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So they are the bandits. Wait, why do you know them? Are you helping them? Are you one of them?

Phoebe to Max

Exit Stage Theft is the fourth episode of Season 3 of The Thundermans and the 49th episode overall.


Max wants to prove that he is the evil villain he used to be by joining a group of bad girls in school to commit crimes in school. Billy gets jealous of Nora and Chloe spending more time together so he makes up a fake friend to play with.

Main Plot

Cherry's laptop gets stolen and she asks Phoebe to help her find it.

Meanwhile, Max needs to do more evil deeds to record them in his evil chronicle in order to impress Dark Mayhem. With Colosso's advice, Max decides that he needs to hang out with more "shady characters" and therefore he breaks up with his band.

While looking for other people to hang out with, Max notices three girls - Kylie, Harley and Jade - holding Cherry's laptop. He lies to Phoebe by giving her the wrong lead in order to distract her from finding out about the girls. He then introduces himself to the three girls and says that he's a big fan of their work and that he is in the same line of work. He proves himself to Kylie by stealing things from other students. The gang accepts Max to join.

Phoebe and Cherry try to get into the school Talent Show in order to continue looking for the laptop by faking a magic show using Phoebe's telekinesis. But Principal Bradford refuses to let them in. Max and the gang sneak into the talent show backstage so that they can steal and destroy stuff. Max accidentally suggests that they steal his band's equipment. He denies that the bandmates are his friends and the girls went ahead to steal their equipment. Jade distracts Gideon while Kylie and Jade went into action. Max thanks the girls for being a bad influence on him. Afterwards, he finds a note and a new guitar strap from his bandmates Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang. He feels bad for turning on his friends and so he starts defending them. The girls beat him up and leave with the equipment.

Phoebe suspects that something is on after seeing Jade praising Gideon and so she sneaks to the talent show's backstage through the roof. Max tells her about the girls. They join forces and follow up on the girls. The Thunder Twins enter the evil girls' lair and discover a lot of other things the girls have stolen. The girls find them and start fighting. Phoebe and Max win after a long and awkward fight with the girls. They bring the band equipment back as well as Cherry's laptop. Max rejoins the band.


When Nora and Chloe forget to find Billy in a game of hide-and-seek, Billy feels left out because Nora is spending too much time with Chloe instead of playing with him. So, he pretends that he has an Italian friend called "Luigi Marinara." Nora makes him invite his "friend" over. Billy puts on a costume and facial hair to pretend to be Luigi. Nora and Chloe immediately realize that it's Billy but choose to play along. He uses Super-Speed to switch from being himself and being Luigi. Nora tells him that just because she wants to hang out with Chloe doesn't mean she doesn't want to hang out with Billy either. They forgive each other and hug. Nora then offers to play Laser Tag with Billy.

Meanwhile, the parents Barb and Hank use their free time to catch up on their favorite reality shows. They spend 2 days watching the show. They go outside to finish the watching the show from under a tree but Nora zaps the tree during the laser tag game with Billy.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ariela Barer as Kylie
  • Shauna Chase as Harley
  • Michelle DeFraites as Jade



  • This episode garnered 1.46 million viewers.
  • This is one of the few times that Max is shown to be kind.
  • One of the bad girls is named Jade, and it may be a reference to Victorious character Jade West, who is also a bad girl.
  • This is the first episode where the Thunder Twins were not shown to have contact with the rest of their family.
  • The name of Billy's imaginary friend is Luigi and is said to be Italian. This might be a reference to Luigi from the Mario Series


Kylie: See that band up there? We're gonna steal (pauses) that popcorn cart behind them.
Max:: For a second I thought you were gonna say we're stealing all their equipment.
Kylie: That's a much better idea.
— Max and Kylie

Billy: So, how do you guys like Luigi?
Nora: He sure does go to the bathroom a lot.
Billy: Well, as they say in Italy: (in fake accent) tiny bladder, huge heart. I'll go check on him.
Nora: Do you see what's going on here?
Chloe: Billy is Luigi.
Nora: I think we hurt his feelings because we've been playing together so much without him.
Chloe: A cookie will fix it.
Nora: Oh, that's so sweet.
Chloe: No, for me.
— Billy, Nora and Chloe

My brother was a magician. He turned my girlfriend into his wife. So unless you can pull Valerie out of that hat, go away.

You hit mom and dad. Run!

Billy to Nora


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