Dr. Babu Ouch is a guest character on The Thundermans. He is portrayed by Rizwan Manji.


Dr. Babu Ouch was a doctor for the Hero League.

Hank called the doctor to see what was Chloe's permanent power because she outgrown her temporally superpower which was Bubble Power. Dr. Ouch comes to The Thundermans' Home. He came in to scan Chloe to see what her main power will be. Chloe got scared and runs to Billy. Billy gave her the courage to Chloe so Dr. Babu Ouch can scan her. It turned out that her main power will be either super strength, teleportation or sonic screaming.

Before leaving, he warns the Thunder Family about the Flamingo Flu is going around the superhero community and asks them to take a super-bug to fight it.

Episode Appearance


  • He is a guest character.
  • He works for the Hero League
  • He is a doctor.
  • People like mispronouncing his name.
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