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Thunder Man, Away

— Hank's catchphrase before flight.

Flight or simply, Flying is a super ability that allows its users to defy gravity and propel themselves and move through the air. On The Thundermans, this power is mainly used by Hank Thunderman who often flies out of the house to go to different places, using his catchphrase, "Thunder Man, Away!".

Notable Moments

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • In No Country for Old Mentors, Hank flies to save Phoebe after Tech Rider's super cycle she was riding fell off the cliff.
  • In Stealing Home, Hank flies to catch Max when he tried to escape.
  • Chloe temporarily got the power of flight in Thundermans: Secret Revealed and flew away to safety when the power-sapping orb accidentally switched their powers.
    • In the same episode, Dark Mayhem also had his ability when he was battling the Thunder Twins. He formerly had this power (along with his other ones) before Max used his orb on him.

Season 4


Related Powers

  • Levitation is the ability to rise above the ground for a long amount of time against gravity. Unlike flight in which the users fly from one place to another, levitation is simply rising above the ground.
  • Gliding is the ability to glide through air without applying thrust with no extend over certain ratio of descending or gaining height.