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Oh my God! You're a mad man!

Allison to Max

Date Expectations is the twelfth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe distracts Max from interfering with her class project by convincing him that a girl at school wants to date him, while Cousin Blobbin babysits the rest of the kids.

Main Plot

Phoebe is late for class again and so she quietly and artistically sneaks in through the window. Cherry and Gideon help cover up for her but as soon as she sits down, the bell rings. Mrs. Austin confronts her about the lateness, saying that she will fail the class unless she wins the Model UN project by having her country, Argentina win a peace treaty - which has never been achieved before. Allison vows to not allow the peace treaty to succeed until the other countries stop destroying the environment.

Phoebe tells Cherry that she had been up all night because Max adopted a thousand hamsters to enslave them to power a doomsday device. As payback, Phoebe put Max inside a giant helium ball. Meanwhile, she is worried she might fail the course since it's impossible to get all the countries in the Model U.N. to make peace with Allison's Greenland fighting against the treaty. So, she comes up with a plan to set up Allison and Max on a date on the night of the Model U.N. She lies to Allison that it had been moved to the following day. She tells Max that Allison has a crush on her but both Max and Dr. Colosso are suspicious that she's up to something since Allison is trying to save the world while Max wants to destroy it. However, Max agrees to go on the date when Phoebe offers to pay for Max and Allison's date dinner.

Max and Allison go to Splatburger for their date. Allison is furious when she realizes that Max has enslaved hamsters to power a doomsday device. They realize that the whole date was a setup by Phoebe, who is at Model U.N. So, they go in to get revenge.

Phoebe is about to get all the signatures she needs to pass the peace treaty when Allison and Max, now her new vice-president arrive and disrupt the process. Allison (Greenland) says that there will be no peace until other countries put on measures to protect the environment and polar bears. Since Phoebe knows Max is likely to do something stupid, she starts filming him so that she can use it against Allison/Max's team. It doesn't take long before Max steals something from and frames one of his friends. Phoebe uses that to get Allison kicked out out of Model U.N., and therefore she wins the peace treaty. She goes out to get the peace cake. Max follows Allison out.

Allison blames Max for ruining something that meant a lot to her. She says it's hard for her because her parents don't believe in her efforts to protect the environment and say she's just going through a phase. She says it's even harder for her because of Max and Phoebe since they manipulate everything until they win. They do whatever they can to win something regardless of who gets hurt. Max admits that her parents have told him that he's going through a phase too and so he plans to help Allison back. After eavesdropping on the entire conversation, Phoebe feels bad for Allison and throws away the peace cake.

Phoebe joins Allison's side in fighting for the right cause instead of lying to get her grade. She destroys the treaty and her Argentina joins Max & Allison's Greenland in protecting the environment. So, they start a war and beat up the other countries.


Hank and Barb are trying to go on a date but they have no one to babysit Billy and Nora since Max has a date with Allison and Phoebe is at Model U.N. Colosso offers to babysit but the parents refuse to let an evil villain babysit their kids. He argues that Max is evil too, but they deny it, saying he's just going through a phase. Max is upset about it and insists that it's not a phase.

So, the Thundermans get Cousin Blobbin to come and babysit. Colosso decides to sabotage the babysitting by making Blobbin, Billy and Nora think that Chloe has been accidentally shot into space, while inside Blobbin's rocket. Blobbin panics and gets Nora and Billy to help him find a way to shoot him into the sky so that he can get Chloe back. Just when they're about to launch him, Chloe appears, but it's already too late. Fortunately, their "science" fails and Blobbin just spins around on the ground instead of going into the sky. Hank and Barb return from their date and find him still spinning. Colosso uses that to argue that Cousin Blobbin is a bad babysitter. However, Hank still lets him babysit because he works for free and isn't a villain.


Recurring Cast



  • This episode garnered 1.61 million viewers.
  • In the fight scene at Model U.N, Tonga throws a flying shark to Allison as a shout-out to Sharknado 3 in which both Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo starred in.


Thanks to world pollution, our ice is melting and our polar bears have "no-bear" to go. And I will keep dropping bad puns until the madness stops!

Phoebe:So are you good with tonight?
Max:Let me check with my assistant.
Colosso: Hmmm... tonight we have the thing we were gonna destroy with the thing...
Phoebe:Allison says she'd pay.
Max:Cancel the thing!

And if you press these two buttons at the same time, it will order fresh vegetables to all these STINKING MEAT EATERS!

Allison:So, Phoebe says you invented a way to use hamsters as a clean energy source?
Max:Hmm... I invented a way to enslave them to run a doomsday device.
Allison:You can't enslave hamsters.
Max:Actually they'll do just about anything for a pocket full of raisins.
Allison:Oh my gosh! You're a madman!