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This is embarrassing. Billy thinks that that slightly handsome version of me is me.

Max to Phoebe

Doppel Gamers is the seventh episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Max and Phoebe realize they have been neglecting their younger siblings when Billy and Nora bond with an outgoing pair of teens at a gamer's convention.[1] Dr. Colosso trains Hank and Barb in bowling.

Main Plot

Phoebe and Max are playing "Pink Eye" video game with their friends Cherry and Oyster and are frustrated because it's impossible to defeat the game. Billy and Nora enter the room and start playing the game with them but Max/Phoebe kick them out. After parent's intervention, the Thunder Twins are forced to look for a day to hang out with Billy and Nora.

Phoebe wants to learn how to defeat Pink Eye while Max is wants to send his character to the creator of the game, Cybron James. So, they get 4 tickets to attend the launch of his next game. Coincidentally, that is the same day they had planned to hang out with Billy and Nora. They try to ditch them but their parents threaten to ground them. So, instead, they ditch Cherry and Oyster by writing a fake note saying that they moved away.

At the game, Max and Phoebe refuse to hang out with Billy and Nora. So, the little kids wander off and are found by two doppelgangers (look-alikes) of Phoebe and Max, named Fefe and Matt. The two teens act very nice towards Billy and Nora and they even help them get inside the game. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Max's effort to get inside fails because they don't have little kids with them. Phoebe comes up with a plan to dress up like employees in order to get inside. While in uniform, she realizes that Fefe and Matt are employees too and the game is rigged so that Billy and Nora won't win and will get embarrassed. So, Phoebe decides to help the kids out while Max tries to pitch his idea to Cybron James.

Billy and Nora refuse to listen to Phoebe's advice that the game is rigged. So, they get in but are unable to move forward. Phoebe uses her powers to make the cannon balls stop hitting Billy and Nora. Meanwhile, Max learns that Cybron James intends to use Billy and Nora's embarrassment for advertising the game. So, he gets angry and joins Phoebe in saving Billy and Nora. With their powers combined, they make the cannons take each other out, leaving Billy and Nora free to win the game.

After that, the Thunder Twins apologize for not hanging out more with Billy and Nora. Billy uses their guilt to pretend that it's his birthday so that Phoebe and Max can buy him more stuff.

Sub Plot

Chloe defeats Barb on all the bowling rounds because Barb is letting her win since she would make Chloe sad if she won. Hank doesn't like the idea of letting Chloe win because one day she'll compete with other kids and she won't put in any effort. Hank tries to beat her but even though he has super-strength, he can't bring down a single pin. Dr. Colosso sees this and says he can train both of them since he already was a champion in bowling back in Metroburg but just if Barb promises she'll tell him stories at night and Hank checks him for ticks. With no other choice they agree.

Colosso trains both Barb and Hank by throwing balls at them while they act like pins and they do bowling blindfowled. After Chloe eats lunch, they compete again and it looks like Chloe is going to win. Fortunately for Barb and Hank, she only fails taking down a pin and she loses. Barb and Hank celebrate their victory inside the house. Colosso asks Chloe to confess that she choked. However, Chloe says that she let them win, which Colosso doesn't believe. Chloe throws the ball backwards no-look to take down the last pin remaining, much to the surprise of Colosso.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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  • This was the eighth episode filmed in Season 3.
  • The episode gained 1.46 million viewers.
  • This episode's airdate marked two years ago that, The Thundermans, first aired.


Billy:Thank you. I took a spitball to the back of the head, and now I feel a lot smarter.
Nora:I think I like this new Billy.
Billy:Thank you. I took a spitball to the back of the head, and now I feel a lot smarter.
— Billy & Nora


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