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Evil Never Sleeps is the sixth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe's allegiance is torn when she learns that her boyfriend's father might be plotting a return to evil. Meanwhile when Chloe goes into a phase where she dress in different outfits, Billy and Nora tried to dress her in their own way. [1]


Phoebe gets a call from President Kickbutt that Mike Evilman is back to being a villain again and so she must investigate what he's up to and turn him over to the Superhero League. At first she denies it but when she realizes that Max is working for Evilman she suspects that he might be up to something. She is conflicted on what to do because Mr. Evilman is her boyfriend's dad.

She hides a camera in Max's tie as he goes to work for Evilman so that she can spy on everything that's happening. Max proves to be very good at the mattress selling job because he is excited to be working for Evilman, which he believes is just a cover for their evil plans. So he keeps winking at his sister and Evilman whenever he talks about the job. He impresses Evilman but when he tries to sell one of the mattresses, Evilman overreacts and tell him to never sell that one. Phoebe watches the whole thing from her spy cam. She suspects that Evilman is hiding something under that carpet.

Phoebe goes to Evilman's store and asks Cherry to distracts him as she looks for what's under the mattress. She finds a missile, ready to launch. She confronts Evilman about it and asks him to turn himself in for the sake of Link. But he refuses and attacks her by pushing her into the wall. He starts operating the missile controls so that he can redirect it to destroy the Superhero League. Phoebe regains her grip and uses her telekinesis to come down and engage in a combat with him. She manages to freeze his entire body but the head using her freeze-breath.

She's about to call the President Kickbutt before Link walks in and wonders what's happening. Phoebe explains everything to him and says she will understand if he has to break up with her for turning his dad in. Link supports Phoebe and says it's okay because she was doing the right thing. Phoebe calls the Superhero League and before saying much, President Kickbutt arrives and reveals that it was all a test to see if Phoebe would make the right choice as a superhero or if she would choose her boyfriend.

Max arrives (after blowing up the doors with TNT whcih Phoebe used her freeze breath), dressed all in black ready to destroy the store only to learn that Evilman isn't really evil. He decides to launch the missile. Instead of flying to the target, the missile opens to reveal snacks and desert prepared for Phoebe to celebrate her passing the test.


Nora is not impressed when she finds that Billy has dressed up Chloe to use his dressing style. So, she takes Chloe and makes her dress up like Nora and she even gives her one of her bows. This leads to an escalated competition between Billy and Nora until Chloe gets upset.

Barb urges them to let Chloe choose her own style, making them realize that they had gone too far. Chloe agrees to forgive them on one condition: they both have to dress up in some ridiculous costumes that Chloe chooses to make them realize how it feels when someone else forces a style on you.


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  • This was the sixth episode filmed in Season 3.
  • The episode gained 1.40 million viewers.
  • This episode aired on Kira Kosarin's 18th birthday.
  • A reference to Spongebob Squarepants is made when Nora had said, "What in Bikini Bottom is happening right now?" to Billy and Chloe.


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