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"Sooo, whatcha weirdos doing?"

— Darcy Wong

Darcy Wong is a recurring character on The Thundermans. She is Mrs. Wong's niece. Darcy is portrayed by Haley Tju.


Darcy Wong lives with her aunt, Mrs. Wong sometimes. Her best friend used to live in the house currently occupied by the Thunderman Family. In junior high, Darcy's best friend moved away. So Darcy started stealing and vandalizing stuff as a coping mechanism.

In Crime After Crime, Darcy's vandalism in the neighborhood catches the attention of the Home Owners Association but they don't know who the vandal is. She steals chickens and puts them in the Thundermans' backyard. She also messes with the community pool, turning the water green. Mrs. Wong introduces Darcy to the Thundermans during the neighborhood meeting at the Thundermans house. Darcy makes fun of the Thundermans stuff in the house because her best friend used to live there and had "nice" stuff. She quickly makes an enemy out of Nora by making fun of her bows even though Nora was being nice to her.

Since Darcy was using a newspaper blog to inspire her on the next place to attack, the Thundermans figure out that the vandal will be at one of the Hiddenville parks. They catch Darcy masked in all-black, messing with a statue. She tells them that she started this in junior high when her best friend moved away and she enjoys destroying other people's property. The Thundermans threaten to show the video to Mrs. Wong but Darcy threatens them back, telling them they'd better watch their backs. Darcy also threatens Nora's Bows again, prompting Nora to almost zap her with Heat Vision.

In Pretty Little Choirs, the Thunder Monitor announces her approaching as "annoying neighbor girl." The Thundermans get worried that if she continues snooping around, she might discover their secret. Instead of knocking on the door, Darcy stands in the door eavesdropping. Hank catches her snooping and tries to get her to leave but she manages to upset them all with sarcastic comebacks, in addition to mocking Barb's hair.

After that, Darcy hides in the bush and watches Nora and Billy as they dress up Dr. Colosso. She realizes that the bunny can talk, so she steals Dr. Colosso when they're not looking. She gets carrots for Dr. Colosso and tries to force him to talk to prove that he can talk. After seeing Darcy with carrots, Nora and Billy figure out that she has Dr. Colosso. They sneak inside her room and hide. Darcy threatens to stare at Dr. Colosso until he talks. She drops a clown down her bed which scares Nora, making her exposed. Nora tries to get her bunny back from Darcy but she refuses. So, Nora gets Billy to super-speed and exchange Dr. Colosso with another bunny without Darcy noticing. Nora steps on Darcy's toes on her way out.

Darcy is left staring at the fake Dr. Colosso all night, waiting for him to talk.


Darcy's personality is very similar to that of her Aunt Mrs. Wong. She isn't very fond of the Thunderman family in fact she hates them in which she usually disses them with her sarcasm, because her best friend use to live in the Thunderman's home. She's very mean to the Thundermans and always criticizes them and makes nasty comments about and to them. As a result, Darcy is a domineering, bad, sadistic and ruthless girl.

Known Crimes

Some of Darcy's crimes are:

  1. Stealing chickens
  2. Dumping green dye in the Hiddenville Pool
  3. Filling mailboxes with dirt
  4. Messing with the statue at the park
  5. Stealing magazines from mailboxes
  6. Kidnapping and torturing Dr. Colosso
  7. Threatening the Thundermans and Nora's Bows
  8. Destroying other people's property.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • Haley Tju's sister Brianne Tju also guest starred on the show as Joni in It's Not What You Link.
  • She was the criminal responsible for the random crimes in the Hiddenville neighborhood in Crime After Crime.
  • She is the Thunderman's "annoying neighbor" according to the Thunder Monitor.
  • She calls the Thundermans weirdos.
  • She kidnapped Dr. Colosso in Pretty Little Choirs.
  • We see Darcy's bedroom appear in Pretty Little Choirs.
  • She thinks that the Thundermans are aliens.
  • She knows that Dr. Colosso can talk but couldn't prove it after Nora and Billy tricked her with the wrong Colosso.
  • She is hated by the Thundermans, except for Chloe since she doesn’t know Darcy.
  • She only appeared in 2 episodes.
  • She likes clowns.
  • She doesn't like Nora's Bows.
  • Her parents were never seen or mentioned.