Electrokinesis is a superpower that allows the user generate and manipulate electricity (and lightning). In the Thundermans, electrokinesis is used by Barb. While under the guise of Electress back in Metroburg she would use this ability. The power capable of generating electric energy, sparks, causing power surges, etc. It can also be used to unfreeze victims of Freeze Breath. This ability can also be used for Teleportation as seen in Who's Your Mommy.

Notable Moments

Season 1

Season 2

  • Barb used her electric powers to break open the Thunder Van to save the kids in the episode Thunder Van.
  • In Winter Thunderland, Dr. Colosso wanted to trick Barb into kissing him under the mistletoe but Barb told him to close his eyes and electrocuted his mouth using Electrokinesis.
  • In Parents Just Don't Thunderstand, it is revealed that Barb got her Electress powers the same day she met Hank.
  • Phoebe and Max charged the BrainMelt-3000 using Electress power surge after Barb kissed Hank and sparks flew.
  • In The Neverfriending Story, when the Thunder Twins switched the movie at the theater, Barb threatened to confront whoever switched the movie by using her electrokinesis powers. She later used it to break the door down but got arrested by the theater security.
  • In Who's Your Mommy, with Max's help, Phoebe pretended to be Electress by faking Electrokinesis by using electric gloves that emitted electric sparks. But unfortunately, she lost control over the gloves and zapped Max accidentally.
  • Barb used her Electress powers to travel to Cedric's house and rescue Phoebe and Max.
  • Barb used her electric powers to unlock the secret room and release Hank, Billy and Nora in It's Not What You Link.
  • During the electric power surge, the electrokinesis, she was able to unfreeze Phoebe down in Max's Lair.
  • During her pregnancy and labor in A Hero Is Born, Barb's electric energy released electric sparks uncontrollably, destroying the Thunder Van. She kept hitting the entire house with her powers.

Season 3

  • In Stealing Home, Barb attacked Billy and Nora with her electrokinesis in attempt to pressure them to lose the contest.

Season 4

  • When the Crime-Buddy attacks Billy and Nora in 21 Dump Street, Barb uses her electrokinesis on him, rendering him powerless.
  • To break open Colosso's cage, Barb electrocuted it in Can't Hardly Date.



  • In A Hero Is Born, Barb's electrokinesis was uncontrollable since she was pregnant.
  • When Barb was upset, a thundercloud appeared above Barb's head in Nowhere to Slide
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