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Another day, another evil deed to impress Dark Mayhem.... I love the sound of pain in the morning.


Floral Support is the eighth episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Max uses Phoebe to help retrieve his Chronicle of Evil Deeds from the school's confiscation closet, but breaks her trust to pull off his plan. Billy and Nora accidentally leave the scissors out, and Chloe gets a haircut.[1]

Main Plot

Max uses his freeze breath to create an icy patch on the ground for students to trip and fall so that Max can add it to his Chronicle of Evil Deeds to impress Dark Mayhem.

Principal Bradford is on his way to his office when he finds that the Green Teens Club led by Allison has blocked the path in order to protect a plant that's about to bloom. As Bradford blames himself for approving the project before reading it, he slips on Max's ice and falls. He gets angry at Max and confiscates his evil chronicle.

Allison Vs Principal Bradford.PNG

The Principal threatens to shut down the Green Teens Club and destroy the plant. Phoebe and Cherry join the club to help Allison fight to protect the plant. They ask Max to join but he refuses. Phoebe introduces Max to Allison and explains how the Thunder twin thing works. For example, how Phoebe comes up with an idea and Max shuts it down without supporting her. She wishes Max would support her for once.

But when Max runs out of options, Colosso advises him to join the Green Teens Club because all members get keys to every office in the school. He could then use them to steal his chronicle back. Max asks to join the club. Max promises that he can help them defeat Bradford by getting students to sign a petition. The club likes his idea and lets him in but he doesn't get the keys because Allison has no more keys left.

After collecting all the signatures needed, Max suggests that they should go to the office to make a copy as a backup in case the principal destroys it. So, he goes with Phoebe to the copier. While Phoebe is photocopying the papers, she thanks Max for having her back. Meanwhile, Max destroys the Principal's door knob using his heat breath. He then steals his confiscated chronicle back and leaves without Phoebe noticing. Phoebe continues talking, making fun of Bradford's inner wrinkled khakis and inner sadness but unfortunately the Principal catches her. And now she has an inner sadness!

The Principal punishes them by shutting down the Green Teens Club which makes Phoebe really mad at Max. She tries to tell Max that because of his stupid chronicle, he has destroyed a club, and Bradford is getting what he wants. However, Max only responds by saying that he is proud of what he did. This makes Phoebe decide that Max is not worth her time, because he is truly a terrible person. Max tries to get her to shrug it off but she refuses and leaves to support Green Teens Club. During his chronicle review, Dark Mayhem is very impressed with Max for pushing away Phoebe. But Max feels guilty about it. He keeps seeing Phoebe's face during the chat.. until he can't chat anymore. So, he storms off and leaves Dark Mayhem hanging.

Thundermans Green Teens With a Z.PNG

Bradford prepares to cut down the plant. Allison comes with the now renamed "Green Teenz Club" to block him from cutting the plant. They tie themselves together around the plant so that Bradford can't drive into them. But the Principal isn't scared by them. Phoebe wants to stop him by using her telekinesis but her hands are tied up.

Fortunately, Max comes and saves them with his powers. He then apologizes to Phoebe but Phoebe says it's going to take a while. He gets her to do the Max-Phoebe twin thing by knocking off a book from his hands, as a sign that they're still good.

Back at home, Max is worried about blowing off his chat with Dark Mayhem but Colosso says that Mayhem was impressed by Max walking out on him because it shows he has the nerve to disobey orders. Max is happy that he still has an evil future. However, he keeps seeing Phoebe's face everywhere even when Colosso is talking. He admits that he loves and cares about Phoebe.


Billy and Nora accidentally leave the scissors unattended, so Chloe teleports, takes them and cuts her hair. So, Nora and Billy try to keep the parents from finding out. Luckily, the parents too accidentally leave the scissors and Chloe takes them. So, they blame themselves for letting Chloe cut her hair.


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  • The episode gained 1.25 million viewers.
  • This episode revealed that Bradford installed a security sensor outside his office that detects when Max goes near the office.


  • In the beginning of the episode Max freezes the patch of ground a second before the student tripped over it. Someone should have seen Max using his Freeze Breath.