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Danger & Thunder is a one hour crossover special between the Thundermans and another Nickelodeon series, Henry Danger. This episode only counts as a Henry Danger episode and not a Thundermans episode. It aired on June 18, 2016.


Kid Danger and Phoebe Thunderman infiltrate a secret villain meeting in Swellview where the villains plan to destroy Captain Man and Kid Danger. When they get there however, Phoebe is shocked to see Max as an attendee. They need to defeat the villains while Phoebe tries to convince Max from making a mistake.

Meanwhile, Piper gets "Textneck" from texting constantly. So she has Jasper text for her, which leads to disastrous consequences.


Main Plot

At the Thundermans house, Phoebe is watching clips of everything that Kid Danger and Captain Man have done for Swellview. Their parents had bought their younger kids to Amaze-N-Land. She is then about to depart when she opens the door and finds Max there waiting at the door. Phoebe claims that she is going to her sick friend's house with a suitcase full of soup for her. Max opens her bag and finds clothes. Phoebe reveals why she was leaving. She shows him an interview in which Henry and Captain Man are being interviewed. There was a crime wave in Swellview and then, it is revealed that Dr. Minyak had regained his memory and broken out of prison. Phoebe was leaving so that she could help Kid Danger and Captain Man fight crime. Max is happy that Dr. Minyak escaped because he invented the Heliometer, which could lift humans and make their voices sound stupid. He then says that he would call their parents and tell them Phoebe was leaving without their permission. Phoebe lifts him off the ground to stop him and Max lifts her off the ground. They make each other fall and Phoebe leaves.

In Captain Man's Man Cave, Ray is trying to think where Dr. Minyak would be, and notices that Henry was upset about something. Ray asks Charlotte what was bumming Henry out, and Charlotte says that it was because Bianca went away to be in Kids in the Woods, like Chloe.

An alert hits the Man Cave and they look at the security cameras. They see the Three Muchachos there, a group of Canadian criminals that wore masks. Ray and Henry take out all three by using the dinosaur fire, making the cash register blow up, and by dropping garden hoses on them using controls in the Man Cave. Henry and Captain Man ask them why there were in Swellview and say that if they didn't give them an answer, they would have Schwoz's sweaty cousin, Larry, hug them. One of them admits that they were there for a meeting with a bunch of criminals from Swellview and Canada. It was going to be about taking down Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Henry, Captain Man, and Charlotte take off the costumes of the Three Muchachos and they put them on, planning to go to the meeting, pretending to be the Three Muchachos. They go to Junk-N-Stuff. Phoebe arrives at the door of Junk-N-Stuff and believes that Henry, Captain Man, and Charlotte are the real Three Muchachos. She makes Captain Man fly up into the air into the wall and makes a radio fly and hit Henry. Charlotte runs away.

Captain Man walks toward Phoebe and she freezes him. Captain Man breaks free and he and Henry take off their masks and reveal themselves. They explain why they were dressed as the Three Muchachos. Henry wants Phoebe to go with them because he thought she was attractive. Charlotte takes off her costume and gives it to Phoebe so that she could go with them.

Henry, Captain Man, and Phoebe go to the villain meeting. Villains such as Dr. Minyak, the Time Jerker, Nurse Cohort, Jeff, Drillfinger, and Van Del are there. They don't know who called the meeting, but it is then revealed that the Toddler called the meeting. Phoebe, Captain Man, and Henry had all thought that Captain Man and Kid Danger destroyed the Toddler, but he was alive. Max, Phoebe's brother, arrives and brings the Toddler a booster seat and begins smoothing his leg hair.

Van Del asks the The Toddler how he was alive. The Toddler explains that he was dropped hundreds of feet into the Earth but he climbed back up to the surface of the Earth and swore revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger. The Toddler tells all the villains that if they combine their powers, they can destroy Kid Danger and Captain Man. All the villains begin to suggest how they could destroy them. Phoebe asks Max why he was there. Max says he was only there to steal the Heliometer. Phoebe then accidentally reveals that she was undercover with Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Max takes off the masks of Henry and Captain Man, revealing their true identities. Dr. Minyak is about to use the Heliometer on them, but Phoebe kicks it out of his hand. Captain Man orders Henry and Phoebe to escape. Captain Man begins to fight all of them, but the Toddler grabs the Heliometer and lifts him off the ground. Captain Man is put in a box of cement and on a moving train with other villains.

The Toddler and Dr. Minyak explain that the train would go over the Jandy River and when they were above it, they would drop him into the Jandy River and spend the rest of his life at the bottom of the river. Henry, Charlotte, Phoebe, and Schwoz are trying to locate Captain Man in a helicopter. They know he is on train tracks moving at 62 mph.

Captain Man asks Max why he was hanging around with villains. Max says that he was there to get the Heliometer. Captain Man then makes Max blow his nose for him. Phoebe sees Captain Man on the train and she and Henry jump down onto the train. Phoebe tries to freeze the Toddler, but it doesn't work because they were going so fast the wind was too strong. Henry and Phoebe begin to beat up the villains. Two villains try to break Phoebe's leg and another tries to eat Henry's arm. Schwoz takes out a "Man Grenade" and gives it to Charlotte telling her to shoot it at Captain Man. She shoots it. The villains believe that Captain Man was dead. However, Captain Man gets back on the train and throws Toddler off the train. Henry, Captain Man, and Phoebe all beat down the villains and throw them off the train. Captain Man then offers Max a ride home on the helicopter. But then, they hang Max out of the helicopter as Phoebe, Charlotte, Captain Man, Henry, and Schwoz run into a bird while riding in the helicopter.


Piper is on her phone, her Pear Pad, her computer, and her TV. Jasper arrives and Piper finds out that her head was stuck looking down at the floor. Jasper and Jake try to cure her by putting her neck in the freezer as a replacement for ice.

Piper is revealed to have "text neck" which is caused by looking down at screens all the time. She had to wear a giant cone on her head in order to be cured. Piper gets a text but can’t text with the cone on her head and Jasper replies to the text with something Piper thinks is brilliant.

Piper tells Jasper to invite Steven to Emma's sushi party. Jasper does so but he invites the wrong Steven by accident. Apparently, the Steven he invited was "Booger Steven" and not "Super Cute Steven". All Piper’s friends begin to text Piper, saying they hate her.

Piper's friends show up to beat up Piper. Jasper takes the blame for Piper and they all begin beating him up.


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Thundermans Related Trivia

  • Jace Norman, who plays Henry, was in an episode of Thundermans called You Stole My Thunder, Man but he played a different character, Flunky
  • Kate Alberts who plays the role of Emma also appears in Orange is the New Max as Gale Force.
  • This is the second crossover episode of The Thundermans, the first one being Haunted Thundermans, with Haunted Hathaways. Even though it's advertised as a crossover, it seems that it is actually just a Henry Danger 1 hour special, since it is only listed under Henry Danger and it was written by the Henry Danger writers. Also, only 2 of the Thundermans characters are included.
  • This is the first time that a Dan Schneider show has been crossed over with a show by another creator (in this case, Jed Spingarn).
  • By Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Max has invented his own gadget similar to the heliometer which he uses on Dr. Colosso. They call it the "Helium Pain Blaster."
  • Only Max and Phoebe are present in this crossover special.
  • If the episode is considered as an episode of The Thundermans, this is the first episode of that series to not include BillyNoraHank or Barb.
    • However, they (along with Chloe) are mentioned in the episode and Nora was absent in another episode.
  • Danger and Thunder could've taken place in-between Original Prankster and Chutes and Splatters due to the air dates that the special aired in-between.
  • Unlike Thundermans episodes where Max usually stands up for Phoebe, here he betrays Phoebe and never switches sides to help her. This is out of character for Max.
    • This probably happened because the Henry Danger writers didn't understand Max's character well.
    • Due to this, this episode has no continuity with any other Thundermans episode.

Henry Danger Related Trivia

  • This will be the first Henry Danger episode to air as a full hour since The Danger Begins.
  • This is the first Henry Danger episode to include more than 1 villain.
    • So far, Dr. Minyak, Nurse Cohort, Van Del, the Toddler, Jeff, the Time Jerker, and Drill Finger appear.
  • This is the first crossover episode of Henry Danger.
  • The 3 Muchachos are a play on words for the candy bar 3 Musketeers.
  • This is the second crossover episode of a Dan Schneider show. The first being iParty With Victorious (a crossover between iCarly and Victorious).
  • This is the first real Dan Schneider crossover considering all his shows are from the same world.
  • This is the first 2 part Henry Danger episode to not include Henry's name in the title (unless you count The Danger Begins as a 2 part episode).

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  • The fact that there are a group of villains may come from inspiration of super-villain groups such as Marvel's Sinister Six, DC's Injustice League, or the Legion of Doom