I thought I was gonna have to take over the world to live like a king. It turns out, I just had to join this Country Club.


Doubles Trouble is the fifteenth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


When Link has to cancel an ice-skating date to go to his father's country club, Phoebe enlists her brother's help to win a tennis tournament called the Lacroix Cup where the prize is one year's free membership. But when Max gets distracted by Theodore Lacroix and everything the club has to offer, Phoebe has to come up with a new plan. Billy starts a lemonade stand.


Main Plot

Doubles Trouble - Phoebe Thunderman and Link

Link comes over to Thunderman's house to tell Phoebe that they can't hangout together because his dad is making him go to a tennis tournament at the Hiddenville Hills Country Club. In order to be able to hang out, Link suggests that Phoebe could participate in the open tennis tournament called The Lacroix Cup where the winner gets one year free membership at the country club.

Doubles Trouble - Phoebe Blackmails Max with Thunderslam

Phoebe starts practicing for tennis. But when she hilarious knocks herself out with a tennis ball, she goes to seek Max's help. She blackmails Max to help her practice by showing him an old photo of him when he was a cute little tennis player, aka "Thunderslam!" Max had erased all evidence online but Phoebe kept the photo. The Thunder Twins agree that they should cheat at the game to win the cup.

Doubles Trouble - Phoebe and Max at Country Club

At the country club, Max uses his telekinesis power to help Phoebe cheat in the game. Mr. Lacroix notices Max moving his fingers and confronts him. Max is shocked, thinking that Mr. Lacroix noticed his superpower. It turns out Lacroix though Max was just ordering the waiters around. So, he tells Max about the benefits of being Mr. Lacroix and how he abuses his power to get what he wants. He orders things for Max. This gets Max distracted from the game, causing Phoebe to lose some of the shots. Max enjoys this so much that he decides to participate in the tournament. He makes Mr. Lacroix's partner trip and fall. Then Max becomes Lacroix's new partner.

Doubles Trouble - Max and Phoebe

Both Phoebe and Link's team and Max and Lacroix's team advance to the finals. Phoebe gets furious at Max for betraying her even though he didn't want to play tennis in the first place. Max says that he realized he didn't have to turn evil to get people to serve him. He just needs to join a rich country club. Phoebe posts Max's Thunderslam photo on the internet to embarrass him, but it fails to achieve its intended purpose.

Doubles Trouble - Phoebe Uses Telekinesis To Trip Max

The twins fight for a moment and walk back to the tennis court for their final match. The match turns into a super-power fight between Max and Phoebe. They use their telekinesis and freeze-breath non-stop to make the other one trip or miss the ball. At the end of cheating, Max's team wins the game.

Doubles Trouble - Max Thunderman vs The Real Mr. Lacroix

As promised, Max is awarded the Lacroix Cup and one year free membership to the country club. However, his pride gets the best of him as he stands in front of everyone asking them to bow before him. A man calls out Max for his ugly behavior and says that he doesn't deserve the Lacroix Cup. Max mocks him saying that there's nothing he can do because Max is friends with President Lacroix. Turns out this man is President Lacroix. The other Lacroix was just his brother who uses his name to get free stuff. So, Max's trophy is taken away and he's kicked out of the country club.


Doubles Trouble - Hank Thunderman Breaks Tablet

At the Thunderman house, Billy comes up with a new idea to make money: Uncle Billy's Lemonade. Unfortunately, a kid down the street not only has a lemonade stand but also a pet dog that does a flip when you buy a cup. Nora suggests that they use Dr. Colosso to attract customers by having him pretend to be a robotic talking bunny. In order to distract Hank and Barb from their scheme, Nora introduces them to a computer game called Lawnmower. They carry Colosso out to become The Great Colosso fortune teller.

Doubles Trouble - The Great Dr Colosso

The Great Colosso turns out to be a huge hit, attracting a lot of kids to Uncle Billy's Lemonade. Most of them line-up just to talk to the "robot bunny." Billy is not happy that people are only there because of Colosso and most of the money is coming from Nora's Colosso idea, not his own lemonade business.

Doubles Trouble - Nora's Business Busted

Meanwhile, after playing the Lawnmower app for hours, Hank accidentally breaks the tablet with his super strength. He then remembers that they have kids. The parents walk outside to check on Billy and Nora's business. Nora tries to prevent the parents from seeing that Colosso is the fortune teller.

Doubles trouble - nora thunderman threatens a girl

However, one of the girls lets Hank cut in line - so Nora threatens her. Hank sees Colosso and Colosso freaks out. Nora kicks out the kids away. Hank then confronts Billy and Nora for using Dr. Colosso, which could easily expose their powers.

Billy says the Great Colosso was his idea and takes the fall for it. He tells Nora that his new business idea - he would take the blame for all the mistakes made by the Thunder kids and they would pay him instead. Nora pays him ten bucks. Max later pays him when he is confronted about washing dishes.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Graham Clarke as Vincent LaCroix
  • David Shatraw as Theodore LaCroix


  • Phoebe and Max also resulted to cheating in Up, Up, and Vacay.
  • Phoebe also complained about rich people and country clubs in Dinner Party.
  • Barb and Hank also "forgot" that they had kids in Exit Stage Theft when they got obsessed with a TV show.
  • Max acted similarly in You Stole My Thunder, Man, when he was supposed to help Phoebe become president, but instead took the presidency for himself.


  • The man Max plays tennis with isn't the real Lacroix that owns the club. He is just his brother.



Doubles Trouble - Phoebe and Max Cheat
Doubles Trouble - Phoebe and Link
Doubles Trouble - Max vs Phoebe
Doubles Trouble - Link Pantsed By Max
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