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Courtney is a girl that goes to Hiddenville High. She had a guest appearance in Going Wonkers.


Courtney went to the school dance with Jacob. When Max asked why Courtney chose Jacob, she declared that it was because he is a senior. Plus, he has a car which Max doesn't.

When Max and Jacob had a dance battle, his dance moves impress Courtney. Since Max won the dance battle, Courtney dumps Jacob to be with Max. However, Max rejects her. Sarah challenges Courtney to a dance battle for Max. Shortly, she leaves as a result of finding it weird.


Max Thunderman

  • Max tried to get Courtney's affection, but Courtney kept on choosing Jacob instead of Max. After Max dances, Courtney leaves Jacob and Courtney asked if she wants to dance with her, then Max accidentally says he doesn't when he really does.