  • Violet Spingarn as Pause Girl


  • The events of this episode will be continued in the one hour special, Thunder in Paradise. This makes the full story a full feature-length movie of 90 minutes (66 minutes without ads).
    • The episode ends with Phoebe asking Max to help her see if no one's watching while she puts her powers back. Max, who is still angry at Phoebe for not letting him clear up his own mess, refused and went back to his lair. However, she was unable to put Dark Mayhem's powers back into the power-sapping orb and instead had red eyes and an evil smirk, thus remaining evil. It's likely that Max doesn't know that Phoebe remained evil since he would have presumed Phoebe succeeded in putting Dark Mayhem's power back.
    • While Phoebe is putting her powers back, she said goodbye in 3 languages – English (bye bye), Spanish (adiós) and Italian (arrivederci).
    • Phoebe likely was unable to remove Dark Mayhem's powers because the orb wasn't configured for someone to remove powers from themselves. Max had modified it in Secret Revealed so that someone can add powers to themselves, but not to remove them.
  • Dark Mayhem's power-sapping orb will return in this episode since it was first introduced in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed."
  • It is revealed in promo videos that one of Dark Mayhem's power is having evil red eyes.
  • Barb says that she was born in a barn during The Supe Awards' acceptance speech. She first mentioned this in "Four Supes and a Baby" when Hank asked her if she was raised in a barn and she responded "You know I was. Why do you keep bringing it up?"
  • Phoebe's difficulty in keep secrets was first shown in Restaurant Crashers and later explored in "The Amazing Rat Race."
  • Colosso's obsession with his mother was also seen in "Max to the Future."
  • Max says he's embarrassed of Phoebe saving him all the time. He first said this in "Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel."
  • Billy is revealed to have imaginary friends in Up, Up, and Vacay, where he denies it but secretly whispers to his imaginary friend Walter the same way he does with Francine, his imaginary invisible dinosaur, in this episode.


  • The episode title is a reference to the common saying, "Come What May".
  • Dark Mayhem never appeared in this episode though he was mentioned. However, his powers end up possessing Phoebe.
  • According to Nickelodeon, this episode counts as a special.
  • The Supe Awards appeared in this episode.
  • Anderson Super is a parody of Anderson Cooper from CNN, SuperManny is a parody of Supernanny and the Nobel Pizza Prize is a parody of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • This is the first episode of the series to have an actual "To Be Continued" cliffhanger.
  • Violet Spingarn, the girl who plays Pause Girl is the daughter of the Thundermans' creator, Jed Spingarn.


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