Destructo is a robot who used to be Dark Mayhem's sidekick before Dark Mayhem went to Superjail in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. Destructo is portrayed by Tim Neff and voiced by Piotr Michael.


Destructo wants his body and is occasionally frustrated that he is not appreciated for being a sidekick. He also wants to rule the world. He is incredibly snarky, as Pheobe is well aware of.


In Thunder in Paradise, Dark Mayhem wants Phoebe to complete his masterplan and take his vengeance on the hero world. He directs her to a cave at the bottom of the Weeping Volcano in Hawaii where Phoebe manages to find Destructo. Destructo reveals that he's Dark Mayhem's sidekick and that he has a body with armor plates, rocket feet, molecular turbo drives, hand blasters and a bottle opener but Dark Mayhem was afraid that it will make Destructo too powerful so he never attached it. Afterwards, he introduces Phoebe to Dark Mayhem's secret supply of Malvexium, which is the only element that can destroy a hero's superpowers and also tells Phoebe that everything she will need can be found in Dark Mayhem's volcano lair.

When Phoebe and Destructo reach the volcano lair, he criticises Phoebe for accidentally hitting his head with something, and says that he's an Android head. He then wants Phoebe to connect him to his body which Phoebe rejects and he becomes upset. He then directs Phoebe on what she needs to do and the steps. Aftersome time, the Thunderman Family manages to track down the lair and arrives.

When the Thunder Family is trying to take back Dark Mayhem's powers from Phoebe, Destructo takes the opportunity to connect to his body, by asking the computer through voice commands to activate the body command center and initiate body reattachment. After which, he manages to attach his body and declares that his days of being a sidekick are over and his intention to rule the world. Destructo then positions himself in front of the lever so that the Thunder Family has no way to reset it and that the volcano will erupt. Billy then throws a jellyfish onto his face and Hank uses his flight power to fly Destructo out of the lair. Destructo and Hank start to fight on the beach. After sometime, Destructo manages to push Hank to the ground and flies off. Hank uses his fishing rod and catches his head. Destructo's body continues to propel in the air and falls into the sea while Hank got his head.

After the Thunder Twins successfully stopped the volcano from erupting, the Thunder Family began discussing on what to do with Destructo's head. Phoebe suggested sending it to the Metroburg's Superjail which Hank agreed and throws Destructo into the sky. Destructo lands on a table in Superjail where Dark Mayhem and Strongdor are playing a game of checkers. Destructo then calls for the top bunk which Strongdor replies that it's taken. Dark Mayhem then grunts in dismay.


  • Robot Body Application: Destructo showcased a good amount of powers after being attached to his body. Despite not being able to use his body in years he quickly adapted to it. It stated the reason why Dark Mayhem never attached his head to his body was because he feared Destructo would be too powerful for even him to defeat. Even without his body Destructo is a super intelligent robot.
    • Laser blasters: Destructo could fire lasers from his hands.
    • Flight: Destructo could fly using rocket thrusters on his feet.
    • Super Strength: Destructo could trade blows with Hank Thunderman.
    • Pain Immunity: As a robot Destructo is immune to pain. However it shown that his body is more durable than his head as when Phoebe was carrying it she accidentally slammed it twice. He also tricked Hank to thinking he damage his hand blasters too hard.




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