Flunky is a student at Hiddenville High who appeared in You Stole My Thunder, Man. He is portrayed by Jace Norman who also portrays Henry on Henry Danger.


He was Max's assistant when Max became the class president. He likes to think of himself as cool and popular and seems to play-it-cool by goes with the flow as much as he can. Flunky tries to act like a security guard while being Max's assistant. He has a crush on Phoebe Thunderman.

Physical Appearance

Flunky has blonde hair, and brown eyes. He wears regular clothes. He usually wears big black glasses, like a security guard.

Episode Appearance

Season 1


  • He sometimes talks to his mom on his "phone device thing".
  • He ate Phoebe's pizza which had a Russian plant that gives the eater a stomach ache for a week.
  • He is portrayed by Jace Norman who stars on the TV show, Henry Danger.
    • He also stars in the movie, Splitting Adam, which also features Jack Griffo who is the actor of Max.


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