Freeze Breath is the ability to generate blasts of pure cold air from the user's breath. Dependent on how skilled the user is, they can use their powers to do things from cooling down a drink to turning something into stone.


  • Stone Transformation: Advanced users are capable of turning objects into stone.
  • Ice Ball Projection: Advanced users are capable of creating Ice Sphere Projectiles.

Notable Moments

Season 1

  • Max and Phoebe both froze Cherry in Adventures in Supersitting in order to come up with a plan to convince her that they are not superheroes.
  • In Ditch Day, the Thunder Twins freeze their teacher and use their freeze breath to make snowballs in school.
  • During their birthday party, Max froze Mrs. Wong and her frozen statue was mistakenly carried to a Dojo class. The twins had to find a way to get her back.
  • In Crime After Crime, Max froze Phoebe when she sneaked on him while practicing to ride a bike.
  • Phoebe froze the Splatburger manager Jay Jay in Shred It Go so that he won't interfere whilst she's serving the MKTO.

Season 2

  • In The Neverfriending Story, Max and Phoebe froze Billy and Nora so that they can go to the movies. Nora unfroze herself.
  • Phoebe and Max used their freeze breath at the same time in Haunted Thundermans to freeze the Green Ghoul.
  • Max and Phoebe used their freeze breath back and forth to cheat during the tennis tournament in Doubles Trouble.
  • In It's Not What You Link, Phoebe froze Colosso so that she can sneak in on Max; then Max came in froze Phoebe and unfroze Colosso. Phoebe remained frozen until Barb filled the house with a power surge.

Season 3

  • In Aunt Misbehavin', Max and Phoebe kept freezing each other until Barb asked them to get along for her birthday.
  • In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Max freezes the Thundermans House, locking up his parents, Nora, Billy and Chloe after taking their powers.
    • In the same episode, Max freezes Link at the prom so that he would not try to stop him from taking Phoebe's powers.
    • Additionally, Max freezes Principal Bradford for the first time and is glad he can finally do it in public.

Season 4


  • The freeze breath does not last forever, after a period of time the victim will thaw.
  • The only way to unfreeze a victim is Heat Breath, Heat Vision, and Harris' fire powers and Electrokinesis.
  • In Danger & Thunder, it was revealed that Phoebe couldn't use her freeze breath on the train car because the air resistance caused by them moving at a fast speed caused a block of ice to form in mid-air.
  • Max and Phoebe's powers can't touch. Otherwise, they'd freeze an entire city. However, at the beginning of Aunt Misbehavin', Max and Phoebe were seen trying to freeze each other, resulting in their freeze breaths touching without any added effects.



  • Whenever the user is weak, the user could not generate waves of cold as exampled in 21 Dump Street by Max.
  • In Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome, Phoebe and Max were not capable of creating cold air because the various spices and peppers affected their Freeze Breath.



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