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Let the Mayhem begin!

— Dark Mayhem

Dark Mayhem is the main antagonist of The Thundermans, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2, and the main antagonist of Season 3 and Season 4.

He is the world's most powerful and dangerous supervillain. He was Max's main inspiration and evil mentor during Max's evil phase. He is also the archenemy of the Thunder family; most notably Phoebe. He is voiced by Jamieson Price but is portrayed by Omid Zader.


Dark Mayhem was introduced in the first season, in the episode Phoebe vs. Max as Max's favorite supervillain. Max got mad at Billy for falling through the swirly slide and "hurting" the Dark Mayhem poster. Since Phoebe knew Max idolizes Dark Mayhem, she hacked into Max's system and prank-called Max pretending to be Dark Mayhem. At first, Max suspected it was Phoebe pranking him but "Dark Mayhem" convinced him that Phoebe wasn't capable of hacking him. So, Max agreed to do anything to prove that he's a villain material. After dressing in embarrassing clothing to school, he was disappointed to realize it was Phoebe pretending to be Dark Mayhem all along, dressed in a Dark Mayhem costume and using a voice changer.

In the episode, It's Not What You Link, Barb revealed to Phoebe that Dark Mayhem was the one who turned Mike Evilman evil as Evil Man was a nice guy before he became friends with Dark Mayhem.

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

Dark Mayhem makes his first official appearance via video call in Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel when he asks Max to start keeping a record of his evil deeds in an evil chronicle for periodic reviews. Dark Mayhem doesn't like it when Max calls it a "journal" or a "diary" forcing him to settle for "evil chronicle." Max starts committing small crimes in Hiddenville and recording them for Dark Mayhem to review.

Floral Support

Max's chronicle is confiscated by Principal Bradford just before Dark Mayhem's call to review the chronicle. Max manipulates Phoebe and Allison's Green Teenz Club to steal his chronicle back. During the chronicle review call, Dark Mayhem is impressed by Max for betraying Phoebe. However, Max feels guilty about hurting his sister and walks out on Dark Mayhem, making him mad. When Max returns, Dr. Colosso informs him that Dark Mayhem was actually impressed by Max walking out on him because it shows Max has a real villain potential.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

During another chronicle review, Dark Mayhem demands that Max should change his appearance to look more villain-y. He doesn't like Max's "babyface" because it makes him look so innocent. Max upgrades the Nose-Hairilizer in order to use it to grow an evil beard but he accidentally zaps Nora with it. In the end, he confronts Dark Mayhem that he doesn't need to change his look to prove that he is villain material.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

After Phoebe exposed the Villain League Headquarters in A Hero Is Born, Dark Mayhem and other villains started a fake fast-food restaurant called "Happy Fun Burger" to hide there. In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Dark Mayhem sends Lady Web to steal a diamond from the museum so that the supervillains can move to a better location but Lady Web is busted by ThunderGirl (Phoebe). This makes Dark Mayhem so mad that he finally decides to take down ThunderGirl. Lucky for him, he already knows a way in through ThunderGirl's brother, Max who would do anything.

Dark Mayhem calls Max to the Villain League and introduces his new associates: Fairy Pinch-ess, Strongdor and Son of Scalestro. He shows Max the world's first power-sapping orb and gives it to Max, asking him to take ThunderGirl's powers. Max is reluctant about it but takes the orb anyway. Down in Max's Lair, Phoebe finds Max's chronicle open and reads it, realizing that Max left for a meeting with Dark Mayhem. She accidentally calls Dark Mayhem who reveals the plan for Max to take her powers.

When Max gets grounded, Dark Mayhem becomes impatient and wants to do the job himself. If only he knew where ThunderGirl lives. After watching a news coverage revealing that the Thundermans live in Hiddenville, Dark Mayhem asks his minions to go to Hiddenville and take ThunderGirl down. They fly to Hiddenville on Dark Mayhem's helicopter. On their way, Mayhem has a video call with Dr. Colosso during who is excited for Mayhem to take over Hiddenville. Unfortunately, Mayhem accidentally tells his minions that Dr. Colosso will be the first one he'd dispose of - while the video chat is still on. This turns Dr. Colosso against Dark Mayhem.

Dark Mayhem arrives at Hiddenville and finds reporters and civilians outside the Thundermans house. He attacks them with his powers, causing them to leave. He then starts knocking down the Thundermans house to get inside. Dr. Colosso uses one of Max's dynamites to help the Thundermans escape. He reads a note on the kitchen counter revealing that ThunderGirl is at the prom at the museum. He follows them there and finds Max confronting Phoebe. He asks Max to take Phoebe's powers so that he can finally join them and become like one of them. But Phoebe gives a passionate talk to Max to help him see the truth, turning him against Dark Mayhem. Disappointed in Max's betrayal, Dark Mayhem warns that Max has made a huge mistake. He starts attacking both Thunder Twins. After fighting for a long time, Max gets the orb and tries to take Dark Mayhem's powers. Dark Mayhem gets the upper hand and blows away both Phoebe and Max. He then takes the orb, ready to take away the twins powers. Luckily, Chloe using her newly gained superstrength, drops a heavy pillar on Dark Mayhem, rendering him useless. Max then uses the orb to take away Dark Mayhem's powers.

Upon Dark Mayhem's defeat, Barb and Hank call the Hero League to take care of him and the other villains. The Hero League takes Dark Mayhem to the Metroburg SuperJail.

Thunder in Paradise

Phoebe goes to the Metroburg SuperJail to ask Dark Mayhem for help with getting rid of his evil superpowers. She finds that he's sharing a jail cell with Strongdor. Dark Mayhem tells her that she can't. She needs to embrace them and complete his plan to take over the world. He gives her the details of where to find his former sidekick, Destructo to help her complete the evil plan. Phoebe tells Dark Mayhem that she will never be evil like him. She will be eviler. Destructo complains to Phoebe that she's treating him the same way Dark Mayhem was treating him. After the Thundermans save Phoebe and defeat Destructo, Hank kicks Destructo into the Dark Mayhem jail cell where he finds Dark Mayhem playing a board game with Strongdor.


Although there hasn't been an official name for her, it was stated in a Season 3 episode Floral Support, that Dark Mayhem has a wife. Max walks out on Dark Mayhem's Chronicle review and there is an awkward silence between Dr. Colosso and Mayhem when Colosso asked how Mrs. Mayhem is. Also in the episode, Dark Mayhem reveals that he pushed his Nana into a Tiger pit.


Like every great villain Dark Mayhem keeps himself a mystery, so we don't really know a lot about him.

Even though he is a highly famous villain, he still manages to try to take in Max Thunderman, although the way he approaches Max isn't really the most respectful way. He seems to be a very degrading, tormenting, conniving, jerk, but then again, what evil villain isn't? If you had to use one word to describe Dark Mayhem, it would be that he is evil and that's what makes him one of the greatest villains in all of history.

Dark Mayhem seems to be very impatient as seen during his calls with Max and Dr. Colosso. He easily gets mad when someone loses focus of what they're discussing. When he gets angry, he causes the electricity in the room to start flickering and generating sparks. Phoebe did the same when she impersonated Dark Mayhem.


Dark Mayhem was the world most powerful villain with superpowers like laser eyes, force field creation, levitation, ergokinesis, and electrokinesis at a higher level than a normal superhero/villain. It stated his powers have electro-plasma energy which is strong enough to destroy Thundertanium. After Dark Mayhem lost all of his powers by Max. His powers were then used by Phoebe but it slowly turned her evil and she started to experience weird dreams of her being Evil. Later in Thunder in Paradise, Max attempted to use the orb on Phoebe but she destroyed it and he had to use what was left of the orb to get Dark Mayhem's evil powers out of Phoebe. Afterwards Dark Mayhem's Orb and the evil powers were permanently destroyed

  • Supernatural Strength (possibly): Dark Mayhem is capable of exerting strong force from his muscles.
  • Flight/Levitation: Dark Mayhem was capable of flying and levitating. He used this during his battle with the Thunder Twins.
  • Ergokinesis: Dark Mayhem could create easily energy balls that was his main offensive system or using energy in various ways, too. Dark Mayhem had ability to manipulate and generate energy (as well as manipulating other forms of energy like fire, electricity, plasma, and electromagnetism). This energy manifests in a greenish color (including his pryokinesis and other forms of energy) and can be used to destroy, push, and even disintegrate his targets. Dark Mayhem use it multiple times and could easily create energy spheres that had/were also both plasma and electromagnetism energy that can easily disintegrate/destroy anything, including Thundertanium, when he throws his energy sphere at it or when his energy touches it.
    • Plasma Manipulation: As well as manipulating energy, Dark Mayhem is also able to create powerful plasma balls and has Electromagnetism Manipulation in conjunction with his ergokinesis.
    • Destruction/Disintegration: Dark Mayhem is capable of inducing destruction on things easily by throwing an Energy Sphere at them. This ability was first used to disintegrate a disco ball Phoebe threw at him with her telekinesis.
  • Laser Vision/Heat Vision: Dark Mayhem was also capable of generating his energy through his eyes, using Laser Vision to melt the ice off the front door of the Thundermans' home. Normally, when using this ability it made his eyes glow a green color, or glow brighter with his mask on which also has glowing eyes that simulates it. Even after the complete lost of all of his superpowers the mask’s eyes still glow green (Note: Even thought Phoebe's eyes glow red it possible that Dark Mayhem really has glowing red eyes so his mask turns his red glow to a green color).
  • Electrokinesis: Dark Mayhem was capable of manipulating electric energy. He was seen manipulating and creating electricity on one of his posters. As noted above in his personality when ever he get angry, he causes the electricity in the room to start flickering and generating sparks, disrupting anything electronic. This indicates he uses this ability to do this.
  • Force Field Creation: Dark Mayhem was capable of creating energy shield/force fields which is a green shield and the back is invisible or sometimes dome shaped to surround entirely around himself. Dark Mayhem was capable of using this to block attacks and imprison others or even shaping his energy shield into a dome force-field. He is also capable of using them as projectiles.
    • Force Field Projectiles: Dark Mayhem was capable of creating green force-field spheres by shrinking them into smaller force field spheres and use them as force field projectiles that could offend and defend himself. These projectiles are also green as his energy spheres so it is very confusing for his opponent.
    • Force Field Imprisonment: Dark Mayhem’s force-fields are also capable to imprisoning others. Even though Dark Mayhem never used it on the show, Evil Phoebe uses it against her own family to make sure they do not escape and stop her from her evil plan.

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  • He is the main antagonist of the season 3 finale, Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Dark Mayhem is similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars in that he wears a metal mask, dark robes, and speaks in a deep and intimidating voice.
  • When his associates start talking about their prom, Dark Mayhem says that he took Debbie to prom but it is obvious from the way he says it that he is lying.
  • Before Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Dark Mayhem is only seen through video chats. He still wears a metal mask (that simulates his glowing green eyes) and a dark cloak (a green robe when working at a fast food restaurant) throughout though.
  • He owns a helicopter and calls it the Mayhem-Copter.
  • His sidekick is an android called Destructo.
  • He shot Hank's sidekick into space.
  • There's a poster of Dark Mayhem in Max's Lair, as seen in Season 1,2,3.
  • After Thundermans: Banished!, the poster of Dark Mayhem in Max's Lair has been replaced by the Z-Force poster.