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Evan is a student at Hiddenville High. He is also a secret agent for the Hero League. His Hero League codename is Agent Delta. His real name is Lucius.


Evan was introduced as a nerdy student in Report Card in charge of the iguanas.

In Have an Ice Birthday, he was at Max and Phoebe's birthday at Wong's Pizza Palace, because Max had invited the entire school. During the party, Evan kept on jumping, hoping someone would catch him.

During Original Prankster, Evan goes on a date with his Iguana, Eleanor at Splatburger, but Max pranks him. He is one of Max's prank victims assembled by Allison to convince Max to stop pranking.

Evan's big secret comes out in I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka. He and his iguana, are leading in the "Best of Besties" selfie contest against Phoebe and Cherry. When the girls take a selfie together, showing the Thundermans superhero portrait in the background, he is assigned a mission by the Hero League to spy on Cherry to prevent her from exposing superheroes. Evan is revealed to be a secret agent working for the Hero League. His codename is Agent Delta. He puts Cherry into his phone and takes her to Kickbutt so that they can wipe the phone's memory and warn her about exposing superheroes.

During the confrontation at the Hero League, it is revealed that Evan / Agent Delta's real name is Lucius. He's a fifty year old man whose superpower is not aging. He has kids. Since his cover as a secret agent is blown, he leaves Hiddenville High so that he can go back to his family.


He is very geeky and nerdy. He seems to be very unpopular. He takes looking after the iguanas at school very seriously and was Veronica's Wednesday math tutor.

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  • Longitivity: He ages at a very slow pace and is 50 years old.


  • He's in Phoebe's math class.
  • He was on Max's math bowl team.
  • He was invited to Phoebe and Max's birthday party.
  • He tutored mean girl Veronica in math for 3 weeks only.
  • It is possible that he knows how to bake.
  • He's in charge of the iguanas in the science lab at his school.
  • He has an iguana named Eleanor.
  • His real name is Lucius.
  • He is 50 years old and has a significant other and kids.
  • His cheek tingles when it's going to rain or if he is in the presence of Shellfish.
  • Since Evan's birthday is January 25,his zodiac sign would be an Aquarius