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Baby Lulu doesn't cry. She's a lady. She only wets herself.


Four Supes and a Baby is the second episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


The children wind up bringing home a real baby instead of Nora's doll when Phoebe drags Billy and Nora to the park to meet her crush and his baby brother.


Cherry catches Phoebe on the hallway at school drooling over a picture of a cute boy called Dylan. Phoebe tells Cherry that she is afraid to talk to the actual Dylan because he's too cute and she would turn all nervous and motormouth. She watches Max get a delivery of a safe (previously owned by Dark Mayhem) at school because the parents have banned him from getting deliveries at home.

Phoebe wants to ask Dylan out but Cherry mentions that it would be easier if she knew what Dylan was into. This gives Phoebe an idea. She uses her telekinesis powers to make Dylan's bag fall. This way, when she's helping Dylan get his things back together, she would snoop and see what Dylan was interested in. She gets nervous and calls him "actual Dylan" but Dylan ignores it. She then finds a baby diaper. She asks Dylan about and he says it's his... well, for his baby brother. Phoebe says that she has a baby brother and a sister too. Dylan asks Phoebe if she takes them to the park and Phoebe agrees then Phoebe cleverly asks which park Dylan takes his brother. She says she takes her siblings to the same park near the Community Center too. So, they plan to meet there for a date - a playdate for the babies.

At home, Max and Phoebe are left to babysit Billy and Nora so that their parents can go for grocery shopping. Max takes Billy and Nora to his lair so that they can use their powers to help him open the safe that was delivered to him at school. But Phoebe wants to take the kids to the park with her for the playdate with Dylan. She uses telekinesis to steal Billy and Nora from Max's Lair through the slide. But she accidentally gets Dr. Colosso before getting both Billy and Nora out. Nora and Billy wonder what's going on but Phoebe tells them there is no time to explain - they're going to the park. Guess there was time to explain after all. Nora takes her Baby Lulu doll and puts it in a baby stroller to take it with her to the park. They leave Dr. Colosso alone in the living room waiting for Max to realize that he's been duped. Max realizes it and runs after Phoebe and the kids.

Phoebe arrives at the Park with Billy and Nora and asks them to watch out for a hot guy. They finally see Dylan carrying a baby brother. Phoebe introduces her siblings Billy and Nora to Dylan. Dylan thinks that Billy and Nora are too old to be walked in the park but Phoebe says that she loves them too much. Phoebe doesn't want to let Nora and Billy play on their own until Dylan says it's okay. Dylan introduces his baby brother, Rusty to Phoebe. Phoebe baby-talks to Rusty but he burps on her. Dylan tells her that it's because he's seen a pretty girl. Phoebe gets butterflies in her stomach because Dylan called her pretty. Everything is fun between Phoebe and Dylan... until Max shows up.

Max blames Phoebe for stealing Nora and Billy from him, forcing him to run through so many parks searching for them. How many parks are in this city? He wonders. Phoebe shows him a sign saying "Welcome to Hiddenville, a city of 1,000 parks." Dylan tells Phoebe it's ok to let Max take Billy and Nora home. She agrees. Max forces Nora and Billy to go back to open his safe but Nora refuses and starts running around for Max to catch her first. When Max can't reach to Nora, he says he will take Baby Lulu instead. He takes a stroller and runs with it, forcing Nora to follow him home. They leave Phoebe alone in the park with Dylan.

When time to feed baby Rusty comes, Phoebe goes to Rusty's stroller to baby-talk him again and pick him up for Dylan. To Phoebe's surprise, the baby is actually a doll - Nora's Baby Lulu. It turns out that Max carried the wrong baby stroller. Phoebe can't let Dylan know that the Thundermans took home his baby brother and left a doll instead. So, she does the only logical thing. She takes the doll and refuses to let Dylan touch the baby. She takes the baby-bottle from Dylan to feed the baby herself.

Max, Nora and Billy take Nora's baby stroller into Max's lair to continue opening the safe. Then they hear a baby cry. Billy thinks it's Baby Lulu crying but Nora assures her that it isn't Baby Lulu. Baby Lulu doesn't cry - she only wets herself. Max then realizes that they carried an actual baby. Max receives a call from Phoebe blaming him for taking a baby. Max insists that he wants to have Nora and Billy open his safe first. But Phoebe eventually wins the argument. Phoebe continues sneaking around so that Dylan doesn't notice she's holding a doll. To stop rusty from crying, Max and the kids have to change his diapers. The baby burps and pees on Max. Nora burns the baby's diaper because it's smelly.

They leave Max's lair ready to return the doll to the park but unfortunately Barb and Hank arrive from shopping. Max tries his best to sneak the baby out of the house without the kids noticing but without success. When the parents hear a baby cry, Max tells them that it was him because he's going through puberty. Barb keeps blaming Hank for buying too many things. Max takes advantage of that and uses telekinesis to make the items fall, making it look as if they fell because they bought too much. This convinces Hank to agree to return some of the things to the shop. It also gives Max an opportunity to sneak the baby out of the house to the park.

At the Park, Dylan realizes that the baby bottle is still full despite the fact that the baby has been drinking it for a while. Phoebe distracts him by asking him to look at the guy in camouflage. When Dylan looks aside, Phoebe pours out most of the milk. She then tells Dylan the baby has drunk all that milk. Dylan complains that he didn't see the guy Phoebe was talking about but Phoebe says the guy was in camouflage, duh! Now Dylan realizes that something is going on. He confronts Phoebe to give back his baby. Phoebe asks him to play a game called "Kick the Stroller" but Dylan isn't impressed. When Phoebe realizes that Dylan is getting really mad, she starts to confess. However, when she sees Max, Billy and Nora bringing the real baby, she stops confessing. She fake-confesses that she cheated at Kick the Stroller game. Dylan gets angrier.

Using telekinesis, Max and Phoebe cause Dylan to be entangled in a bunch of balloons, distracting him long enough to swap the babies telekinetically over the air. By the time Dylan gets out of the balloon trap, Phoebe has already taken the real Baby Rusty. Dylan takes Rusty back and leaves asking Phoebe to never hang out with him again. Phoebe mocks him by revealing that they were holding a doll this whole time. Dylan starts coming back. The Thunder kids run away home.

Back in Max's lair, Nora and Billy finally break the safe. Max goes to open it, hoping to find something evil inside. He finds a mechanical arm that hits him in the balls. He surrenders in pain, while Nora and Billy laugh at him. He sure opened something truly evil.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jordan Fisher as Dylan
  • Braylon & Dominic Owens as Baby Rusty


  • The Thunder Twins using Billy and Nora for their personal gain has been a recurring theme throughout the series. Max also used Billy and Nora during "babysitting" for his own evil plans in Adventures in Supersitting. Phoebe would in the next episode trick them into doing all of her chores for her.
  • Phoebe's nervousness around her crushes was first seen in Dinner Party when she was crushing on Cole Campbell.
  • Various Hiddenville Parks mentioned in this episode have been seen in multiple episodes.
  • Dark Mayhem, the owner of the safe, was introduced in Phoebe vs. Max and he eventually becomes the main villain in Season 3.
  • Baby Lulu returns in Mall Time Crooks and Nora is also very protective of her in that episode as well.


Phoebe::You're not Billy.
Dr. Colosso:Yeah, well, you're not Jennifer Lopez, so we both lose.
Phoebe:Look for a hot guy.
Billy:There's a hot guy.
Phoebe:I said hot as in cute, not as in sweaty mess.

Fruits aren't colors.


Yeah, well, your brother has been missing for the past three hours, and I've been holding a DOLL!


Nora:What's that smell? Is that poop?
Billy:I believe the scientific term is "doo-doo."

Phoebe:So, should we do this again tomorrow?
Dylan:Tomorrow's bad for me. I have football practice and you have... serious issues. (runs off)

Oh my gosh, you just called me pretty. Oh my gosh, I just said that out loud.

— Phoebe

Max:Pick up the pace, you whiners.
Nora:Give me back my doll, you monster.


  • This episode scored 1.4 million viewers.
  • This episode premiered 2 days before Chris Tallman's birthday
  • Cost Club is a parody of the warehouse store Costco.
  • Billy calls Max a fun sponge, which is a reference to Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.
  • Jordan Fisher (Dylan) was in the smash hit DCOM Teen Beach Movie.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby.


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