You think I was trouble before? You better watch your backs!


Crime After Crime is the tenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Hank creates a neighborhood watch group when crimes start happening. Max takes the blame for the mysterious crimes to hide his own secret, but Phoebe knows he is innocent and it's up to the family to catch the real criminal.


The Thundermans wake up to find a lot of chickens in their porch. They realize that there has been a lot of crime happening in their neighborhood. Hank calls a neighborhood watch group to figure out who is committing the crimes. Hank and Mrs. Wong compete over who should be the leader of the group but Hank bribes people, and hence wins the election.

Mrs. Wong comes to the Thundermans house and she is still mad at Phoebe and Max for destroying her kitchen. She then introduces her niece Darcy Wong to the family. She threatens the family. Hank starts the watch group meeting and mentions all the crime going on in the neighborhood.

Phoebe suspects that Max might be the one committing the crimes but she has to get some evidence. She sneaks into Max's lair to look for evidence but no luck. She tries to catch him sneaking out but he outsmarts her the first time. She then waits a little longer and sees Max leaving through the back window of his lair. Phoebe follows him from a distance. She finds him with a little girl's bike. Max freezes and unfreezes her when he realizes it's just Phoebe. Phoebe confronts Max for stealing little children's bikes. Max says that he wasn't stealing the bikes. He was practicing to ride because he never got a chance to learn how to ride a bike. He can't do it during the day because it would be embarrassing for everyone to know that he doesn't know how to ride a bike. He makes Phoebe Thunder-swear that she would never tell anyone about it.

The following day, Mrs. Wong comes over to the Thundermans house complaining that there has been another crime involving dirt. Unluckily, Max enters the house covered in dirt (after falling off his bike). So, Mrs. Wong uses that to convince everyone that Max is the neighborhood vandal. Phoebe tries to defend Max but can't say much because she can't reveal the truth. Max takes the blame for it to cover up his embarrassing secret. Mrs. Wong makes herself the new leader of the neighborhood watch group after Hank proved useless.

While hanging out in Max's Lair, Phoebe asks Max to come out and tell them that he didn't commit the crimes. They watch a sad live video of their dad going on a downward spiral for losing his leadership of the watch group. Max agrees to tell his family the truth that he was only hiding his bike secret but the real criminal is still out there. The Thundermans promise to help Max get through his training. But first, they must catch the bad guy. If only they knew where the criminal would attack next. Luckily, Max has already figured out the pattern of the crimes. The crimes only happen at a place after the place is featured on an article on the local newspaper blog. That means, the next place to be attacked will be the Hiddenville Park.

Later that night, the Thundermans dress up in costumes and sneak into the park to stop the vandal. They wait and wait without any luck. They start dozing off. Phoebe and Max fall asleep next to each other. When they wake up the following day, nothing has happened. Coincidentally, they notice a person dressed up in all-black vandalizing the statue. They go on to attack but they get distracted by the kids entering the park. Phoebe gets close to the criminal but the criminal knocks her down. Max holds Phoebe and tells her that she did good. He then takes his bike and races after the criminal. He grabs and reveals the criminal - it was Darcy Wong all along!

Darcy puts on a very emotional scene, saying that she started her life of crime after her best friend moved away. And she loves it! She also threatens the Thunderman Family and Nora's Bows. Nora gets ready to laser her but Phoebe stops her before she could do any damage. She says that they were all on her list.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Anthony Marciona as Gardner



  • This episode may be a reference to "Time After Time," a song made by Cyndi Lauper.
  • It is part of the Spot It game on Nick, along with Sam and Cat and The Haunted Hathaways. As a result, a total of 15 items were flipped upside down throughout the episode. The items were:
    • Max and Phoebe when Hank is talking about being a crime fighter and being adored.
    • Colosso's cage and Colosso when he said, "Dun dun daaaaah!"
    • Max's magazine.
    • The statue when Barb says, "Ready.".
    • The Hiddenville park sign in some scenes.
    • The Jolly's Daycare logo on a kid's shirt at the pretzel cart.
    • Etc...
  • This marks the first episode that Max is shown using his heat breath. 
  • This episode got 2.6 million views.
  • Highest rated episode of Season 1 along with Phoebe vs. Max.


Are you punching crime or is crime punching you!

— Mrs. Wong

Exactly! While you here standing around the neighborhood vandal filled our mail boxes with dirt.

— Mrs. Wong

NORA!, later.

— Phoebe

Um, dad I'm nesting

— Billy

Nora: What's that noise?
Billy: (Happily) Chickens are hatching in my pants.

— Billy and Nora

Hank were outside, you couldn't put pants on.

— Barb

Finally I'm the less embarrassing brother, up top Billy (high fives himself)

— Billy

I may not not how to ride a bike, but I know how to reveal a super genius plan with flare.

— Max

Once she does that mommy voice, she's worthless.

— Phoebe

Look mommy I'm riding a bike woohoo!

— Max


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