And now Z-Force is my dream.

— Max to Phoebe

Ditch Perfect is the tenth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 81st episode overall.[1]


When Phoebe finds out that Max's Band is planning to ditch him, she suspects that the Z-Force training is hurting his friendships. So, she attempts to repair things.[1], while Billy has stage fright of performing at Splaturday Night Live at Splatburger


Main Plot

Phoebe and Max spend so much time doing Z-Force training that Max misses his band performance. This upsets his bandmates because Max has been missing or showing up late for band events. Phoebe and Cherry overhear Oyster over the microphone telling Gideon and Wolfgang that they will kick Max out of the band. She feels responsible because of her Z-Force training with Max may have caused him to be kicked out of his own band by his friends.

To make it up to Max, Phoebe sends the band gifts and apologizes in Max's name. Max's friends apologize for trying to kick Max out and promise to be more understanding. On realizing this, Max gets upset with Phoebe for trying to fix the problem. He tells Phoebe that he actually wants to get kicked out of the band so that he can focus on being a superhero and Z-Force training. However, he didn't want to quit because that would mess up with their friendship. If he lets them kick him out, they would try to be friends with him. So, he's been slowly trying to get his bandmates to kick him out. But now, Phoebe has reset Max's genius plan.

The Thunder Twins start a new mission to get Max kicked out of the band again but it turns out to be very difficult. Max tries to get his bandmates mad at him by booking a gig at a children's party at Merry Meerkat. To his disappointment, his bandmates love performing there. Plan B: Max and Phoebe force the band to dress up in terrible childish costumes, claiming that they need to be dressed up that way in order to perform. Unfortunately, Gideon, Oyster, and Wolfgang love it.

Out of ideas on how to get his band mad, Max provokes them by adding Phoebe to the band and declaring that if they can't let his sister join the band, they'd better kick him out because he can't be in the band without her. This backfires badly since Max's friends are thrilled to have a girl in the band. Phoebe joins the band and tries to play the pan flute as badly as she can but that doesn't get the band to kick the Thunder Twins out either. Phoebe then tells Max that these are his friends and they would still like him even if he says that he doesn't want to be in the band.

Max finally comes clean to his bandmates and admits tells them that he wants to leave the band. Surprisingly, Oyster wants to leave the band too so that he can spend more time with his new girlfriend, Cherry. Gideon also wants to quit because he and his grandpa have to shoot their new reality TV show, and Wolfgang agrees as well.

With mutual agreement, Max's Band breaks up for good, but they promise to still be friends.

At the end of this episode, Pheobe begins playing the flute, but is interrupted by a little girl who punches her in her belly, so Pheobe furiously sets off to go find the mother of the child.

Sub Plot

Nora and Billy keep exchanging funny comic lines around the house. So, when they see an ad by Mrs. Wong on the TV about a new stand up comedy session "Splaturday Night Live" at Splatburger, Nora wants them to perform. However, Billy is reluctant because he has stage fright and is therefore he's scared of performing at Splatburger.

Since Dr. Colosso doesn't want them to perform, he takes advantage of Billy's stage fright to sabotage Nora's chances. He asks Billy to tell Nora about it but Billy says he doesn't want to let Nora down because he's her hero. Dr. Colosso laughs at Billy, claiming that he's no one's hero. So, Colosso asks Billy to pretend to be on-board with Nora but then sabotage Nora on stage.

At Splatburger, Mrs. Wong invites the Thundermans and everyone else to the show. Nora and Billy are called to the stage for their piece. Billy freezes and runs out. Nora follows him outside and asks what's wrong. He apologizes and explains about his stage fright and how he didn't want to let Nora down.

Nora tells Billy that she loves him just the way he is and he would never let her down. She helps him regain confidence in himself. They agree to put a trash bag on Billy's face and they go up and do their comedy show.


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The Thundermans - "Ditch Perfect" Official Promo

The Thundermans - "Ditch Perfect" Official Promo


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