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Dylan is a student at Hiddenville High and Phoebe's crush. He went on a play date with Phoebe in Four Supes and a Baby. Dylan is portrayed by Jordan Fisher.


In Four Supes and a Baby, Dylan is at school, having a conversation with another student. Phoebe uses her telekinesis to pop Dylan's bag open so Phoebe can help him and also get the chance to ask him out. Phoebe finds a baby diaper and Dylan claims it was not his, explaining that he had a baby brother. Phoebe replied to Dylan that she has a little brother and sister. Also, she said that she takes Billy and Nora to the Hiddenville community center. Dylan suggested they organize a play date for the kids.

Phoebe wants Billy and Nora to come to the park with her, but Hank and Barb say that Billy and Nora are grounded. Phoebe took Billy and Nora behind their backs. When Phoebe arrives at the park, she tells Billy and Nora that they should play with Rusty so Phoebe can have some alone time with Dylan. Phoebe says to Billy that they should take their time. Then Max arrives and wants Billy and Nora to crack open his safe for him. They don't want to leave so Max forces them to come with him. However, Nora takes baby Rusty instead of baby Lulu by mistake. So Phoebe has to stall Dylan, but while doing so, Dylan loses interest in Phoebe and demands Rusty back. At that moment, Max throws baby Rusty in the air and Phoebe catches it. Then Dylan comes back because he realizes that Max, Billy and Nora had Rusty.



  • Phoebe had a crush on Dylan and asked him out for a play date.
  • Dylan said that Phoebe was pretty.
  • Dylan loses interest in Phoebe after she didn't return him his brother, Rusty, as Max, Nora and Billy accidentally took him home.
  • He tells Phoebe that he never wants hang out with her again in the end and said she has "serious issues".