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I want to pinch her so bad! Ah!

— Fairy Pinch-ess, about Phoebe

Fairy Pinch-ess is a supervillain on the Thundermans. Her superpower is that she has a very strong pinch. She always dresses up in gowns like a princess. Fairy Pinch-ess is portrayed by Kenzie Dalton.


Fairy Pinch-ess is one of Dark Mayhem's associates living in the fast food restaurant, "Happy Fun Burger" after Phoebe exposed the old Villain Headquarters. She gets angry when ThunderGirl blocks Lady Web's diamond heist and wishes she could grab Phoebe and pinch her. She is first introduced to Max by Dark Mayhem.

During the epic fight between the Thundermans and the supervillains in Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Fairy Pinch-ess fights with Nora. Nora proves difficult to stop because of her new Teleportation. But Fairy Pinch-ess finally gets a grip on Nora and pinches her making it impossible for her to teleport. Nora calls Billy for help but she just laughs at Nora calling her "ThunderTween." She also mocks Billy saying that he's no superhero but a scared little boy. With Nora's direction, Billy zaps Fairy Pinch-ess with his newly acquired laser-eye powers, forcing Fairy Pinch-ess to release Nora. Nora then knocks her into a box and locks her up.


  • Enhanced Finger Grip - Fairy Pinch-ess has an abnormally big right hand with a strong thumb and index finger that she uses to pinch people and objects. She can also use this to power in some way to cancel others powers.

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  • Fairy Pinch-ess's name and costumes are a reference to "Fairy Princess," common in Disney fairytales.
  • She is the first villain for Nora and Billy to take down.