Poor suckers, they were easy targets after their brother and sister abandoned them!

— Fefe about Billy and Nora

Matt and Fefe are characters on The Thundermans. They are twins and doppelgangers of Max and Phoebe Thunderman. Fefe is portrayed by Shanna Strong. Matt is portrayed by Sam Cohen.


Fefe and Matt are employees at Cybron James GamerFest. In Doppel-Gamers, they were helping Cybron James launch his new game, Spitballs by rigging the game so that no one could win. When Phoebe and Max ditched Billy and Nora, Matt and Fefe approached the kids and introduced themselves. Nora and Billy were shocked by the close resemblance between Matt & Fefe and Max & Phoebe. They have similar-sounding names, they're twins and they look and dress just like the Thunder Twins.

Matt and Fefe helped Nora and Billy and started playing with them. Billy and Nora were glad that the twins thought they were fun and wanted to play with them. Since getting wrist bands for the Cybron Experience required having kids 13 or under, Billy and Nora got the wrist bands for Fefe and Matt instead of Phoebe and Max. When Max and Phoebe saw Matt and Fefe, they first thought Billy and Nora were confused because of the close resemblance. Max said Matt was a slightly less handsome version of him and called him "cool hair." Phoebe called Fefe "pretty face." Fefe and Matt tried introducing themselves to Phoebe and Max but the Thunder Twins told them to shut up. Nora then explained that Matt and Fefe had been more brother and sister to them in an hour than Phoebe and Max had been for months. This made Max and Phoebe jealous and regretful at the same time for ditching their little siblings.

After getting inside, Matt and Fefe tricked Nora and Billy into playing a live action version of Spitballs, Cyrbon's new game. They cheered them on, leading them to new scores. To get inside, the Thunder Twins came up with a plan to dress like employees and get inside. Before the game, Matt and Fefe saw Phoebe and mistook her for an employee and asked her to get to her position to make sure Billy and Nora don't escape. They unknowingly revealed to her that the game is rigged so that no one can win. Fefe added that those two kids (Billy and Nora) were easy targets after their brother and sister abandoned them. Phoebe tried to warn Nora and Billy about Matt and Phoebe but they thought she was just jealous she couldn't use them.

During the Spitballs game, Fefe and Matt tried to sabotage Billy and Nora while Phoebe and Max were using Telekinesis to help the kids. Nora and Billy realized they couldn't win and tried to call Matt and Fefe but the twins just laughed at them. That's when they realized they Phoebe was right. They had been set up. Eventually, Max and Phoebe got the spitball cannons to take out each other, defeating Cybron James for the first time. The cannons exploded on Matt and Fefe. The twins then went to cry with Cybron after the loss.

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  • Fefe and Matt are twins just like Phoebe and Max.
  • They are Max and Phoebe's doppelgangers.
  • Their names sound similar to Phoebe and Max.
  • They dress like Phoebe and Max.
  • Max thinks Matt has cool hair and is a slightly handsome version of him.
  • Phoebe thinks Fefe has a pretty face.
  • Phoebe feels disgusted by Matt just like she is disgusted by Max. And Max's attitude towards Fefe is the same attitude he has towards Phoebe.
  • They were not dressed up in uniform.
  • They're the only employees who went to cry with Cybron James and could potentially be his kids.
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